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3 Brilliant Marketing Strategies To Gain Followers (Content Marketing HACKS)

3 Brilliant Marketing Strategies To Gain Followers (Content Marketing HACKS)

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So welcome. Welcome to today’s live session. We’re going to be talking about three brilliant content hacks that gain fans, subscribers, followers, whatever it is. It’s all good stuff. Thanks for joining me if you’re here live, but if you are watching on YouTube, please go ahead and subscribe, like and comment and of course if you’re on Instagram, go ahead, double tap that heart. Give me some love, comments. I love hearing from you.

You’re here, we’re right now live at five. We’re live on Facebook or live on YouTube. You get to see all the behind the scenes stuff. You get to chat with me, so let’s get into it. I don’t know about you, but I am always paying attention to what other marketers are doing, especially if those marketers aren’t in my niche. There are always things that are happening and going on and they make a lot of sense and if you pay attention to people who are marketing the right way and apply it to your business somehow, you will just be doing things different from what other people are doing. You could just zig while everybody zags and it’s a really, really cool thing to just add different things to your marketing and just expand. And do things that are outside the norm and not as maybe boring. Well, that’s what I like to do and I learn a lot from just spectating.

The first marketing brilliant hack is what I call The Incomplete Hack. So for those of you who know me, you know that I totally geek out, nerd out on physical therapy stuff. I’m all about that on Instagram and I do a lot of learning how to strengthen different body parts, different muscles. If I’m in pain, there’s usually some kind of thing that I can do to get myself out of pain. I’ve learned so much just from consuming YouTube videos and I consume reputable places. I’m not just listening to Joe Schmoe because there are very smart doctors and physical therapists out there that have great videos.

One of the videos that I actually stumbled upon, it wasn’t this one. Blonde guy, he had told his backstory on how he got himself out of knee pain and he was going to show exercises that he does on a daily basis or weekly basis, whatever it is, to get his knee stronger and to get out of pain. So what he did was he said, “On this video, I’m going to share my first three ways that I get myself out of knee pain, right? So these are the three exercises that I do. But if you subscribe, I’m going to give you my complete set of 10 exercises. You’re going to get that immediately right in your email.” You see what he’s doing here. He’s telling his back story, he’s saying that how his stuff works. That’s really important. And then he’s saying he’s giving a lot of value, he’s getting you to a point where you believe him and you trust him and then you go to this website, you enter the email, and then you get the complete workout.

And I really like this in the form of video because that trust factor really does grow immediately. I don’t know if you’ve ever stumbled upon an article that tries to do this so they give 25% of the article and they say, “Subscribe here to see the rest.” A lot of the times I’m not convinced enough to go ahead and do that complicated process where I’m more like now annoyed because I have to stop reading and enter in my email. If you have something where you’re like, this is my top 10 this is my list, whatever it is, you can do this strategy too and that trust factor. If you tell your backstory, don’t go on forever, but tell a little bit how it worked for you, how this was your process and then you usually get people who will actually go through and subscribe and then go through the whole process of putting in their email address and getting the whole system. That’s the first hack. I absolutely love this one and in particular I love it for video because that trust factor just instantly kind of happens if you do it right.

This second brilliant marketing hack that I really was impressed with recently, I was on a site and I got taken to, I don’t know, this doctor here. He was selling something and I opted into his list. He is the eptitome of really doing email marketing very, very right. The first email that I got from him as a paying person who actually paid money for a product not just a freebie. The very first email I got from him was this, “Stop what you’re doing for five minutes,” and then he went on to say … He’s a doctor so he really, really knows his audience. You can see, because I opened this email right away.

He talks about a five minute energy recharge. Telling me that it’s going to take only five minutes, that really, really, that message was like specifically for me, which was uncanny. What I want to point out here is that the exercise that he went through, and it’s brilliant in a sense that it’s quick. He actually gave me something that I can use to benefit my life. And it wasn’t until the PS down below that he maybe had some other things that he was trying to maybe sell. But that’s really smart to me, and I call this The Really Caring Hack because you’re not just immediately going to that person and saying, “Hey, look what else I have.” You’re really trying to make that connection and it’s through a written environment. Nobody else except he does have, “Click here to watch my top videos,” so that’s cool that he’s integrating videos in his marketing.

This really stuck out to me because if you just think about it and think about your first email, what they’re seeing in their inbox from everybody else, marketing stuff and then actually getting something that you can use right away to better your life and that is really, really caring about the person that you’re giving your information to. What will make this person, how can I help this person, how can I really serve this person?

Number three brilliant marketing hack is what I call The Celebrity Hack. So the celebrity hack is knowing your audience and knowing and having a sense of who they follow. Maybe it’s an author, maybe it’s a celebrity, maybe it is some kind of show on Netflix, maybe it’s a documentary they might be watching. So anything that you can do to get on a common ground, to find a common ground with your audience and using the leverage of some kind of media, some kind of celebrity that you can say, “Hey, have you read this book,” or, “Have you watched this documentary,” and incorporate that into your marketing somehow. That is also a brilliant thing to do.

Sometimes you can relate to someone a lot easier if you talk about something that’s on common ground. Not just talking about the weather but saying things like, especially on the level of books. And obviously what people are doing now is watching a lot of series, things like that, and using that to get a connection with another person. So this is something that one of my friends incorporates in eat advertising, which I thought was really cool.

So very, very quickly, hope you liked that mini training. I just wanted to introduce you to a new Passive Profits Laser Coaching program that I just established. It’s really, really cool for both you and me because it’s one to one laser coaching. Get a full year of unlimited 15 minute calls. And the reason why I really like this 15 minute thing and not an hour or 45 minutes is because it’s laser. You ask a question, I tell you what to do and you even get homework so you can take action. And it’s not like this long drawn out thing where at the end of it you’re exhausted, you can’t do anything else. I’m exhausted, I can’t do anything else. 15 minutes, get it done. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve already had some people in this. They’re loving this. And you also get unlimited email support in between the calls, like if you need help with your homework or something like that.

I love the homework part because you actually show me what you do and you take action and there’s nothing better than that. Taking action is the ultimate guide to success. This works out to be less than $84 a month. If you go to debdrum.com/lasercoaching, you will get more information about that. All the calls are recorded as well. We use Zoom and you get the recordings for each one. But in a nutshell, this is what it is. You get that one to one experience for an entire year with me and I am so, so excited to be working more one on one with people in a very realistic manner.

So now it’s time to take some questions because the mini training section of this is over. If you’re on the replay, even if you’re here live, please share with me what hack you liked the best, The Incomplete Hack, A Really Caring Hack and The Celebrity Hack. Remember on the PS he’s always selling on the PS, okay? He’s giving valuable content throughout the entire email and always selling on the PS. So don’t forget that, okay? Just make sure. You’re really caring, but you’re also really selling.

You want more information about the New Passive Profits Laser Coaching, debdrum.com/lasercoaching, or you can hit up my support desk, help@debbiedrum.com, if you have any specific questions, but it’s very straightforward. It’s one-to-one coaching. It’s laser coaching, targeted coaching for 15 minutes, unlimited. All you need to do before you book your next appointment, your next 15 minute call is do your homework and I support you in between that as well. So if you have any questions, I will answer them to help you get to the next step and complete your homework so that we can talk again for 15 minutes. So getting it done and getting you to take action, that’s what this is all about. All right, thank you everyone. I will see you next time on the live session. Passive Income with Content. Bye bye.

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I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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