How I landed a $499 Publishing Client with less than 5 hours of work

Dear Publisher,

If you know how to publish a book you can make very quick and easy money, just like I did above.

Over the summer I got a referral from my dog walker's chiropractor, Michele, who had a 26 page children's book that she wanted to she called me!

After the call Michele agreed to pay me $499 dollars to publish her book for her.

Let me clarify this.

I didn't have to:

  • write the book
  • edit the book
  • proofread the book
  • or even design the cover

All I had to do was publish it....which in the end only took less than an hour's worth of time....for $499!

Let me be clear...

I Undersold Myself and Could Have Charged More But...

$499 is still not a bad pay day!

The truth is that if you know how to publish books, you can be getting checks like this consistently with very little work and people will continue to pay you just for your pure publishing knowledge!

so, I want to show you how I did landed this client so that you can do the same.

Here's My Special Offer

In a live training which you will also get the replay of, I am going to share:

  • What I said to get Michele to be my client and pay me $499 - you can use this word for word
  • What I actually did for Michele (the deliverables)
  • What I didn’t know and what I had to learn very quickly…(this was scary but worked through it)
  • The mistakes that I made (there weren’t many, but there was one big one that I made which I will share with you...don’t do this!!)
  • The one thing I would have changed through the process (besides charging more)
  • How I overcame roadblocks and "hard questions"
  • And the overall nuances in dealing with people who desperately need your help because of your expertise

Copy these strategies to get checks just like this one over and over...

If you know how to publish a book you are in a very powerful position in this world!

You've got skills and know-how that most people would kill for!

What's easy for me and you, is really difficult for others and you can capitalize on this quite easily now and for years to come!

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Black Friday Sale - How I landed a $499 Publishing Client with less than 5 hours of work

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Black Friday Sale - How I landed a $499 Publishing Client with less than 5 hours of work

To Your Success,

Debbie Drum

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Black Friday Sale - How I landed a $499 Publishing Client with less than 5 hours of work