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Hello. Hello. Welcome to the Passive Income With Content Channel. We’re talking about all things content, that equal to making sells when you’re not actually working. When you’re having fun with your family, even when you’re sleeping. That’s the goal here.

If you like to create content, whether it’s in the written form, video form, audio form, or even graphics, then this is the place to be. Today we’re going to be talking about the new form of book marketing, and how I don’t even really call book marketing, marketing anymore.

You’ll see that it’s not just about your book, when it comes to marketing yourself. As always, if you are on YouTube watching the replay, please go ahead like, comment and subscribe. I’d love to see you here every single week joining me. “What’s the new way of marketing your book?” You ask.

I call it author marketing. It’s book marketing versus author marketing, and there is a big difference. At the end of the day, you are selling yourself. People might not buy your book based on the fact that they want to read your book.

Then you might actually dig you as an author, and really want to hear what you have to say. Here’s an example of an author. It’s like something that you’re showcasing, that might not be about the boring old, “Oh, here I am again, I’m writing these 500 words every day. Or here is my cover.”

It’s not about that at all. It’s just a random photo. You guys know I love my dogs even though they bug me a lot, and bark exactly when I start my live presentation, but I love them. This is just an example of something that I would do, just to showcase.

What are we really doing here? We’re making people buy into you. Ultimately, what you want to do is, you want to share your personality. You want to share your expertise, you want to share personal stuff. You want to share your story, like why you got started. What keeps you going? What keeps you interested?

What keeps you motivated? It’s almost like your book is secondary, that will come. You’ll always have a chance to talk about your work, and talk about your cover. Talk about the fact that you wake up at 5:00 in the morning, or you don’t go to bed until 3:00 AM, because you’re so into your writing.

Or you’re into whatever project you’re working on. People want to hear that background story. You need to start incorporating that into your marketing, whatever you decide to do.

Even if it’s like a random picture that you’re showing on Instagram, behind the scenes, share your work desk looks like or what your office looks like. Whether it’s clean,, or dirty or whatever. Share the fact that your cat rests on your keyboard when you’re trying to type.

[inaudible 00:03:11] in personality. This is what people really, really want to see these days, and that’s what actually catches people’s attention. We want to start really thinking outside the box, on what we can share that maybe relates to our work.

There’s no hard core rule, that it needs to be always about what we’re doing work-wise. Marketing is what many authors struggle with. Give me a comment. Let me know if this is true for you.

If marketing is something like, I was on a webinar yesterday and I legit asked people, “When you publish a book, do you have [inaudible 00:03:58] dreams mentality, if you build it, they will come?”

A lot of people said, “Yes.” A lot of people said, “Yeah, a combination of doing some marketing and some, “Well, if I just put it out there, I’m sure people will come to it.” Somebody said, “I have no idea where to even start.”

The thing is, and the hard truth of the matter is, is that if you’re going to publish a book, you’re going to take all that time out of your life, away from your family, away from doing other things. You’re going to focus on writing a book. You can’t exactly skip on the marketing part.

The marketing part is really important, so it’s kind of like you have to be all in. Writing the book is only 50%, and the other 50% is the marketing part, the book marketing part and the author marketing part. They both start before you even publish your book.

There is a lot of things that go in after you publish your book, but a lot of things actually start with marketing, before you even put that pen to paper. You’re doing an outline, or before you are typing out your outline wherever you’re doing it, on MyMac or Google Docs, whatever it is.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was doing a workshop. This is a workshop that I’ve just put together in the last three weeks or so, so it’s a new. I talk about seven author problems. This is kind of like the raw first draft of this presentation.

I kind of have some other ideas about how I want to change it, where we talk about problem number one, is growing a built-in audience. Which is, if I am going live or if I’m putting out something new, who can I tell that will immediately get notified?

As opposed to, “I have nobody, so I’m just going to put it out and maybe run some ads to get people.” When you’re doing this type of author marketing, then it’s kind of easier to grow your following like this.

You’re not just talking about your book, you’re including some of your personal aspects of your life, which people really, really want to see. Problem number two, getting at least five reviews to start your sales momentum, because you don’t need to go crazy. You just need to get those five reviews to start.

Problem number three, a centralized, organized home for all your books and your links, like being very super organized. Problem four, managing your pen names. If you have a ton of them, kind of hard to keep track sometimes. Problem number five is delivering your book in the formats that your customers want them in.

Problem six, actually connecting with your followers, connecting with people. Easily emailing the old-school way of like typing in somebody’s email address, and putting it in your Gmail. I mean, that’s a little bit old school right now. You don’t really want to be doing one-on-one emailing anymore.

It still can be personal, if you’re doing some sort of broadcast marketing. Then problem seven is getting reviews without being annoying. With this book here, I gave out some review copies. This is my newest book that I put out, and I spent money on this.

Not a lot, but I gave out physical review copies of my book, because this is a physical book. I don’t even have the digital copy of this book on KDP, because I want people to get the physical version of this. Just because it’s more like a journal/workbook.

I’m also publishing some spinoff books based on some ideas I had, and based on some feedback that I got. When I spend money on giving people review copies, I expect a review. Do you think that review comes in without me having to say, “Hey, so and so, I sent you that book. Can you post your review on Amazon?”

In my opinion, obviously people are very, very busy. In my opinion though, I don’t believe just regular people understand that reviews are important. Like they get it, but it’s like that review needs to be posted on Amazon ASAP. That starts your sales momentum. I talked about that.

If you want to go to check out that replay, that’s at debdrum.com/7problems. I’m very open in the beginning of the webinar in the workshop, where I talk about how my solution of my new software tool, Book Connect.

I call it new. It’s not really new, it is new in the sense that it has a ton of new features that we keep implementing. Like the first half I talk about the basic ways that Book Connect solves a lot of problems.

Then the second half you think I’m done, and I just go like hardcore into all the new stuff that I have with this tool. That is just super, super cool. I’d love for you to check that out.

I brought this idea of, with author marketing as opposed to book marketing, because that training that I have is actually now included in the Book Connect offer. There is a special on Book Review Targeter, which was my first software.

My first software, I went all out and I have a lot of author training in there. That’s now included in the Book Connect offer. I go into detail about how you could market yourself as an author.

How you can kind of gain a lot of publicity, doing things that are just very different than showing your book title and cover on Facebook. If you really want to write a book and really make some, some significant change and impact, and get the word out there.

There are things that you’re going to need to do, and discuss and go above and beyond just like, “This is in my book. This is my book, Law of Attraction Simplified.” I go into my story.

If I were to go on a podcast, which I do plan to do after I get a couple more books under my belt, under this kind of title, I’m going to explain all the reasons why I chose to help people with this topic. It’s a very personal story.

I actually never ever, ever did mindset stuff in my business, until about a year and a half ago. Coming up two years in… I want to say September, I never did mindset stuff ever, ever. I didn’t see the importance of it. I just didn’t think I needed it, until I really did need it.

Then I found the training of Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction and stuff, and I started implementing these exercises that were based on her training. That’s how I came up with my journal. The seven exercises that I have now, that’s just going to grow and grow and grow.

Those are the things that you should start working on, and the idea that you should start formulating about every thing that kind of goes around your book, the story behind it.

Go ahead and visit debdrum.com/7problems, and you’ll see that presentation that I just talked about. All right, that is our 20 minutes for today. You guys rock, check out my training. I worked very hard on it. It’s pretty good.

If you like marketing books or if you don’t like marketing books, or if you want to know more about how to make more book sales, go check out debdrum.com/7problems. I’ll see you on the next live training. Bye-bye.

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