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A Great Way To Tell More People About What You Write

Not too long ago, I was in Austin, TX and I was sitting and working in the lobby of the hotel I was staying in.

I overheard some gentleman speaking about funnels and marketing so I had to ask what they did. It turned out they were Kindle and book publishers! So of course, we had some great conversations because very rarely do we meet people who just "get" us publishers right?

One of the guys gave me his "card" and I just thought it was a brilliant idea that I wanted to share with my fellow authors.

Take A Look...

Book Marks As Business Cards!

The really great part about these cards is that Donovan leads people to optin to his list to get something for free.

These are really easy to make and they don't cost a ton of money either. You can make one for all of your books (like have a centralized location to send people) or you can have one made for each individual book that you write.

These are so simple to create - you can even hire someone one fiverr to create the design and just simply get them printed!

Absolutely brilliant!

Thanks Donovan Scherer for giving me a great idea for an article.

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