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Category: Advertising On YouTube

Debbie Does: Figuring Stuff Out

Do you find yourself getting stuck on the technical “how tos” of setting up your campaigns?  In this episode of Debbie Does, I share some need-to-know tips to help you get back in motion. Ask for help, find simple solutions, and learn how to step away and return with a set of fresh eyes so […]

Debbie Does Sundays

Ever noticed that the most successful people never seem to dread a Monday? They are the ones who can maintain their game face while constantly checking items of the to do list. You can too by following the simple tip I share in this episode of Debbie Does… Sundays. Check out the video to learn […]

Debbie Does Double Dippin

I confess, I’m a double dipper. But, I do it smart! Create valuable content that is reusable, improves productivity, and increases leads through double dipping. I share the importance of this strategy in this episode of Debbie Does. It’s simple and fun to do. Watch this video to learn how!

Debbie Does Video Email Selling

Want to know how the most successful people are using email marketing to generate leads and increase sales? I give you the scoop in this episode of Debbie Does… Video Email Selling. Get a behind the scenes look at how you can ramp up your email marketing efforts through video email selling.  It’s simple and […]

Debbie Does Link Testing

Did you know that link testing is one of the most important steps in your marketing launch? Whether you’re marketing a product, services or participating in an affiliate program, testing all published links is critical. It ensures your followers can access the products and services you promote so you can gain leads. In this episode […]

The Fake It Til You Make It Money

Faking it til you make it may not be as bad as you thought. At least it isn’t when you utilize the strategy I share in this episode of Debbie Does. Learn how to turn everything you do into something magical… and monetize it! Check out this episode of Debbie Does to gain the inside […]

Debbie Does YouTube Live Stream, LIVE

Do you know how to rank in Google minutes after publishing your content to the web? It’s simple and easy with YouTube live stream. Bypass the lengthy process of editing and publishing your videos with the new Live Stream option. In this episode of Debbie Does, I share my YouTube Live Stream experience, and give […]

Video Maker FX Review

If you’ve ever dreamed of making professional promotional videos, Video Maker FX is the perfect tool for you. The software allows you to quickly edit your videos and create a visually stunning presentation. A professional video is then created in just a few clicks and you have a video that looks like you’ve spent hours […]