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Best Content Creation Software | QueContent Composer Review + Bonus

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Hello, hello. This is Debbie Drum. Welcome to today’s Passive Income with Content. We are going to talk about how to make a low content book, literally by the end of the day, and we’re going to cover everything that has to do with what low content is, and I’m going to give you a little demo as well. As always, if you’re on YouTube, please go ahead, like, subscribe and comment. I love to hear from you.

Low content are things like printables, where people can actually print out worksheets or interactive sheets, whether they’re teachers or coaches, or pretty much anything, training. So many things that people print out for distribution and to help people along a process. Worksheets, journals, planners. People absolutely crave these, as you’ll see. Books and reports. Lead magnets. Private label rights. Videos. Interactive content and quizzes are huge. Card decks even are also amazing low content products. Presentations, and more.

So these can come in the form of printables where people are purchasing your product and printing them out. They could also come in the form of digital. They could also come in the form of print on demand. You could also create these products for other people, as kind of like a partnership or a service. So this is just an example of some kind of journal or even an interactive worksheet or workbook. You’re asking a question and you’re prompting somebody to answer something. I actually have been going to Barnes & Noble lately. Yesterday I actually worked all day there because I was out of town in New Jersey and I needed a place to kind of hang my hat. So I sat in Barnes & Noble. And Barnes & Noble has this whole section now of products, anywhere from like slippers, scarves, hats, laptop holders, tons and tons of stuff that they’re trying to sell in addition to books. They have a section for journals and the journal section was humongous.

This means that there’s a huge market for this. So before I kind of get into what we can also include in a journal, here are just some stats here. Forbes estimates that e-learning will reach 325 billion by 2025. This means that digital, way to go. Authors regularly earn hundreds and thousands of dollars a day from Kindle Unlimited. So again, just very popular [inaudible 00:02:41], your low content. Regular public school teachers have generated over 4.4 million just by selling simple content such as printables online. Because they create something and then they figured out where to put this content so that other teachers and other instructors can buy this content, and they’re making money. Whoa, amazing. Content sells, okay. That’s the bottom line. And you can be as creative as possible because new things are coming along all the time.

So other things that you can add to, let’s say, like these kinds of books here. You could have a book essentially that’s just asking questions, but you could also add other things like sample text. Like maybe you have, in light gray, specific types of answers that you’re giving them cues, things like that. You’re telling them little hints, if you will, of things that maybe they want to write down. So you’ve helped them along. You could add pictures. You could add worksheets or in-depth worksheets. So maybe you’re doing some kind of recipe book or a food journal. Something like that where it’s a little bit more detail that you’re asking. You could add templates, quotes, links to other things. Like if you’re selling other books online, you could do that. You can link to any other courses if you’d like. Whatever you want, because we are self-publishers. That means that we can really do whatever we want to do. And even if we go outside of the box a little bit, we will get rewarded for that.

What I want to do now is jump out of the presentation here and give you a quick demo of this new software that just came out on the market, hot off the presses, by Amy Harrop. It’s called QueContent Composer. And it’s so, so cool because it gives you the starting point. So pretty much what I showed you, the prompt question plus a page, it gives you that starting point that you don’t have to kind of do it on your own. It’s got done-for-you, built-in content here already. And that’s what I’m really excited about as well. Since I’m a health nut, I’m going to do the demo on a health book. So these are the standard categories that come with QueContent Composer, and you could also customize it and add your own category if you want, and you get your own account as well. So you would log in and you would go ahead and see this screen first. You’ll also get a bonus as well if you purchase under my link, which I’ll explain to you in a bit.

So let’s just go ahead and start here. Let’s just do a health, and then let’s go to do fitness. So you can go ahead. This is so cool and you’re going to love this. It’s so easy to use too. You get to pick your font and the size of your font. Then you want to say how many questions you want per page. I’m just going to do one. How many writing lines per question, demo two. And then blank spaces per question, let’s just do, one is fine right there. So now we scroll down. Here is all the content that’s already built into QueContent Composer. So we have questions like what is my workout plan for today. That would be on the top and the lines would be on the bottom.

People love journals. They love workbooks. If you can convince somebody that your journal is the right journal for them, they’re just going to buy it. It’s a no-brainer purchase. It’s also a great gift for people as well. Any of these could be changed as well. So you don’t quite like a question or you want to rephrase it, reword it in such a way, you’re going to easily be able to do that. What I want to show you is that you can put your own question up here on top. Let’s say I want to say what is my workout goal for the week. And now it goes right here. It automatically submits right here. You click on it. What I would do personally is create the Word document. I know that I’m just going to want to go in there, and I’m going to probably add some graphics. I’m going to add a ton of stuff to this. But the whole point of this is that you can go ahead, click your heart away, and you could have 50 prompts, and that’s a 50 page journal completely done already, and pretty much done for you.

You don’t have to worry about the content anymore. It’s done for you. You can easily use this content right here on the screen. As you can see, we have what is my workout goal for the week, and that was the first question. What was my workout plan for today, and what motivated this, is the third question that I chose. So now as you can see, I can add a question mark there. I could maybe play around with the fonts, make it bold. So imagine I set this up and I added 50 prompts. I would have a 50 page book. Pretty cool. And imagine like making worksheets, workbooks, printables to sell. $4.4 million were generated by teachers who probably don’t know what the heck they’re doing to sell anything online.

It’s pretty amazing to me. And these are the things that we’re teaching you so that you can put something up to sell very, very quickly and easily, and just make a few tweaks here and there. You can throw something at the wall, see if it sticks. If not, try again. That was just a little demo there. You can go check it out at debdrum.com/quecontent.

And my bonus for this is I’m going to be doing Master classes. This is a new thing that I’m going to be doing. Kind of like it’s going to go a little bit longer than these sessions. They’re going to be going into more depth on marketing, on different topics under the online marketing umbrella. And especially, obviously, to then come with content. So this Masterclass you’re going to get access to when you purchase through my link only, is how I, actually step-by-step, how I’m distributing my content. Content just like this. And how I am distributing it for hands-off traffic, more subscribers and more viewers all over the place. So that’s what you’re going to get access to. So all you need to do is purchase QueContent Creator through my link, which is debdrum.com/quecontent.

So let me go ahead and check out the questions box here. How many questions in each category? I’m not quite sure. I mean, I’m guessing that some are longer than others. And also there are, I think she said, like a thousand prompts in there. Can you import graphics? It doesn’t look like you can import graphics. That’s why I like to download it into Word so that I can always play around with the Word document after I export it. So that’s, I think, the best way to do it.

Great. Well I’ve had such a great time today, demoing QueContent Composer. It’s really, really awesome. It’s a cool tool. It gets you to be able to create content very, very quickly in order to sell, put it up, have people find your stuff automatically on Amazon and other sites as well, which Amy goes into inside the product, or else you can sell these things. And it’s just a really huge opportunity that you can take advantage of right now. And remember my bonus, get through my link. It’s debdrum.com/quecontent. Thank you so much, and I will see you on the next live session. Bye-bye.

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