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Amazon Alexa Skills | How to Create Amazon Flash Briefings

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Hello, hello and welcome to this week’s training. I’m really excited about it. We’re going to be talking about how to drive thousands of visitors for free with Amazon and this is a really exciting topic to a lot of people because Amazon is obviously a beast and if we can utilize Amazon in our business to help us in any way, let’s go ahead and do that.

So if you’re here, live with me today is Friday because we do these every Friday and I love hanging with you. I love seeing you all here; familiar names, new names, and if you’re watching the replay on YouTube or Facebook, wherever it is, feel free to like, comment, subscribe, so that I know that you’re out there too and I can invite you to all the cool things that I am doing to help online marketers get more visibility, get more sales, get more traffic, get more fans. That’s what we’re all about here at the Passive Income With Content Channel and Facebook group. Let’s get to it.

What we’re going to be talking about here is Alexa, and how many of you let me know in the chat, have heard of Alexa? Pretty much Alexa is very well known by now. What’s really cool about Alexa is that many people actually don’t know is that you can tell Alexa to do things for you or give you valuable information, even fun things, and even learning tools, even news, right? So here’s an example that I love just because sometimes when it’s sunny out, I love the rain. I’m a weirdo, I know. I say, “Alexa, play me a thunderstorm,” and Alexa just plays me a thunderstorm for our however long I want to hear a thunderstorm. One day I was like, “Alexa, play me bird sounds,” and Alexa played me bird sounds.

I love it. It’s so cool, but from a marketer’s standpoint, it is even cooler because there’s a way that we can actually monetize this, right? I actually have an Alexa skill. Used to be known as skills, but now what we’re talking about is a little bit different, which I’ll get into, but I made one that’s called pickleball tips and I had in a spreadsheet like over a hundred pickleball tips and if you say, “Alexa, play me pickleball tips,” it’ll play like the pickle ball tip of the day, which is a really, really cool. This exists, if you don’t know about Alexa, you know, and Alexa skills, go ahead and enable your favorite things like ask Alexa what the weather’s going to be like. Ask tips about anything that you you have interesting and she will do that for you.

The really cool part is that there is somebody behind this. There’s somebody behind the that actually program those thunderstorms, that actually programmed the pickleball tips. So it’s not just like Amazon making all these things. It’s what Amazon does best. It’s allowing people just like you and me, to go on there and have people consume our creation with books, with music, with physical products, and now with technology.

There are a lot of users of Alexa. Obviously we know that almost everyone and their mother literally has an Amazon account, but what’s really, really interesting are these stats. 55% of U.S. Households will have Alexa by 2022. $10 billion worth of sales will be driven through Alexa by 2020. A hundred million people in the USA use some type of smart speaker. An Echo Dot is Amazon’s number one selling product. That means that people are using this and they’re using this new technology in a way that’s pretty much not going away. My question for you is, wouldn’t you like to tap into this massive buying “list”?

I mean, who wouldn’t? The big, big problem is how the heck do you do it? I mean, it’s very easy to publish a book, but to do stuff behind the scenes with Amazon and their whole console, I don’t even know what they really call it; developers, console. It’s not very easy and you have to be a really huge tech nerd to even know how to go about doing something like this, meaning making your own skill or news briefing, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about here and I have really good news for you because there is a cool tool that I’m endorsing. It’s called Skilexa. It is literally your rapid shortcuts you’re creating and publishing traffic, getting sales, creating Alexa flash briefings, without any coding. So what literally it means is that you can have a nice easy interface where you can make your own skill, or flash briefing, that you literally just go on this tool and type in the briefing that you want.

So if I wanted to do like a health tip of the day or whatever my niche is, right? So if it is pickleball, I can say, I can just literally type in the text and then Alexa will read that text whenever somebody asks for that news briefing. Okay, and it’s that simple. I have tested this out and I am actually thinking about making a skill around, well I’m not going to say because I’m not sure if I’m going to do that one yet or another one, but I’m definitely going to be taking advantage of this tool because it is getting in on something that is really the ground floor of any topic that you want to get into and not many people are doing it because they just don’t know how to code, right?

So let’s say a local business wants to do it or a health coach wants to do it and they’re like, I have no idea the first thing to do. Guess what? You, as somebody who has the tool as a marketer, can do it for your own stuff, but you can also help other people do it as well, which is money in the bank.

How do you actually make money and what are the kinds of things that you can do? So first of all, you can create Alexa flash briefings in just a few seconds. These are just, or clicks. These are just the tips, let’s just say. That’s what a flash briefing is. You can create Alexa Custom Interaction Skills. For example with my pickleball tips skill, and you can download the skill. It’s free on Amazon just to kind of check it out. It’s not very interactive, but it reads the tip and then it says, “Would you like to hear another tip?” Then the person says “Yes.” Then it reads another tip and then the cycle goes on or they say “No,” and they say, “Okay. Thank you. Come back tomorrow.”

So that’s what a lot of people are making games. It can be very, very creative about what kind of things that you do with these briefings and these skills. It’s got a built in audio recorder so you can actually record your own voice so that Alexa doesn’t have to say the tip; you’re actually saying it. I believe that the faster way of doing it is if you just type it in and Alexa reads it for you. Amazon S3 Resource Library, I’m pretty sure that means that you can actually have a resource in there that it pulls in from, like tips that are automatically in there, but I have to double check on exactly what that feature is just because it’s a little bit advanced so I’m not going to really talk about it too much.

People are also syndicating their podcasts to Amazon and Alexa. So if you already have content like in a podcast, you can just literally just stream it in to Skilexa and then Skilexa out to Amazon. So, so cool. Then this offer, which is really, really awesome price right now, a very intro that’s at debdrum.com/skilexa, you can schedule flash briefings and 30 days ahead, so you don’t have to go in there every day and be like, Oh I have to do my briefing. No, you can schedule it all like in one timing. So it drips out every day.

You get commercial rights to sell to clients. I mean you can charge like $500 a month to somebody who wants to have a skill on Alexa but doesn’t know the first thing to do when it comes to putting one on there and all you need to do is really just follow the simple directions that are inside Skilexa, get it started for your client, and off you go. So, so easy. It’s like plug and play. It’s all on the Cloud. So that means that there’s nothing to download. It’s all a web based support text and audio content, which I told you about before. Amazon API compliant, which was really nice because they’re not going to, it mean the Amazon’s not going to like find out and then shut them down because it’s compliant with Amazon.

Then you get a 30 day guarantee and then there’s also fast action bonuses on the sales page if you visit it on debdrum.com/skilexa. Okay? Cool. Any other questions? Is anyone really, really excited and want to share any ideas that you might have on creating these news briefs and is anyone confused about what this is, because I want to make sure that I’m explaining it right as well.

Kim asked a really good question.

How does the Alexa user know it’s from you, Deb Drum?

Okay. So there’s two ways that you can actually do this. You can do a behind the scenes skill or you can do a marketing skill, right? Behind the scenes would be like thunderstorms. I’m playing thunderstorms, right? I won’t say the name because I don’t want to set off anyone’s Alexa, but I don’t care who makes that. I just want to hear thunderstorms but if I’m getting coaching tips, health tips, or like a really professional tip that I want, you better believe that I care who’s giving me that tip. I don’t want some random person just putting together information for me. So there’s some marketing involved. Obviously if you’re proud of your skill, you’re going to want to show it off and say, “Hey, install my skill,” or whatever, but you could also have people find it organically as well. Okay. So that’s how to do it. Okay, cool.

Well that’s it. That’s my spiel. I’m totally excited about this and I’m excited for you. This is a really game changer and it’s going to, if you utilize it the right way, you can make a lot of money either doing this for other people or, and doing it for yourself. It’s just another marketing vehicle. Sure you could make sales, you can make recurring income, you can sell subscriptions, but just look at it also as another vehicle that you can add content to and where people can find you and love you. Okay?

That’s all that we have today for you. I can’t wait to see your flash briefing. Share them with me and I’ll see you on the next live training. Bye. Bye.

Product Referenced:http://debdrum.com/skilexa

I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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