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Finally! Cracking The Code And Connecting The Dots On Pixels

How A Tiny Weird Dot Can Increase Your Bottom Line And Give You Oodles of Information About Your Audience To Attract More Buyers

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debbie-drum-yesFrom: Debbie Drum

Re: I don't understand pixels at all - can you help me?

Dear Friend, You hear the 5 letter word all the time.

PIXEL. Do you often wonder...What the heck is a pixel? Why do you need them? How do you use them? And most of all, how could they make you money?

Pixels are a piece of code you stick on websites and pages so that you can track behavior, track visitors and follow up with people who don't purchase from you.

Here's A Shocking Fact About Website Visitors

Most people who visit your websites, squeeze pages, and basically any place you are selling online WILL NEVER BUY FROM YOU.

As marketers who sell online, our goal is to convert as many people into buyers. However, if you are converting 25% of people into buyers (that's a VERY GOOD conversion rate), then you are still missing  75% of people! (It's a lot when you look at it from that way, right?)

So how do we convert more people into buyers?  Well, one way to do it is with PIXELS!

Here's Some Of What A Pixel Can Do For You

Pixels Give You A World Of Information

I was in a frustrating position not too long ago of not understanding pixels.

So I did what I had to do and I rolled up my sleeves and begin to use pixels in every facet of my business.

I found there are only a few things you need to do to start using pixels to your advantage.

The great part is that it's not a lot of work either!

I want to show you from the basics of using pixels to how to use pixels to make you more money in your business!

That's Why I Developed...

Pixels Demystified

Pixels Demystified is a purely content LIVE training session. There will be pure content without any product pitches at all. The training is designed to give massive content without any pressure of having to purchase anything else for further training!

The huge benefit is that it will be a live session so that you can ask me questions live and the replay will also be available immediately following the live training.

Live,  Non-Pitch Webinars / Trainings are my absolute favorite because I love the energy of the training and I love the pure content that is delivered.

The content will go from basic, intermediate all the way to advanced!

Here's What I Will Be Sharing

  • Pixel Basics - What are pixels. How they work. Where do they come from. How to use them.
  • Pixel Placements - Stop the confusion...I'll show you where exactly to put pixels to use them to your advantage (and make money)
  • Pixel Tool - A secret free tool to let you know you have put your pixel in the right place
  • Pixel "Dirt Cheap" Marketing - How you can use pixels to make a huge ROI (return on investments are very fun!)
  • Pixel Fortune Telling - How pixels can tell you if you are on the right track with your marketing
  • Pixel Lead Capture - Capture leads without a squeeze page? Capture specifics about your website visitors
  • Pixel Exclusions - Knowing who not to target is just as important as knowing who to target
  • Pixel Discovery - How to know your audience demographics just with a tiny pixel placement! It's almost like magic
  • Pixel Editing - Editing pixels could be confusing...I'll show you how it's done
  • Monetizing Pixels - How to make money with Pixels and what you should ALWAYS DO when it comes to pixels
  • Pixels and Affiliate Offers - Can it be done? Yes it can. I'll show you how!

Here's What You Get...

New....Just Added

It's one thing to know how to use a pixel but it's another thing to actually see over the shoulder of how to install the pixels in different scenarios. I've included "over the shoulder" demos of how to use and install each of the different pixel scenarios!

Feedback From Amazing Folks
Who Love My Trainings

Ben Adkins

Debbie Drum’s live trainings are always spectacular. I’ve seen a ton of folks present over the years and the thing that makes Debbie stand out is how she had a knack for breaking down complicated concepts and making them simple.

Not only do I get a ton out of every call that Debbie does, but she makes it a lot of fun at the same time.

Ben Adkins http://www.scriptdoll.com/

Live Training Feedback

Chris Adkins

I have purchased several products from Debbie and have always been happy with her work. Debbie’s training ‘Where The Money Is Hiding In Publishing’ is a training that provided me with a lot of gems that I am implementing into my own business. It is very straightforward, simple and easy to follow. I love her no BS approach.

Chris Adkins http://www.livingabrightlifenow.com/

(FYI - The 2 Adkins testimonials are completely unrelated!
What are the chances of that happening?!?!)

I Always Over-Deliver On My Trainings...Because I Love What I Do!

Now it's time to make the small investment...you owe it to yourself to be a better marketer who is empowered with information to increase your bottom line!

You're Protected by My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Pixels Demystified

Live Training Will Be Held On 6/15/15. If you can't make it - there will be a replay available immediately!

Here's How It Works...

When you purchase - you will be taken to a page of when the live training is happening. The training won't be in there yet because it is live and afterwards, the replay will be available on that page as well as the checklist and overview of what was discussed on the training. 🙂

To Your Success

Debbie Drum

P.S - You will want to check out this training because it will change your entire outlook on marketing and using pixels to your advantage! Stop the confusion once and for all when it comes to pixels!

P.P.S - The risk is all on me! If you are not completely satisfied, just ask me for a refund and I will gladly give it to you, no questions asked!

Pixels Demystified

The special price will only be available for a limited amount of time. I reserve the right to increase the price with the high demand.

Live Training Will Be Held On 6/15/15. If you can't make it - there will be a replay available immediately!

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