How A Stupidly Simple 39 Second Video Can Bring In Targeted Leads Into Your Business Every Single Day

Get A Stream of Targeted Leads Coming Into Your Business Every Single Day



From: Debbie Drum

Re: How to get more targeted people on my list??

Dear Marketer,

Having people on your list means absolutely nothing if they are not interested in your offers.

What if I told you there was a way to get in front of the HIGHEST and MOST TARGETED People on the planet?

What if I also told you this works for ANY NICHE?

And to top it all off, all you needed was a 39 second video to get them there...

You'd Be Absolutely Crazy Not To!

Get An Endless Amount Of Leads In Your Business With One Strategy That Involves A 39 Second Video and A Squeeze Page

Here's All You Need To Get Started

  • ONE 39 Second Video (which takes less than 10 minutes)
  • ONE Squeeze Page
  • ONE Offer (can be yours or affiliate offer)
  • ONE 20 dollar bill
  • And...

39 Second Profits

Here's What's Inside

  • Exactly how to get highly targeted leads into your business every day!! (It's easier than Facebook)
  • How to create THE RIGHT 39 second video that will force people to click on your offers
  • The automatic way of getting in front of your desired target audience
  • The Do's and Don'ts to this method - it's very important you get this right because you don't want to waste time doing things wrong
  • How to get free unlimited help with this method any time you want and need'll be shocked at the level of FREE service!
  • The easiest way to market your offers with the 39 Second Profits Method
  • How starting with as little as $20 can take you very far with increasing the number of subscribers!
  • How your 39 Second video will work (even if it sucks)
  • How to get your squeeze page accepted WITHOUT any hassles or headaches! Avoid newbie mistakes!

How This Method Is Different From Facebook

This method is much different and much better than Facebook.

The reason is because with Facebook, you are intruding on someone during their time where they are not in a buying or information gathering mood. They are in a social mood. They are taking a break from "work".

With YouTube Advertising, people are deliberately looking for a solution to their problems.

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Person searches for a solution to their problem

Example: What are the best exercises to get six pack abs?

Step 2: They get shown the video results inside of YouTube and YOUR 39 SECOND VIDEO that is directly targeted to the searcher gets shown to them.

The user can either click on your ad or skip the video - where you don't get charged.

Your ad copy can be highly targeted where you can say something like:

"Do you want 6 pack abs but you don't know where to start or what exercises to do?"...I can help...(or something along those lines).

Do you see how powerful this is??

I will show you how to get those exact placements! People are absolutely loving my course (and all of my courses)!

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39 Second Profits


Q: Does this have to do with Facebook? 

A: No - this has nothing to do with Facebook - it's actually easier than Facebook

Q: Is this paid advertising?

A: Yes it is but I will show you how $20 can go VERY FAR

Q: Do I need my own products for this method?

A: Absolutely NOT! I will show you how to succeed with your own products AND with Affiliate offers

To Your Success

Debbie Drum

39 Second Profits