Revealed Below: The Best Way To Become Memorable, Show Off To Your Friends & Family and Make Passive Income 

Create An Easy and Continuous Passive Income Stream With Work You've Already Done 

Dear Author, Marketer, and Product Creator,

I love Passive Income and I know you do too...that's why I am so excited about what I am going to talk to you about here in this letter.

If you have any form of digital product, whether it's a book, guide or even newsletter, I urge you to read on. 

Digital Products are great because they are easy to create and they are relatively free to deliver to your customer, however everyone is doing digital products. There is something we can do for our customers that will make us stand out as marketers...and that is having a PRINT COPY available.   

Smart Marketers Are Realizing The Power of Print Books.
Take a look at this Magazine-Type Book by The Very Success Marketer, Russell Brunson of DotComSecrets Labs

Putting Physical Content In The Hands Of Your Customers and Subscribers Is Powerful. It Makes You Memorable and It Differentiates You From Other Marketers. 

When I Saw This I Got Really Excited - Here's Why... 

I absolutely loved this Magizine / Newsletter-type book but I had no idea how to print or publish it. The pages were beautiful and full color. I just thought it would be extremely expensive so I just let it sit there and did nothing...but I purposely kept it in sight. 

Then, one day I was scrolling around a publishing forum and I saw examples of some amazing full color books that people were publishing on CreateSpace! I had no idea you could even publish books this awesome on CreateSpace! I've been publishing on CreateSpace for 5 years now and had no idea of the potential with this platform. 

Here's what I was seeing:   

Full Color Newsletter and Magazine-Type Books

Lip: Winter 2008   

Coloring Books

Express Yourself Coloring Book   

Children's Books

My Newest Creation in Process   

Video Game Guides

Machines and Magic Vol. 1   


Do You See The Potential Here? 

The Ideas Are Endless! 

I spent tireless hours figuring this entire process out for your benefit! It was no walk in the park - but it's finally here: 

Introducing: CS Fully Loaded 

Guide To Printing Beautiful Full Color Books, Guides and Newsletters using CreateSpace

I set out to create my own full color guide because now I FINALLY knew where to the very same publishing platform I've been publishing on for YEARS - CREATESPACE

This is when I created...

CS Fully Loaded is a physical book and digital book I created on how to create a full color book with CreateSpace. 

The book was fun to create, but...

There Were A Few Major Problems...

When creating a physical book, there are a ton (of very manageable) details you need to follow. The process is a bit different than as creating digital books.

When you are adding color images to the mix, that changes a ton of guidelines and there are a couple of different changes you need to make to your document.

The differences aren't hard but if you dont' know what you are doing, it could be very frustrating and extremely time consuming.

It took me hours upon hours getting everything correct without errors in creating CS Fully Loaded. I wanted to be happy with the finished product and I am. However, this took me a long time to create so that I can document everything for you (and for me - haha).  So, this did not just come together in 10 minutes, I promise you!

I've added EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong and more inside of CS Fully Loaded, so here is what you get...

Here is What You Will Discover Inside: 

  • Step by Step instructions on how to publish Full Color Print on Demand Books on CreateSpace
  • Free Template Resources - Never Pay for A Template Again!
  • Formatting Image Training (it's very different from digital books). Includes Images Sizes and Proper Formats
  • Extensive Image Training (It's the most important part)
    Exactly how to format images so your document is the best and highest quality - ERROR FREE (You are not going to impress your friends or customers with poorly formatted books and blurry images - I'll show you the right way to do everything!)
  • Case Study - How not to want to pull your hair out during this process like I almost did (Microsoft Word could be making changes to your documents that will cause your books to look bad and have errors, I found the source of the problem so you can avoid it!
  • Physical Book Covers: How To Create Print Book Covers and Back Covers....and I introduce new and unique ideas for Back Covers that no one is doing

Avoid ALL The Pitfalls and Hardships When It Comes To Publishing Full Color Print Books - I've Done All The Hard Work For You! 

Having The Skills To Publish Print and Full Color Print Books is Worth Thousands Of Dollars...I Wouldn't Pass Up This Offer If I Were You! 

You can also charge thousands of dollars to help people who don't know the first thing about creating a full color book (or even just a book). 

MILLIONS of people want to publish books and the more self publishing stays relevant (which it will) the more need there will be for people like you who know what the heck you are doing (and that's worth a ton of money). 

Whether you do it for your own business or do it for someone else - you will still reap the benefits of CS Fully Loaded. Trust me!  

I Always Deliver Awesome Products and Value...

Here's What People Say About My Products 

Testimonial from The Kindle King - Kevin Long

At Marketing Event In Orlando March 2016 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Am I Getting The Physical Copy Of CS Fully Loaded?

No, you will get the digital copy with your purchase today. The physical copy of the book is available on CreateSpace. 

What does the product consist of? 

CS Fully Loaded is a step by step 60+ page PDF that goes in depth on how to publish full color books on CreateSpace. You will find this is filled with details so you can overcome hardships of this process very quickly. I also have tons of free resources for you inside. 

What kinds of Books Can I Publish?

You can publish:

  • Regular Books (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  • Guides
  • Newsletters and Magazine-Type Books
  • Children's Books
  • Coloring Books
  • Journals

Why Do You Recommend CreateSpace?

I've grown to LOVE CreateSpace because:

  • It's free to publish to
  • They give you a free ISBN
  • They print GORGEOUS Full Color Books
  • It has all the perks of Amazon (One Click Purchase, Look Inside, Outstanding Delivery)
  • It's super simple once you know what you are doing
  • It's relavtively inexpensive
  • They have Free Expanded Distribution

Can this be for regular books too?

Yes. This is not just for full color books. You can use it for regular 6x9 black and white books too. it's all adaptable. 

How Much Money Can I Make With This Skill

There are folks who charge well in the thousands for a published book. This is a skill that people dream to have and you are getting it for less than a lunch at Chilpotle! 

Also - if you are using the book for yourself, this is like a business card on steroids. People will be very impressed and see you as the expert immediately! 

Take Advantage Of The Lowest Price You Will Ever See For CS Fully Loaded...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For whatever reason if CS Fully Loaded is not for you, just ask me for a refund.

There is absolutely no risk on your part!

Right now is your chance to get CS Fully Loaded for the Lowest Price it will ever be - Save Now!

P.S. Still reading huh! that's okay, I know it can be intimidating purchasing a new product & deciding if it's for you. Remember, these are skills that could make you a ton of money and even if you are not at that stage yet, this will always be a great resource to come back to. So you always win! There's also the guarantee which makes this purchase a "no brainer"

P.P.S. This is an intro price and you will never see it this low again. Don't kick yourself later on because you've missed the deal...that's the WORST feeling! Take action right now! 

To Your Success, 

Debbie Drum (and Frankie) 

Get For The Lowest Price You'll Ever See...

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