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Hello, and welcome to this passive income with content session. We are live here every Friday. If you’re watching the replay, whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, please go ahead like, comment, subscribe, let me know what you think. I’m so excited to share with you today’s topic of finding the money inside of your business. Now what does that mean and how do you do it?

This week’s topic is inspired by my newest product. It’s called Parlay. It is just about how to find the money and where the money is hiding really inside of your product or other people’s products, affiliate products. You’re going to want to be able to extract that money. How do you get it? How do you find it? I’m going to show you exactly how to do that. I’m also going to introduce my newest product to you.

One of the things that you really… that high level. You want to look where you can add more value. That’s the overarching theme of how you actually can find money in your own products and in affiliate products. So if you write a book or if you create a product, you’re not going to be able to include everything under the sun in that one product, you just can’t do it. You’ll overwhelm the people who purchase from you. Your product will never end. You’re going to want a start place and a finish place. Obviously there’s going to be some missing components in any type of product that you create or that somebody else creates. Whether you buy the product or you made the product yourself, you’re going to have to really have that intuitive sense of where and how can I add value to this product.

Where you’ll want to start and how you can add value to any type of product in the marketplace and also your own product, is you’re going to want to find the missing components. You’re going to want to find the holes. A product cannot contain every bit of piece of information that somebody’s ever going to need to succeed. There’s always going to be something missing. There’s always going to be a new thing that develops later on that couldn’t have been put in that product or book. It’s your job to say, “Hey, this product is great because it has X, Y, Z. This is what it’s missing and I could help fill those gaps.” Filling the gaps and finding the money, that’s one in the same. Let’s say a product does a great job at explaining how to do some type of marketing, but maybe they don’t do such a good job in how to put a video together, or they can do a better job at keyword research, or they can do a better job at SEO part of it.

There’s always something that you can find and say, this is great, I’m also going to help you with X, Y, Z, and this is where my expertise comes in. So if you’re trying to sell some type of product, like an affiliate product, you could review that product and say, this is where I’m going to add my value in because the product does not contain whatever it is that it’s missing. Once you go through these enough and review enough products, you’re going to start to point out really quickly what the product is actually missing. I just wanted to tell you that if you read some articles on how to review a product, a lot of the times they’ll say, to tell what you like and tell what you don’t like about a product. You have to be very careful when you’re talking about what you don’t like.

I do not recommend saying what you don’t like unless you really despise the product because you might end up pissing off the product owner. It’s not like that. You just say maybe this product could be improved if it had this. Or product would be great, but one little thing that I noticed that it’s missing is this, say it in a very nice way. The only reason I say this is because I had this experience once with another marketer and she was actually pretty darn mean when it came to saying what she didn’t like about a certain product. And I was like, guess what, I never want to work with that person again. There’s a fine line, right? So that is number two. Hopefully that makes sense to you. And every product has holes. You just got to find them.

So maybe that product can’t really pinpoint the holes or missing components, but maybe you want to expand on an idea, right? So maybe the product only went to a certain point and you actually have value that you want to add above and beyond what that product explained. So let’s say you have even more knowledge and you have more experience and you want to contribute and that is a really great. I guess you can say that maybe that product has those missing components and you’re just expanding on that. It could be one in the same. But you can take the route of, all right I’m also going to tell you the next level stuff or something like that.

Number four is your findings, outcomes and your own experience. So let’s say I’ve done this so many times and I’ve been very successful that I’ve gone through a product and I actually went through all the steps and I showed my findings and I showed exactly how my experience through it, what happened as a result of me doing all the things that the product told me to do. So I tested this out and here’s what happened. You can do this in so many different niches like weight loss. A lot of people do this thing where you test out like maybe a diet or an exercise program. So you document every single day. This is actually what I talk about a lot in my journey method and it really gets results. This is actually really fun to do, especially if you’re really into the topic.

So let’s say you’re really into getting six pack abs and you’re following a program and you know at the end of that six weeks or whatever it is, you present your findings and your experience. Just talk about what you went through and that’s actually very easy to do. And that’s something that is very important because it’s unique about what you bring to the table. Nobody else can duplicate your findings except you and that’s how you’ll stand out in the marketplace if other people are selling the same product as you are.

And then finally, if you just don’t want to do all the four previous things that I talked about, then you can always just add a testimonial and that is a way that you’re recommending a product that people can buy through you and buy through your link. In Parlay, which is at debdrum.com/parlaylive. I talk about how you can add value to different products. I even have 10 done for you scenarios where I talk about how I either added value or a way that you could add value to certain products and just give you different ideas on how to exactly do this and do this very quickly. The last thing I want you to do is to spend so much time trying to do this right? You want to make it more of a system so that the income that you get from these efforts is effortless and it’s consistent and it’s passive.

That’s the whole thing and this is why I came up with the idea for Parlay because I been actually doing this model since 2010. Then I realized that I was doing this and I wanted to share it with people. I wanted to share how I was doing it. A step by step approach and that’s where Parlay was born. If you’re talking in a sense of affiliate marketing, the idea for the name of Parlay is you’re using somebody else’s product, right? They’ve done all the work and you’re parlaying your stuff, your experience, your testimonial is your value and you’re making money because you’re adding that little addition that only you can add. Nobody else can duplicate what you’re going to add and that’s what makes you stand out in the marketplace. That’s what makes me stand out and that’s why I’m able to sell products. I’m able to get on affiliate leader boards, things like that, and I want to help you do the same and that’s exactly what is in Parlay and that’s debdrum.com/parlaylive.

You can use it for physical products, but you want to make sure that you’re able to make money from this, right? So how can you add value to the physical products, you have to maybe think outside the box and is the physical product your own product or somebody else’s? Because if it’s your own product, then you have more of a chance to make money with that. If it’s somebody else’s product, then there might be little money to be made. That’s why if you look on the Parlay sales letter, I list all the niches that this will work for and the best niches that this works for is what you can call it niches where people are actively buying, right? They’re purchasing products all the time. Right. So that’s what… These niches are the best because people are always buying in them.

Does Parlay cover how you add or include those special additions? Yes. Oh my God. Wow. Mike that’s such a great question because there’s three ways that I show how to deliver these value add-ons so that you’re not doing a ton of work and following up with people, things like that. It’s all hands off.

Kathleen asks, where do you find the products you parlay? I love that. I actually go through that inside of Parlay as well and they also have 10 done for you ways that I show you how I actually use the Parlay model. A lot of the Groos they tell you that in order to add value you just add on a bunch of crap onto whatever you’re offering. Right? And a lot of the times that’s PLR, private label rights, that you can just buy and give away. And I’ve never ever purchased a product because somebody was just gave me a bunch of crap as a bonus. That’s not what sells products. And unfortunately there’s a lot of people out there who thinks that that works and it really doesn’t. It really doesn’t unfortunately. What works in selling products is being insightful, is going the extra mile and really digging into a product and saying, “Hey, this is what’s great about it. This is where I can help you.” People love that. I cannot explain.

So I have this friend, she lives in Nova Scotia, so she lives far away from me, but we did play in a tournament together in pickle ball and I’ve recently just met her two years ago, maybe. I didn’t know her when we were younger or anything like that. But I did learn that she lost a hundred pounds and all she does every day is just document everything that she’s doing. Whether she’s running, whether she’s doing CrossFit, and she documents it and if she was following a particular product and she was selling it as an affiliate. I’m not saying she is, but if she was people would buy it because they’re seeing her results. She would be sharing her day to day, sharing her experiences and everything like that. That’s value, that’s adding value to the marketplace.

Tony asks a great question and he says, would you sell the mini products or eBooks that you make for Parlay purposes in addition to using them as bonuses? And actually it brings up one of the components that I include in Parlay, which is a tracking sheet. So one of the things, every time you make these value add ons, you want to track them because I promise you you will lose stuff or you will forget that you made something for one thing that you could potentially use for something else later on down the road. And I really recommend you taking that extra little step to just document what the bonus was, what your Parlay add-on was, where to find it on your computer and the delivery. However it is you delivered it. Because I promise you you’ll forget about it and I promise you you shouldn’t forget about it because you’ll be able to use that later on somewhere down the road.

I’m really excited to bring this to you. I know it will really help you in every thing you do in your business. Always add value that makes you stand out, that makes you really look like you’re caring to your community because you are caring and you want to give them the best experience, and if they’re going to buy through you or they’re going to buy something through you, you should give them the best value. What’s going to happen is they’re going to keep coming back to you for more. When they see something else in the marketplace, they’re going to come to you for a recommendation. So that’s at debdrum.com/parlaylive. I hope you have the best weekend and a great rest of your day. Bye bye.

Product Referenced:http://debdrum.com/parlaylive

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