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How to Automate Online Tasks by Creating Systems

How to Automate Online Tasks by Creating Systems

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All right and we should be live on GoToWebinar. Hello, hello. Hello, hello.

All right, let me try to work this so that I can see both cameras here, so I’m not ignoring you. Let me see. So, I’m in a little bit of a different setting today, I’m in Sanibel, Florida, I have a pickleball tournament this weekend. And, thankfully the landscaper guys were making a lot of noise so I almost had to move this inside and that would have been really, really boring so yeah. So, welcome, welcome.

Hey Allen, hey Brian, hey Ester. Kevin, Paul. Welcome. So we are broadcasting, as you know, live from Facebook and also live from GoToWebinar. So, yeah, people in both places.

So, yeah. Folks on GoToWebinar, you can go ahead and chat with me in the questions box. And of course, people are coming on, on Facebook, could do the Facebook thing. Let me just pop on there. We’re gonna get started in just a couple of … Well, a minute or so.

All right, welcome, welcome, thanks for coming, people are showing up. Awesome. All right, for those of you who just came, I’m in Sanibel, Florida here. It’s awesome. I’ve got a pickleball tournament and I’ll be playing later, but the actual tournament is on Saturday and Sunday so I get to practice today a little bit later on. But I wanted to of course bring you this live content.

As you know these are my workshop miniseries so they are bite-size content that I want you to be able to put into place immediately so you don’t have to … It’s not a ton of time for you to take out of your day but you can still get a lot out of it, so that’s the goal. And today we’re gonna be talking about creating systems to automate your business and to create those automated profits that we’re all looking for. That passive income. Passive income with content, that’s what the group is called so this is what we’re doing.

And I think that this is very timely, as the new year starts to approach, right? We like to develop new things that work, we look into our business and say, “Hey, what’s working, what’s making money? And what isn’t working and what maybe should I not focus on anymore?” And sometimes this is a hard decision because you have high hopes for some things. Like, okay, maybe it’s not working and I should just scrap it. And you know what, I’ve had to do that with a couple of projects recently that I actually put a lot of time in but sometimes it’s better to just cut it while you haven’t invested even more time and wasted ore time and more money, more resources towards that project, okay?

So, let’s do stuff that actually works, right? And one of the examples … A couple of examples that I wanted to talk about is about creating systems, is the whole idea of it. So, big picture, is to set up a system where you literally insert maybe an hour of your time, let’s just say, or maybe it’s less, maybe it’s a little bit more and then that triggers actions right after that. It triggers a whole system for you to make money off of the profit off of.

Okay, so it’d be better if I actually gave you an example. So, this is the system that I’m putting into place right now. I do these Facebook lives and I wanna create content, create valuable content for anybody who watches them, right? Then, when I’m done with that, I’m going to optimize the video to then put on YouTube. Right now, I’m developing and entire system. By optimizing I mean, getting everything that you need for YouTube to get more visibility, like naming the …

Sorry, I forgot my phone on do not disturb, that’s not fun. Oh, well, whatever.

So, optimizing the title, optimizing the tags, optimizing the description. All this stuff is systematic. So once that video is up on YouTube then it can go up on my blog and then it can go up on all these different places for syndication.

So, every single step of the way is a part of a process and ultimately what I want to do is just be part of this great content process and then hand everything off as a system. So, some of the things in your system can be a person that’s helping you or a team of people that’s helping you, and some things in your system can actually be some kind of what I call robot or automation. Okay? Like, not everything could be turned into a robot, because you do need some human interaction, but there are actual tools that could …

Just make sure my screen is good.

There are actual tools that you can integrate with that makes part of your process and turns that into an automation process by literally pressing a button or doing some kind of action, doing some kind of trigger to get that process started. Right?

So, for an example, a simple example would be an auto responder. You write one message and that goes out to however many people that you have on your subscriber list. That’s kind of life a robot ’cause you’re not sending out thousands of emails one by one. You’re doing it once and then you’re getting it broadcasted. So, that’s the idea.

Another kind of tool that does a lot of this automation, which actually, I haven’t really found a great need for this tool, which is Zapier, or Zapier. I don’t know. But there’s a ton of things that Zapier does that, let’s say somebody signs up for … Or fills out a form on your Google Form and then they can actually automatically be put on an autoresponder list. So, things like that. If you ever think you may need something, it integrates with so many third parties so that you’re not doing it manually.

The whole thing is to look at whatever you’re doing in your business that’s manual and that’s taking a lot of your time and also that you don’t enjoy. Another key thing too, you don’t enjoy it and you procrastinate that project because you don’t enjoy it so much and then here you are three weeks later and nothing has been done with that project.

So, that’s a key thing that you should look at where you might say, “How can I automate this process a little bit better or how can I put a system in place that I’m only doing this, this and this and then it’s being handed off and the rest is done.” Because it does take a little bit of time to set up these automations and these systems but once it’s done and it’s kind of running like a machine, then you’re like, “Oh my god, this is great.”

But putting the right people into place with your systems and just getting the whole system, every step by step by step by step into place, is what you ultimately want to have.

So, I wanna talk to you about now how to do this. My one favorite, favorite, favorite tool to use to develop systems, and it’s free, it’s Google Spreadsheets. Because Google Spreadsheets, you could work from anywhere, it’s all on the cloud so you would need one sheet for everybody and you can share the document with your team, everybody sees the most up to date live content on that sheet and when you’re starting to develop a system, you literally just open that Google Doc and you list every step of everything, every part of the process that you need for that system. And if you forget something, you could add it in later. If you don’t need something, you can remove it later. It’s so easy to do that.

And this is something that I use all the time and again, it is free. So, if you wanna use the same spreadsheet for different projects you can do that as well so you can put different sheets on the bottom to separate your ideas or your projects. However it is you wanna set it up. And what’s also great about it is once you have that system in place, you can always duplicate it, duplicate it over and over and over.

So, for example, something that I do a lot is I launch products, but just because I launch products all the time, that doesn’t mean that everything should be in my head. Right? It’s not the case at all. I am going to forget to do something, the littlest thing, if I don’t do that can break the whole process.

If I don’t put … Let’s say I take a sales letter that I did in the past, I clone it and let’s say I forget to put my new buy button on that new sales letter. Guess what? No sales. No sales, baby. All the sales would actually be another product ’cause it was an old buy product. So, on my product task sheet on my Google Spreadsheet I have, insert buy button and I know that, that’s not done until I actually mark it done on my spreadsheet.

So, this is what we’re talking about here. Let’s see, we got some people coming in, Mary’s not able to come in for some reason. Oh, wow, okay, guess what guys, I didn’t start the broadcast.

The broadcast is now starting. [crosstalk 00:12:32]-

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Wow, okay guys in GoToWebinar. I did not start the broadcast and I’ve been going for 12 minutes already. I do apologize for that. The landscaper people, I guess they messed me up a little bit. I did say hello to everyone that’s here. Okay, so what up? Obviously I can’t do this over ’cause we’re here live on Facebook so I am going to put the link in the chat to the Facebook group. I’m so sorry you guys. That’s how you know this is live, right?

I’ve some really, really good content. Sorry. All right, so I would definitely check out the first 12 minutes on the Facebook group, that’s where it is being recorded. Okay, so you should be able to see me live on Facebook. All right. Sorry guys. Can’t be perfect all the time, all right?

Hey Jessica, Jim, Janet. All right, yeah. Sweet, okay.

So, we have about five or so minutes left of this workshop mini and again if you missed the first 13 minutes, please go ahead and check it out on Facebook. Refresh the Facebook page and you will see.

So, we’ve been talking about systems, I’ve given you some examples of systems to put in place and one of the systems now that I am really starting to look into and I did a workshop on this, a longer workshop on this, this week, is with Facebook Messenger bots and Ron Douglas, my friend, has put together a really great way to not only get people onto why our Facebook Messenger bot so that you can chat with them on Facebook Messenger and send automated messages to, but you can also give people stuff in a non-invasive way to correspond with them and ultimately possibly get them to buy something, okay?

So, for those of you who don’t know what a Facebook Messenger bot is, is it’s kind of like an autoresponder service, so you can send messenger, but it’s right through Facebook and people get their notifications on Facebook right on their phones, right on their computer, there’s a big din that happens all the time when I get a message so I respond … Personally, I respond to Facebook Messengers like I respond to text messages because it’s normally a very personal thing. People are Facebook messaging me because I tell people that’s where I’m available for the most part.

You can probably reach me on Facebook Messenger easier than you can reach me on Skype. Easier on text, easier on Facebook Messenger so I am opening those and a lot of people, billions of people are opening those.

So, of course they have to opt in by literally just clicking a link and agreeing to correspond with you. They can opt out at any time. But if you’re giving something for free, if you’re inviting somebody to come somewhere, like a live video like this, they will most likely get that message before they maybe open their email and a lot of times it’s a much higher response rate than email. So, you can be getting an up to 80% open rate on Facebook Messenger whereas you might get a 10% open rate depending on how may people you have on your list, on email.

So, it’s a new way to correspond with your subscribers, develop that relationship but also create a system of automation because what you can do with this is have these triggers, so if somebody clicks the link, perhaps they get tagged and they say … You can tag them with a specific keyword that has to do with the message that you’re sending out. Okay? You could put people on your email list as well, you can send people a sequence of messages based on what they’re clicking inside of your bot itself. And it’s really, really great technology. Like, oh my god. And easy to understand and easy to use. And again, another way to correspond and interact with people.

So this is just another way to market yourself and do it in such a way that isn’t annoying and the great part about the offer I want you to check out, the webinar, the workshop if you didn’t yet, this week with Ron, is that if you’re building your business, let’s say …

Sorry about that noise, I can’t do anything about it.

But if you’re building your business and let’s say you’re writing a book, or let’s say you wanna create a product but you don’t have a product yet, you can actually use these systems that Ron has in place inside and sell products for 500, 1000 dollars. Sometimes selling a higher ticketed product is just as hard or just as easy, whatever it is, as selling a low ticketed product.

So, you can push a 99 cent product all they long and end up with five dollars at the end of the day or you can push a 1000 dollar product and wind up with 1000 dollars at the end of the day and you only had to make one or two sales. And that’s a lot better.

In the workshop Ron talks about five obstacles of why people don’t succeed online and I listen to Ron because he knows what the heck he’s doing when it comes to making money online. He’s been doing it since 2001 and he was spot on with every single thing that he said, those five obstacles. You should just check it out just to listen to those five obstacles because one of them is sales and some people are very uncomfortable with the idea of selling.

Guess what? There’s no money to be made online if you can’t sell of if you feel uncomfortable. Please, go ahead and check the first Facebook live that we did on copyrighting because …

Hey, Mary, I see you made it. Sorry I didn’t press start broadcast on GoToWebinar, I was doing 100 things at once.

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of selling then this is not the business for you because you can have the best product at the end of the day, but if you can’t sell it, that’s a big problem. It’s a big problem. And there are ways that you can sell without being that pushy or everything, all the bad connotations that people think about when they think about selling.

So, that’s the workshop that I did this week and I really think you should check it out because the sooner that you can actually get involved with Facebook Messenger bots, the better. And it’s something that is not going anywhere and is under utilized, so people aren’t getting bombarded with messages and Ron shows you how to put messages in that work so you don’t have to figure out what’s working or what’s not working. A lot of times he’s showing you inside what he puts in his automations and also, there’s a way that you can upload those automations right into your Manychat, ’cause that’s the service that you use. It’s called Manychat chat, it’s the one I recommend, it’s the one he recommends, it’s killer, killer software for not a lot of money, what you’re getting.

So, please go ahead and check that out, I will put the link in … Let’s see. Do I have this link? Let’s see. I’ll find that for you, I can post that in after this.

But does anyone have any questions when it comes to what we’re talking about today? Any systems that you put in place for your automation process, any additional tools that I shared with you or that you wanna maybe add to the conversation as well? That would be great and I know we’re going on 22 minutes here and we have lots of people showing up on GoToWebinar, that’s awesome.

Hey Mary, Frank. Great.

Yeah, so start to think about, again, what you do in your business that you hate, that you procrastinate or it takes you a lot of time and then possibly removing yourself from the process altogether. All right? ‘Cause that’s what I did and I noticed this right away. When something gets put in the back burner, when I don’t do something because it just doesn’t make me happy and everyone has bits and pieces of that in their business, that you could possibly get away from, okay? And stop doing.

So, here we go. Paste that link right in here. That’s to the replay, I put that in GoToWebinar as well. I got some folks wanting to join the group ’cause I messed up. All right. Just go ahead and approve people.

So, I just put that link in the chat-box for you to watch at your convenience. Do check out the five obstacles. If you wanna skip through the pitch stuff look at the offer because the ability for you to sell these higher ticketed products that Ron has in his system is tremendous because a lot of times when you start out even years into your online business, you don’t have a high ticket product because you just didn’t put one together and if somebody gives you a system and gives you a process and gives you the ability to sell a higher ticketed product, one that is proven to work, then your chances of actually making money, to making some passive money, some passive income that you desire go up. Okay? It’s really, really helpful when somebody does that for you and that’s one of the reasons why I love this offer this week and as well as the training that goes hand in hand.

So, one more thing before we go. That’s Manychat, Mary. Manychat, but go check out the presentation first before you go ahead order that ’cause it could be a little bit overwhelming.

Yeah. Ryan I posted the Facebook group in there, that was the first link. Debdrum.com/passiveFB. So, just look at the chat.

All right, one more thing before we go that [inaudible 00:26:37] with and this is also something where I’ve made a lot of money with this in the past. Anytime you can learn something that is new that you know is good and that we’re on the cuss, or just the beginning of this amazing thing that’s going to be happening with Facebook Messenger, guess what? A lot of times, other people are not gonna know how the heck to use it, they’re not gonna wanna set up these systems, so you know how to set up a system like this. You know the ins and out, you know what gets people to click and buy and subscribe, then you can help other people and charge a premium for that service.

That is my favorite part and when I was first starting out I did a lot of service work just to get experience, get my name out there and if this is something that you’re looking to do to make some money on your free time, part time, whatever, I really, really recommend learning this so that you can do it for yourself or you can do it for anyone else who doesn’t want to do it.

All right? So, Ryan, I just re-posted the Facebook group in there for you, all right?

All right, so sorry about the not starting the broadcast thing but it’ll still be replayed on Facebook and you’ll also see the system that I developed that I talked about earlier with repurposing the content in many different places and yeah, thank you so much.

Hey Candice, how are you? Nice to see you.

All right, so I’m gonna go enjoy sunny Florida. Wish me luck on my tournament this weekend and I will see you next week again, live. We go live every week, Fridays at 11 am Eastern. Next week I won’t be here so I’ll have to live it up now. All right everyone, see you next time. Bye bye.

Hey, it’s Debbie. If you like this video, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next one. Also, give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment. I’ll respond to each and every one of your comments. Thanks and I’ll see you on the next live session.

Product Referenced: http://debdrum.com/fbbots

I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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