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From: Debbie Drum

Re: What Are The Best Tools to Make Me More Productive and Efficient online?

Dear Friend,

Do you find yourself stuck at times because you can't do something efficiently online? Or maybe you want to get something done but it takes you forever to do because you just don't have the right tools to accomplish what you want?

Do you have to hire someone to do easy things for you because you don't know how to do something and again, don't have what you need?

I Totally Understand.

It’s not your fault. There's so much "stuff" out there that you just don't know what's good and what's useless to really get stuff done in your business. And not just get it done...but to get it done fast and having the outcome very high quality and professional.

That’s OK.

This is what I do, so help is on the way.

I Can Get More Done Now Than Ever Before...Very Quickly Without Hiring Expensive Outsourcers, Coaches, or Even Researchers!

It's kind of crazy how it happens.

I get sick and tired of doing a task online. Let's say for example...copying and pasting. I probably copy AT LEAST over 200 pieces of text a day. So many I could never count! I do this task so much and it would be impossible to outsource my copying and pasting right? Can you imagine going on fiverr and hiring someone to copy and paste - that would be ridiculous.

Anyway, I really needed a better way. As small of a task it is to copy and paste text, the time adds up. If you have to copy 2 or more things and go back and forth - that's just a real pain in the butt.

Well, when I run into something that bothers me this much, I stop what I am doing and start researching how to fix my problem. I research until I solve my problem.

And yes, I have solved my copy and paste problem so I don't ever have to toggle back and forth between windows ever again to copy and paste text...OH HAPPY DAY!!

I have so many other examples of these massive discoveries I have made along the way to make the most out of the time I spend online.

Most of the tools that I find are either free or very inexpensive and worth the cost because they just save you tons of time and make you more efficient and a better marketer.

I have put my copy and paste secret PLUS 20 other IM and productivity tools and resources inside of this product that I call...

21 Greatest IM and Productivity Resources

Here Is A Taste Of What I Will Be Sharing...

  • My #1 Tool of How I Listen ANY Online AND Mobile video faster (including flash videos that you can't download)
  • Biggest Time Saver: How A Free Tool Makes it Possible to Never Go Back And Forth Copying and Pasting My Text
  • Free Tool tells me if my headlines and blog titles suck and where I need to improve and actually gives me a SCORE and shows me what to do!!
  • This Free Research Tool has been responsible for making me thousands of dollars and makes niche research fun!
  • This "better than Jing" tool is little known and very powerful if you need to record your screen...and have an unlimited storage place
  • Forget software programs that take forever to resize images the exact size you need them - this free, web-based tool does the trick without the headaches of software!
  • Want to find a domain name in less than 1 minute without having to think? This free place will help find hundreds of domain ideas super fast!
  • Do you ever get stuck on finding keywords? This new favorite free site of mine gives me hundreds of keywords in less than 5 seconds!
  • Never run into the confusion of not knowing if you have a tracking pixels installed correctly - this free tool tells you if your pixels are ok or if you have a problem you need to fix asap... I LOVE THIS TOOL!!
  • This paid tool forces your images to be found in Google Search...which gets you tons of traffic for competitive keywords (don't worry I got you covered with training if you need it)
  • Another Amazing Freebie - Don't pay for online forms every again! This tool has made me thousands of dollars and it's a ton of fun to use!
  • Stuck on Facebook Images and their text limit rule? This freebie will solve that problem for you
  • And More To Come... See the Bonus Section!

Take Advantage of My Blood, Sweat, and Tears To Find These Tools - I Did All The Hard Work!

I researched for hours. I tested for hours. I did all the hard work...

And now it's time for you to take advantage of that and get these amazing tools at your fingertips just delivered to you nicely packaged up!

Feedback From Amazing Marketers

Jay Perreault

These are amazing tools. 15 of which are new to me and the others are used in ways I had not thought of before. I always wondered how Debbie is able to be so productive!

Jay Perreault In-SiteMarketing.com
David Lee Martin

I have found in life that the tools you use are one of the primary keys to success. I am one of the lamest DIY guys on the planet, but that is partly due to the fact I simply do not have the right tools for the right jobs. I do know how to build things online though, and have tools at my disposal for almost every workflow I engage in.

Debbie has pulled together a great list of tools here that could make a real difference to your productivity, and seriously ease many of the frustrations that working online presents.

David Lee Martin http://learnscrivener.net
Amy Harrop

Deb’s 21 IM Tools are a treasure trove of time and money-saving secret weapons. This a collection of powerful tools that I am implenting into my own business and work flow for increased productivity.

Amy Harrop http://amyharrop.com
Teresa Miller

Debbie’s 21 tools include some of my favorites and a few new ones that I can’t wait to add to my business. I’ll be honest though: I really would like to see her take a few of these OFF the list! (Some secret weapons should remain secret.)

Teresa Miller http://FreestyleAuthor.com

These Top Notch Marketers Use Tools To Make Them Great!

Now it's time to make the small investment...you owe it to yourself to be a better and more productive marketer

You're Protected by My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

21 Greatest IM and Productivity Resources

2 Hot Bonuses Included

Bonus 1 ($47 Value)

David Lee Martin adds incredible value talking about his favorite writing tool - Scrivener.

Bonus 2 ($97 Value)

Since I have started this product, I have added several more productivity tools and resources and the number is up to 49! So that's 28 additional resources for you! They are already there and waiting for you inside!

21 Greatest IM and Productivity Resources