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Advertising On YouTube – Get Laser Targeted Traffic

Youtube Advertising

How To Get Highly Targeted Leads To Your Website and Offers

I have been very successful getting highly targeted leads all by Advertising on YouTube. I’ve had much better success with YouTube ads over Facebook and I am going to share with you why that is.

Let me just start out by saying that I am fairly new to the paid advertising game. All advertising is “paid” in some way, whether it’s money or time, but when I say paid, I mean paying for clicks and views and all that PPC good stuff.

I am not a guru just a regular marketer looking to get new targeted leads for my business.

Advertising on YouTube is much more effective than Facebook marketing because of ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE…

Think about it – People are going on Facebook to take a break, see what their friends are up to and maybe laugh at a cat video or 2. Their mindset is not looking to solve a problem. So with Facebook ads, your ad is interrupting a person’s “chill out” time.

With YouTube ads, it’s quite a different story. With YouTube ads, people are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for their solution.

So inside of YouTube, a person might type in a phase like “how to get rid of a pimple overnight”

Well, you can put an ad (i.e. your solution) right in front of that person looking to solve the problem them are facing. If your message talks to the problem they want to solve, you are golden!

You see the difference? The Facebook ad is also targeting people with a “potential interest” while the YouTube ad is not potential at all. It’s deliberate. It’s a passive search vs. and active search.

It’s a big difference that you can capitalize on!

How Advertising On YouTube Works

What you want to do is produce a simple video about 39 second long and set up what is known as an instream ad. This is the ad that plays before the desired video gets played. I’m sure you’ve seen these ads before where the person can press SKIP to get to your desired video faster without watching an ad.

There are different ads that you can create, but the one we will focus on today are the Pre Roll or Instream Ads. If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video, this is the ad that plays before the video starts. After like 5 seconds you can actually skip the ad if you don’t want to watch it.

You have 5 seconds to grab their attention before they turn away and press the SKIP Button.

If they skip the video, you don’t pay for the click.  If they watch within the first 30 seconds – you still don’t get charged.

After the 30 second mark, you actually do pay for the click. Even if they don’t click through to your squeeze page, you’ll still get charged.  Once they click the video, it takes people to your destination link which is your squeeze page.

Whenever you’re paying for any type of advertisement, you’ll want to capture them into your email list.

The Problem (And Solution) with Advertising on YouTube

Each campaign (as of right now) can consist of 10 groups of 240 videos. This means that each campaign you run as an ad, can potentially have a whopping 2400 videos to potentially get in front of your target audience. A very targeted audience might I add!

There are 2 ways you can get in front of youtube searchers.

1) Keywords – You can target by the keywords people are searching inside of YouTube.

2) Exact Video Placements – This is the MUCH BETTER WAY to get in front of your desired target audience. You can directly get in front of SPECIFIC VIDEOS that people are searching for!

In the above example, if there are 1000 videos on how to get rid of a pimple overnight, you can easily get your ad in front of all of those videos.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, It is!

However, how in the world could you ever search for those videos manually? It would be a full-time job for you or someone else to do that. It would take forever and it would definitely slow down your output of ads (or getting anything done for that matter).

I would not recommend doing these searches manually…EVER!

There’s a much better way!

Getting Started With YouTube Advertising

What you want is an automated way to find video with a few clicks of a mouse. I found that solution in a software called Veeroll.

I love Veeroll for so many reasons.

First it allows you to find a group of your 2400 videos within less than 5 minutes! Holy cow!

All you need to do is type in your keyword and it finds the videos so you can put them in your campaign to target!

advertising on youtube

Secondly you need to create a video for your campaign. The great part about these videos is that they don’t have to be very long (most of my videos are about 39 seconds long). However, you still need a quick way to make these videos no matter how long or short they are so that you can get your message across so people will click on your ads and see your offers!

Veeroll has video templates that you can just plug in your call to action text hit submit and you now have a high converting video that you can start to use immediately for your campaigns! You can also use Video Maker FX to make your videos for your advertising on YouTube

As you can see Veeroll has thought of everything to help marketers market their offers on YouTube.

youtube advertising

To take this a step further, Veeroll helps you create your campaign so you don’t have to mess around with Adwords too much. You create your campaign right inside the system and then you import that right into Adwords and then you are done.

After your ad runs for a couple of days, you will want to evaluate the performance of your ad. Veeroll takes care of that too!

You simply import a file from Adwords back into Veeroll and Veeroll tells you where you can improve on your ad based on the statistics and the results you are getting on your campaign.

What I love about Veeroll is that it takes care of you from start to finish. It doesn’t just give you one thing and let you fend for yourself…it takes you step by step so that you experience success with your  Youtube advertising very quickly instead of having to figure things out yourself along the way!

There is also a training center inside the program as well. The most important training inside, in my opinion is the one where they interview [NAME[ where he reveals everything you need to know about getting your ads approved and more importantly what you need to have on your landing page to get Google to approve your ads. This is very important. You don’t want to get this wrong because it’s not good if your ads are constantly getting disapproved by google.

The great part about working with Google is that unlike most paid advertising platforms, like Facebook, Google has an entire help center where you can talk and chat with people who are standing by to help you…for FREE!

Next Steps

I have a special link where you can Try Veeroll for only $1 to see how you like it (I know you will love it)!

Another thing you can do is see how a special video I put together on how I am advertising on YouTube with Veeroll.

Regardless, you should get started right away because advertising on YouTube is a great way to get highly targeted leads to your offers!

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