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How to Create and Launch a Product — Creating a Strategic Product Plan

How to Create and Launch a Product — Creating a Strategic Product Plan

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Welcome to today is a workshop mini, this is Debbie Drum. And this week, we’re going to be talking about publishing with purpose or publishing with intention. So what exactly does that mean? Well, I can just compare this to when I first started online and how I go about doing things today in the sense of how I go and publish things to sell. It used to be, there was not too much thought process behind what I was doing, I would just kind of try something and put it out there and see what worked and what didn’t work. That actually works to some extent.
If you think that something will sell, if you have an idea and you publish it, whether you publish it on Amazon or you publish it on like a private marketplace where you sell to a list or subscribers or you get affiliates to promote that product, that’s cool. That doesn’t work 100 percent of the time. It works though for the most part. And honestly, just doing something, especially when you’re getting started and getting familiar with the process of publishing content and just getting familiar with how to do everything and the process and the system is good. But once you kind of go through it a couple times and you succeed sometimes and you fail sometimes, then you start to say, hey, how can I get a little bit better at this. And that’s where publishing with purpose, publishing with intention comes into place.
So what does that mean again? So before you actually do what you want to put out there, you want to ask yourself and answer and have clear answers to questions that you should really know the answers to before you continue with your creation. Why? For the most part, to save time. Because if you create something that is not going to work, in the end, you don’t know that yet because you’re just in the beginning phase but if you create something that won’t work or won’t sell or is not going to do well in the marketplace or whatever, then what have you done? You’ve just wasted time, right?
Sure, you have something to sell, you have an asset, you created that, but you want to make the most out of your time obviously. And by answering a few questions before you actually get started, is going to help you tremendously. Let’s see, [Wim 00:02:42] says, intention to rank, engage, sell, all of that question mark. Well, let’s give some examples here.
So, the very first thing, like if I put out a product or I’m going to write a piece of content or even write a book, one of the questions that I asked myself and don’t move forward until I answer it is who are you trying to help? And define those people or define even that person. You can get down to a specific person that you want to help. Okay? So define that person and be very, very clear on who it is that you want to help.
Next question. Why are you creating this? Again, what’s the purpose? Like, do you want to just put out another product? Do you want to specifically help someone that’s struggling with XYZ? So why, what’s the purpose behind all this? Because answering the why is going to come out later on in your marketing.
So like let’s say for example, if you’re creating like a sales letter, your why has to be in there. I wanted to create this product because I was struggling with going live on Facebook and I know that hundreds of other people are struggling how to go live on Facebook and I’ve done it 10 times already and I want to share with people, this is how I got over my nerves, this is how I decided what I wanted to talk about. This is how I transcribe my videos and how I used, repurpose my content for later on. Whatever it is. You want to say your why because it’s sharing a personal experience, it’s sharing a personal story with the people that you’re trying to relate to. Okay? So the why is very, very important.
Another question, how do you plan to get this out there? What are your plans with the content that you want to create? So how do you plan to get it out? Do you already have a list of people? Are you going to reach out to somebody else who has a list of people who might share that product with their audience? Are you going to run Facebook advertising? Have you ever run Facebook advertising before? How do you see yourself running Facebook advertising? Are you going to do it yourself or are you going to get some help or are you going to learn how the process? Answer this question. Hey Mary, how are you? Good to see you. Answer this question. Don’t move forward until you have the answer to this question. Very, very important. You have to have a plan for this.
Another question. Is there even an audience for what you are creating? Are you creating something, are you looking to create something that has a very small market or not a lot of people are buying products in this marketplace or are these people that might buy your product, are they hard to find? Right? So make sure that there is a market for what you are creating.
I always say this but it’s worth repeating, even if the market is big, like the make money online niche, the health niche, the exercise niche, whatever it is, there’s always room for creativity and if you’re specific about what you’re offering or the problem that you’re solving in a specific niche, then you can easily find the audience that you’re targeting and you can pinpoint who you want to exactly help, which goes to the very back to the first question who are you trying to help? Okay, so all this stuff relates to each other.
All right? Another question is, will people buy what you create? So, not only is there an audience for what you’re creating but will people buy what you’re creating? And sometimes to find out if people will buy what we create, sometimes we have to actually reach out to people in our niche, in our industry, and ask them what would you like to see when it comes to this product and what kind of help would you like to get when it comes to this topic?
These are very, very important questions because if you create something that nobody wants, nobody’s going to buy it. So you see how, I do have more questions for you, but do you see how this is starting to come into your preparation before you exhaust a lot of time and energy into something that might not sell in the long run? See, the point is, and we’ve talked about this I think in the very first Facebook Live episode. You can find all these lives sessions that we did. You can find them in the Facebook group. You can find them on my blog and you can find them on YouTube. And on YouTube, it’s just Live With Debbie Passive Income with Content, if you want to go back and watch these.
What I like to do is, if I have an idea of a product, I like to actually think about how I’m going to sell that product before I even make the product, because that’s how important it is to pinpoint who you’re going to help, who you’re going to target, why you’re putting this out, how you’re going to sell the product. Like literally write bullet points as to what the selling points are for the product that you’re going to create before you ever even create it. Okay?
So we’re talking about kind of the reverse. When you’re first starting out, you just want to get stuff out there, you want to start something and you just do it. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t work. Okay? I’ve had both happen. Actually, the very first product that I put out worked really, really well, which was great. And I’m like, yeah, I can do this, I can do this. And then I don’t remember what the next product was but I remember some products not working out and you’re like, ooh, where did I go wrong? It’s this stuff. This stuff was not done properly from the beginning and that just creates a product that just doesn’t do well. Okay?
Let’s go through some more questions. Have people told you already they are interested? This goes back to possibly asking people in your niche that could potentially be interested in this product, right? So, you want to ask people, again, survey some people in your niche and say, hey, what kind of things are you looking for? What kind of help are you looking for when it comes to this topic? Look at other products perhaps that are selling in your industry and see what are some of the selling points that they’re using and spin off of that possibly.
So again, and we talked about this a lot too, don’t start from scratch, look at what’s out there and then generate some ideas about what’s already working, what’s already selling, and then incorporate that into your creation. Okay? So, you might have to talk to people who are in your audience even if they’re not on your list. You don’t have to have them on your list, just reach out to them. We live in a great age of social media where if you don’t know somebody, you can say, knock on their virtual door and just try, try to reach out to them. All right?
All right. Great. Hey Scotty. Nice to see you here. Great. All right. Just looking through. Okay, we’ll get to that one, no problem. So, another thing that you want to do during this process is, it’s weird, like when you know something is going to work, when you know something and you’re excited about something and you have an idea of all these questions, like who you’re going to help, why you’re creating this. You have this passion inside you. The Passion also gets, fuels the creation process as well.
So the passion will allow you to wake up early and work on this or stay up late if you’re a night owl, not like me, I’m early. If I’m excited about something, I could wake up at 4:30 in the morning and work for a few hours in the morning and really, really feel accomplished that day because I’m really excited about the project that I’m creating. And it’s mostly, that all happens mostly when all these questions are answered. Okay? Like who I’m going to hell, why I’m doing this? Is it going to sell? How do I know it’s going to sell? Have people bought this kind of stuff before? How is my stuff different? This is all the excitement.
So what starts to happen when all these things come together is you start to visualize yourself succeeding with what you’re creating. Okay? You can see how you feel when the product is done. You can see how you feel when your sales copy is written and it’s nicely on the page, whether you’ve done it yourself or you got help doing it, you outsourced it, whatever it is. You can see people buying it. You can see the payments coming in into your PayPal account or you can see the sales coming into your Amazon account. You can see people saying great stuff about your creation, right? That you could see people succeeding with whatever you’re creating.
What this does is that it puts it out there in the universe, all this positive, these positive things about your creation, about what you’re putting together out in the universe to help people and to make money with. Okay? So, that’s why this clarity and this intention and doing this from the very, very beginning is so important because it puts all this positive energy behind your product out there for you to be able to, and more likely be able to succeed. Okay?
So, where did all this kind of come from this week? This week, we’ll spend the last couple of minutes talking about what I worked on this week. I put together a really cool presentation about the new environment on Amazon and as you probably know, I had the Software Book Review Targeter and getting reviews has evolved from when I first started publishing in 2011 and today.
I really wanted to put out a new training that talked about what does this new environment look like when it comes to spreading the word about your book and more specifically in getting reviews for your book because as you may or may not know, Amazon stopped showing email addresses and how do you reach out to people, how do you get in front of their targeted audience for them to write your review and write you a good review, not only a positive review but a review that means something to allow people to see that review and want to buy your product or your book.
I talked about like five or, seven actually, seven different ways that you can reach out to people in this kind of new environment, this new world of publishing. Pretty innovative ways that not a lot of people, actually, nobody, nobody but me because they all came from me, are talking about. So I’ll put that link in the chat after this so that you can check out the training I did this week. It’s really, really good.
Is it a little bit harder to get in front of the target market? Yes, it is because the playing field is level, right? But, we do have some advantage with book retargeter and still getting the social links directly in front of targeted people who have left reviews for similar books. We can get those social links and reach out to them there on social media and I actually share with you a template and three rules to follow when you’re reaching out to somebody who you do not know.
And this goes for reviewers as well as potential partners. So we talk about that a lot here with passive income with content because sometimes we want to reach out to other people that might have an audience to help us and we can partner with them and do things for each other. So if you’re reaching out to somebody cold, you want to not waste that contact and say the right thing, and I go through that messaging in the new training that I put together this week. So, check it out. Again, I’ll post a link right under this when we’re done. And some of the other updated ways on getting reviews and talking to your customers and potential customers. And actually, that answers your question, Wim, what’s the best freeway to know where your audience is hanging out? Well, you can …
So let’s go further with this, with publishing with intention. One of the things that you do before you actually publish your content is come up with a hashtag that you use that isolates whatever it is that your product is about. It should be unique. It shouldn’t just be like something general, but maybe it’s the name of your product or a catchy thing but that’s only associated with your product. So my hashtag for my bestselling book was #readbetterfaster. Okay? So anytime I spoke about my book, I would do the hashtag #readbetterfaster. So, I can do a search on Facebook for #readbetterfaster and see if anybody else is talking about that hashtag. And you can do that on Twitter, you can do that I believe on pretty much every social media marketplace.
So, that’s one way to find your audience because you can just do searches for hashtags and you pinpoint exactly who is talking about your topic, right? And it doesn’t only have to be the hashtag that you have, Wim. Let’s say you want to find people that are talking about Pilates, let’s just say, and you just type in Pilates into Facebook and see what’s going on. Let’s just search around, look for groups. For the most part, everyone’s hanging out on Facebook and Instagram, your best bet. And of course, YouTube as well. So, those are the three biggest ones and just start there. All right?
So I hope you enjoyed this week’s Workshop Mini. Very, very fun. Love this topic. Let’s see, Georgian, Hey Georgian asks, do you have tools/websites where you do research on what’s selling and who is buying? Well, you can see what’s out there in the marketplace, like you can look on Google, just do a google search and see if there’s any products on your topic. That’s a good place to start. Look at the testimonials. Look at any reviews that are being left. Look at the price point, right? Those are all indications of a product selling.
This is funny that you ask this question because I was doing some research this morning on a product that I was interested in buying. And one of the products that might’ve fit the category of what I wanted to purchase, I saw that the website was like, or the copy said, oh it’s updated for November 2015. And the copy just looked old and obviously it was out of date. Right?
So, you can tell when a product looks old and when a product looks new. Remember those long form very wordy copy sales letters? Sometimes they’re used today but that’s not really what a modern sales letter looks like anymore. So when you see those long wordy html type sales letters, you know that that stuff is old so you kind of watch out and not buy that stuff so much. The product was also $10, it was a piece of junk. But nonetheless, you want to keep your eye on like, does this product look modern, does it look like it’s attracting buyers? Is it saying in their copy, we’ve sold this to a thousand customers, things like that? And that’s how you know that things are selling.
Look if also on YouTube, look if there are any reviews about that product because then you’ll also know that if people are reviewing that product, then there’s probably a market and is probably selling. There are always indications as to what to look for if a product is selling. Okay? It’s a little bit easier with information as well. You can also look on Amazon, you can see if any books are written about that topic. Look at the sales rank again, look at the number of reviews, have a lot of people left reviews on that. Don’t get too caught up with the reviews because sometimes people write really good content and they do a crappy job marketing it unfortunately. Then that happens too.
So, it could be a really good book, it’s just been marketed really, really poorly and that’s why it hasn’t gotten out there. But you can also get ideas from hidden gems like that where you can probably do a better job at marketing, getting in front of the target audience than that person did.
So, search around, get a lot of thumbs up, I would say about your product idea before you actually execute it. Okay? Hopefully that helps.

Product Referenced: http://debdrum.com/brt-nov

I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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