About Debbie Drum

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I started marketing online in 2010 when I Googled "How To Make Money Online." That's when it all started. I wanted to see how people were making money just from the computer. The idea was mind-boggling. I went through a windy road like most people in trying to find my place in this online world of massive profits.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of ways to make money online. I finally found my niche in self-publishing the Kindle and other book publishing market places like iBooks, Barnes & Noble and many others. In publishing books, I also quickly became an expert in content creation and video marketing, which is how I currently make a full-time living online.

When I first started, I was writing and publishing one book a week. I quickly became an expert in self-publishing and started to grow a monthly passive income from the books I was publishing. I then began to teach others how to do the same.

I currently have over 50 books published under various pen names and I have over 50 products published helping people market their products and services.

I absolutely love what I do because I get to work from the comfort of my own home without having to travel like I used to for my old job (I did outside sales for 10 years).

Making a full-time living online is not easy but once you know the formula, all you need to do is carry out the tasks you need to do and get the job done! Most importantly, it's about never giving up and constantly creating and perfecting your craft.

Please connect with me on Social Media (I’m everywhere). You can find those links at http://debbiedrum.com or simply just look up my name and you will find me that way too!


What's The Deal With The Bee?

What's the deal with the Bee thing? Well, in Hebrew, my name, Deborah means Bee. So, my entire life I've always been a Bee.

My friends give me presents with Bee stuff on it....and sometimes for fun, I write my name Debbee (who says I can't anyway??!!).