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Affiliate Marketing Without A List — [Guide to Affiliate Links 2019]

Affiliate Marketing Without A List — [Guide to Affiliate Links 2019]

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Alright. Hello, and welcome to this week’s live session where we spend 20 minutes talking about actionable things that you can do in your business to move the needle, to make more money, to get more leads, these are all things that will get you exposure, these are all things that we need to get passive income. Okay? If you’re watching on the replay, wherever it is, go ahead and give me a like and a comment, subscribe, if you’re watching on YouTube that would be awesome.

Today what we’re going to talk about is a topic that is very popular. And I’m calling it What to do With Affiliate Links When You Have No List. Actually, I’m going to show my screen right now, this week’s topic was inspired by one of our fellow members inside of the Passive Income With Content Facebook group, if you’re not involved with this group go ahead and join it, somewhere in the description if you’re watching the replay, it’s called Passive Income With Content if you want to search for it and join.

And Lauren Edgar asked me the other day, “If I get approved to promote a [inaudible 00:01:21] affiliate product, and get a link, what do I do with the link? I don’t have a list, how do I promote? Someone said I have to first cloak the link, any way to steer me in the right direction?” And I was like, whoa. I was like, I love these kind of questions inside of the group, but this is really a loaded question, and I’m not about to sit and type the answer, it’s better to kind of do a training. So that’s what inspired me for today, okay?

So I’m going to give you, let’s see what I have here, really three actionable items that you can do with affiliate links if you don’t have a list. And this is kind of what I’ve been doing, and how I actually built my list over time. And it does take a little bit of effort, and we’ve talked about really all this stuff in past sessions too. So what I’m going to first do is really show you how I do it. Now granted, I have a list, but I didn’t have a list forever, I started from zero. I didn’t come into this business with a list, I didn’t know anything about internet marketing. I just did what people told me to do, and I just kept doing it, I kept doing it, I kept doing it. And from there I’ve seen results and I’ve seen growth.

So the very first way that I would recommend using affiliate links without a list, but still wanting to get yourself out there to be able to possibly make sales with your affiliate link, that is to do content, create content around the topic. So as you can see here I have a whole YouTube channel, it has hundreds and hundreds of videos around products. Now these are my own products, and these are other people’s products, affiliate products, right? And what I do is I create content around the products that I want to sell.

So what am I ultimately doing though? I am ultimately adding more value to the product and the potential person that’s watching my content. So I’m not just saying, “Oh hey, thanks for watching my video,” or, “Thanks for coming to my channel, go ahead and buy this.” That wouldn’t work too well.

So let me just give an example here. This is the one that we did last week, two weeks ago, and I did a whole bit about how to build a list for email marketing without a squeeze page. And if you watch this video I delivered on this promise, and then at the end of this video session here I promoted this product here, List Warrior. And that’s my affiliate link, right?

And that’s just pretty much what you do. You need to have a compelling topic, and really kind of reverse engineer, and think about what you can possibly talk about to get somebody to go ahead and buy through your link. So another added bonus that you could possibly do to get people to buy through you is to actually come up with bonuses, right? Bonuses that you can also add additional value.

So this whole theme of this group, the Facebook group is Passive Income With Content. And you are creating the content, and it’s passive because these videos are up here forever, and because I spend time with naming the videos, and the titles, and making them keyword-rich, and the descriptions, and where people can learn more about me, learn more about my business, this is kind of how all the content kind of works together.

And I only do one of these per week, right? Another option that you can do, and we’re getting more into, okay, so the next kind of thing that you would do is how do I get the traffic, right? So we’re creating the content, and now we have to kind of get the traffic, how are we going to get the eyeballs? I personally like YouTube. I hang out on YouTube. We also talked about this in past sessions too, where are you comfortable hanging out? Are you comfortable hanging out on YouTube? Are you comfortable hanging out on Facebook? Are you comfortable with hanging out on Linked In? Are you comfortable with hanging out on Pinterest?

You do not have to hang out everywhere, but you do need to pick something where you’re going to contribute to on a regular basis to kind of get that ball rolling. Like I said, the traffic has to come from somewhere, and you need to kind of say, “Hey, this is what I’m going to do, this is my plan, and this is where I’m going to try to get my following.”

So I like YouTube, and I like Facebook. Those are my two places, so I’m building my Facebook group, and then to make it evergreen, and to make it last longer than our time here together, just the 20 minutes live on a Friday, I chose to go ahead and put this on YouTube so that it can get traffic ongoing, ongoing, ongoing, ongoing. And then I make kind of a channel here that I call Passive Income With Content, and this is kind of how people can find these videos, and they’re like, “Hey, she has another video. Hey, she has another video. Hey, she has another video. Hey, she has another video.” And that’s how it all snowballs and happens, right?

So you can do that on Facebook too. I absolutely … actually, let me just check here, what did I do? I shared a video on my timeline here with, I know that Donna Blevins, I’ve met her, I think she’s also one of my subscribers, she comes here sometimes too, I don’t know if she’s here today. Hopefully she is, that would be awesome. But I shared one of her videos, and she went live, and I actually never really knew … I knew she was a poker mindset coach, but I never really heard her formally make a presentation.

And I was so proud, and I was actually amazed, and the stuff that she said was actually really helpful. Because I actually love poker, but I also believe that poker and life kind of go hand in hand. It’s like that mindset that you need, that “don’t quit” attitude, and everything, poker is life. I won’t get too much into it, but I just loved what she talked about here, and she just went live. And she can use this content, she can share it on Facebook, she can then post it on anything else, like YouTube, or Pinterest, whatever it is, wherever her people are hanging out, and it all starts around creating the content. It’s that easy.

I mean I wouldn’t worry too much about, yeah, you cloak affiliate links, you can see here where I have debtdrop.com/list/warrior, that’s a cloaked affiliate link. So usually affiliate links are filled with crazy letters and numbers and all this stuff, which usually is not very attractive. You can use a bitly link if you want to, it doesn’t really matter.

But that’s all secondary, the most important part is getting the content right and creating the content, and creating the content around the product that you’re selling. You can actually, crazy enough, let me blow your mind right now, you can actually create your entire business around one affiliate product. Think about that for a second. If you find a product that is selling well, that is made by somebody else, and you’re getting a handsome commission off of it, and you trust this person that they’re tracking everything right in the background and everything like that, then you could grow and build your whole business around an affiliate product.

Pretty crazy stuff. Ill go through the benefits and then the disadvantages of that, okay? The advantage is that you just have to market the product. The product is good enough, hopefully, that it sells well. And that’s one of the things that you base it on, how is it selling, right? The issue there is that you’re not growing your own business, you’re growing somebody else’s business. So you’re kind of like being a salesperson for another company, it’s the exact same thing. You’re selling another product, you’re getting that other product, other marketer exposure. You’re not really saying, “Hey, this is my stuff,” right?

So a lot of the times what you’ll see is there’s products out there that are like, “Hey, you don’t have a product, right? So you could just market our product, and we’ll pay you a commission.” That’s all well and good, but, again, you’re building somebody else’s business.

Now I’ve been marketing online since 2010, and I actually have a solution that have been looking for forever. And it consists of having a very high-quality product to market, which is not your own. So if you don’t have your own product, but you want to sell, you want to make money, you want to make passive income, you want to create all this content around a trustworthy platform, my biggest thing is, biggest, biggest thing, is that whatever you’re marketing online, you do not just send traffic blindly. Like, “Oh hey, I got an affiliate, let me create all this content around it and just have a link to my affiliate link.”

That’s no, that is not the way to do it. Because, again, you’re building somebody else’s business, and you’re getting leads from the traffic but you’re not actually capturing those leads. You’re giving those leads to somebody else, right? They might say, “Opt in and you can hear this presentation,” guess what? You’re not getting those leads, somebody else is getting those leads. So how are you growing your business? It’s the worst scam ever. It’s the worst scam ever. It’s like, I have this great product, you can promote it, I’ll give you a handsome commission, but you’re growing my business.” Okay?

So what I want to do is kind of leave you with a link here, and just share with you one of my solutions that I’ve been actually testing and working since April … March, April. Where it’s trustworthy, it helps you build your own business, so whatever traffic that you’re sending you build your own list, and you actually get paid on autopilot through this system. And I’ve tested it, and I’m really excited to share it with people.

I haven’t really done a huge push for it, but what I’ll do is I’ll kind of just drop this link here. I made a video here, Three Reasons Why You’re Not Making $100 A Day. So really the three concepts that I talked about here today is, number one, if you want to be an affiliate and you don’t have a list, number one is you start to make training around that product. So either you buy the product or you get it, the person gives it to you, whether because you want to promote it, sometimes they do that, sometimes they don’t.

So like I showed you with my YouTube channel, you just build up the platform, whatever platform that you want to do it in. I like YouTube and Facebook, you can choose another platform, but just dedicate a time and a space for you to constantly just throw content, content, content at whatever place you want to do it in.

Second is you need to get the traffic, right? And that is either, we didn’t really talk about joint ventures or anything like that, but three ways to get traffic is have somebody share it, sharing, start building your following on Facebook or wherever, get subscribers on YouTube. And that will propel your eyeballs on whatever you’re trying to create. And you could also do paid traffic too, so sometimes you just go on Facebook and have a target audience, and just put $5 a day towards whatever content you’re creating. That’s the fastest way to build an audience is just buy it, right?

So what you did not hear me talk about today is building a blog. I mean building a blog is probably the slowest means to getting anywhere today, it’s just … you don’t have to do it. So you want to start your channel, wherever that channel is, YouTube, Facebook, et cetera, and that’s where you’re going to hang. Instagram, that’s a great place too, wow, you can get a lot of people on Instagram.

And then, lastly, we talked about this big problem, right? The problem with affiliate marketing, how you’re throwing traffic, you’re throwing whatever you’re throwing, energy, into somebody else’s product, and here you are left with nothing at the end of the day. And that’s not a very smart way to run your business, so that’s why I gave you this link, so that you could kind of see the steps to take to actually grow your own business, promote high quality offers, without having to make your own product.

Product Referenced:http://debdrum.com/100perday

I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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