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Are you making this HUGE mistake with your online marketing?

Are you making this HUGE mistake with your online marketing?


Welcome to the very first live event from

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I’ve been working in the background to get this place up and running, and I think adding live videos is a definite must. I’ll be creating more of these, and they’ll be packed with content, so please join in every week!

Also, feel free to invite anyone you know will benefit from or enjoy this place; I want to see faces!


What used to sell may sink you

Over the weekend, I went to a marketing event in Brooklyn. I love to take advantage of networking opportunities around New York, as well as meet other people who are trying to make it online.

This was a wonderful experience; I met so many amazing people. Actually, lots of women, as it was a female-oriented conference. Whether you’re a man or woman, though, so many of our struggles in passive income are the same.

The most prevalent aspect of this event was people sharing their positive experiences (mostly coaches) and using the opportunity to explain their positions, how they’ve helped others succeeded over the years, their expertise and why people should believe and trust them. Most of that was probably true. I mean, these people could have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the 20-odd years many of them have been at it.

However, when you try to convert your business from physical to online, or even one-on-one coaching to online marketing, what you’ve done in the past holds no water unless you can translate it and turn it into a new customer.

I look at this like writing a book. You may have written the most fantastic informative book to ever exist, but if you cannot sell that by expressing its brilliance in your title, in your descriptions, through reader testimonials—if you can’t explain to people why you are the expert—why should they buy your book?

These customers are never going to see what’s behind closed doors if you can’t show them using the platform you’re operating from.

You must adapt your marketing strategy

A lot of people transitioning to an online business are struggling with this concept. You must learn how to sell yourself in a new way. You have to learn how to copywrite and understand marketing language, how to sell to your individual audience, and what solutions and problems they want solved.

You can be that person—the number one, guru, expert, connessier—of whatever it is you’re doing, but if you can’t convey that in your marketing, you’ll go nowhere. You can have the best content behind door number one and even better content behind door number two, but unless you can sell it and get people to convert from knocking to barging into that door, you will have a hard time earning customers.

I haven’t brought you here to tell you that you can’t do this. I brought you here to give you three action steps to move from content sitting on shelves to content flying into buyer’s hands.


Why is copywriting so important?

The art of copywriting sounds intimidating, but please don’t shy away. You can learn.  If you’re marketing online, it is absolutely essential that you make this part of your agenda.

Never stop learning

The day I started online in 2010 was the first day I became a student of copywriting. Of course, I was there to learn how to sell. That was my intention, but I quickly found that this was one of the core elements of marketing, and to this day, eight years later, I am still a student of copywriting.

I’m no expert, and that’s the point. What I have learned is that you must have an understanding of how to make sales online by giving a concise idea of what you have to offer, and you must be flexible in how you convey. You have to be open to learning how to make your words work to your advantage.

Learn to turn your text and descriptions into the most marketable form little-by-little.  Understand what copywriting is, as well as what is it used for. If you’re committed and willing to give yourself an ongoing education in this crucial area of your field, you will see improvement and learn how to appeal to your audience.


Action Steps

So why the big deal about copywriting? It is how you will penetrate user psychology, and these fundamental action points will help you learn to put your marketing to work.

1. Pain and Pleasure Points

The first and probably most important thing you should do to appeal to your audience is learn what causes them pain and pleasure.  It is imperative you’re aware of the nature of who you’re selling to.

Addressing the intimate area of your customers’ discomfort will make a huge impact on your sales, as well as make their lives better. What is your customer struggling with? What keeps them up at night? What problems do they need solved?

On the flip side is desire. Where do they want to be in the future? What would make them happiest to learn, to succeed, and to feel their life is moving in a positive direction? What brings them joy?  How can you make their dreams come true?

What’s your buyer psychology?

Think about yourself and why you gravitate to certain products. If you can dissect your personal buyer psychology and pinpoint what makes you click that buy button, especially if you’re in your own market, you can find words that create action.

Put massive effort into analyzing areas in their life—in your life—that could benefit from your product. Take negative aspects and prioritize them, then focus your copywriting on the issues that cause the most strife over issues that can hit the back-burner.

Where pleasure is concerned, concentrate on ways your product will make them feel most positive and fulfilled.

I’m not gonna lie, this takes work

This isn’t always an easy task. There are times when guesswork and lots of research is involved. This process is constantly evolving.

Above all, remember—people have a choice. What will make them decide to spend $50 dollars on your product, as opposed to $50 on dinner tonight?


2. Create a Swipe File

A swipe file is essentially what it sounds like: a file full of stuff you’ve swiped. This is a great educational tool that allows you to take advantage of what you know appeals in terms of marketing. Save it to a spreadsheet or anything that works for you and is easily accessible, learn from it, then apply it to your own strategy. Anytime you’re stuck, refer to this swipe file for ideas.

I bought it, why shouldn’t everyone else?

Not long ago, I subscribed to a clothing company that sends you seven different new items every month. At the end of each month, I return them in their original packaging, and they, in turn, send me another box of brand new clothes.

Now why did I decide to commit to this? Something in their video caught my attention and convinced me that I would be happier with this product. It also solved the dilemma of shopping for clothes, not something everyone enjoys. Their video convinced me to do something I would have never considered before.

I saved that video in my swipe file. Clothing sales has nothing to do with passive income, of course, but the way they spoke to me—their customer—the language they used, their video tactic is all stuff I could draw inspiration from knowing, from personal experience, that it works.

Your database of inspiration

Create this document and save anything you are attracted to and would like to apply to your own model, particularly items created by successful companies. Pay close attention to verbiage, body language, fonts, copywriting, and any way these companies are grabbing the attention of their buyers.

A wonderful market to look at is health, specifically diet, which is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. The booming companies have hit customer psychology hard with advertising, and this has put them at the forefront of sales.

Please don’t feel turned off by this concept. Learning from other marketing tactics is one of the best things you can do for your own. Not one of us invented the wheel, but we all use them everyday. This is the way we learn, and this is the way those companies started, as well.


3.  Start Thinking About Bullet Points

Bullets, in a nutshell, are items organized in a list that highlight your selling points. Paying attention to how other companies master this is another fantastic way to refine your own copywriting and marketing skills.

These are so much more than little black dots

The concept of bullet points is that we use these to demonstrate qualities of our products that appeal to the pleasure and pain points of your customers. Action steps one and three work hand-in-hand.

Take a look at some of the most professionally created marketing around. You’ll see multiple campaigns, and each of these will generally focus on either solving an issue or creating enjoyment. These companies have identified their customers’ pain and pleasure points and translated them into workable advertising. Using the bullet point system, they build a list of these to draw from and create cyclic campaigns.

Your bullet points will drive your product

You can do the exact same thing and, in fact, need to. Save bullet points you find in the same manner as your swipe folder, then refer to these when copywriting your own points of sale.

This will give you working references that are applicable to current marketing and resources to learn from. You are a long-term student of copywriting, after all! Your own effective bullet points will manifest from paying attention to others, and creating a list of these will help you stay organized and focused on how and why your product is key to your customer’s happiness.


Put those spreadsheets to work and see what you’ve got!

We focused heavily on buyer psychology, copywriting, and organizing your marketing strategy, all of which are fundamentally entwined. Anything you do to polish your grand design is going improve your income, so putting attention on these is always a productive use of your time.

So, get those Docs folders ready and start saving everything that appeals to you! Study your customers and learn how to deeply relate to them. Keep a close eye on others’ strategies, and don’t be afraid to recruit theirs into yours. Those bullet points will keep you on track and ensure you’re selling aspects of your product that work.


I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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