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How to Get a Bigger Audience | Get People Interested in Your Content

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Hello, hello, and welcome to this live session, Passive Income with Content, where I give you actionable things that you can use in your business every single day starting right now, starting today. We’re going to be talking about one simple thing that you can do in a huge way to grow your following.

Actually, a little backstory behind this, I had a totally different idea for today’s topic. This morning, I was on my way to physical therapy, and I stopped by my local 7-Eleven. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s not a gas station, but it’s like convenience store. What they did was is that the old 7-Eleven, they had these old pretty run-of-the-mill coffee dispensers. I saw them doing something the other day, and I’m like, “What’s going on here?” and they were replacing the whole coffee section. So today, I go in and I see … This is not quite the picture only because I wish I would’ve taken the picture there because I didn’t have this idea. But they got this new fancy coffee display. It’s like these new machines, and then they have these dispensers that some of them have like vanilla and all these special flavors that you can now put in your coffee. It’s like this whole new coffee display.

What they’re doing is they put a sign in the window that says, “New coffee. Come and see what we got,” whatever. 7-Eleven is … You can get water, drinks, beer, candy, that kind of stuff. You’re not going to find really, really healthy. Maybe they have a banana or two, and sometimes times they have like a little healthy section with salads, and hard boiled egg, some stuff like that.

But the point is, is that that’s how they were sucking people in, with this new coffee display. And people love coffee, and they love to do all these fancy things with their coffee. I mean, look at Starbucks, right? That’s already a proven concept. Online business is exactly the same. We pretty much need to invite people into our community, into whatever it is that we’re doing online, whatever it is we’re selling, maybe books, maybe products, whatever it is.

The question is, is how are you going to get people in the door just like 7-Eleven? They’re getting people in the door with their fancy new coffee. If you can kind of think of the same concept and how you’re going to get people initially in your door, then that will open your world to them.

So think about it. What is your intro? What’s going to be your thing? So let me give you some examples here that you can really think about and really think about your intro, what your welcoming is going to be for your business. It doesn’t have to be one. It could be several things, but these are kind of like the rules.

This is an example here of one of my intros are welcome. I have here How to Write 6,000 Words in 15 Minutes or Less and Proofread at Lightning Speed. A lot of authors follow me. A lot of content producers, content writers follow me. One of the appealing things is that people want to know how can you write faster, especially if maybe a book can be 6,000 words. You can write a 6,000-word book, publish it on Amazon, and start making sales, start getting traffic. What if you can get that 6,000 words done in 15 minutes instead of 50 days or instead of five days, whatever it is, and edit and proofread as well in that same time period?

If you want to see this, it’s at debdrum.com/author. This is where people would give me their email address and then get in and see how I actually did this. And I say it’s free for you. Normally it’s a $97 value, which this is all absolutely true, and that’s an awesome method, so I highly recommend you see this as well.

Here are some rules that your welcome message or one of your invites … You can call it an intro. You can call it an invite. You can call it a welcome mat. You can call it a sign on the door, right? What’s the sign on the door going to say? Some of the rules is it’s got to be a burning desire of your niche. What is something that your niche wants to really, really know about? It’s like it’s something that will put out a fire almost. It’s like something that will help them get to the next level. And don’t worry, I’m going to talk in a minute about giving away too much if you’re worried about that. If you can, even if you want to write, if you’re on Facebook or if you’re watching the replay, you want to share with us what your burning desire of your niches, maybe you have some ideas, you can share it in the comment section if you want.

The next thing is that you want to lead with your best. You want to lead with something that is very high quality. Imagine you led with your worst stuff. You think people would be as intrigued? Or maybe you led with something that was so-so, not really a burning desire. Let’s say that 7-Eleven said, “Get your Smartwater here.” Okay. I can get my anywhere at any gas station, at any old place I walk. Smartwater is sold everywhere. But no, not this fancy coffee that only 7-Eleven has.

Remember that you really don’t worry about saying like, “Oh, this is my best material. I don’t want to give this away.” You just want to think of the alternative. Because if you lead with your best stuff, that is going to get people through the door, right? That’s what you want. You want that. That’s what’s going to make them come. And even if it’s your best stuff, it’s perfectly fine because you’re just giving them a taste. You’re giving them a taste. There will always be more. So whenever I think of a taste of something, it’s like, “Let me teach your ice cream.” You never just want one lick. You want a whole cone. After you have that little bit of taste, you’re like, “That’s not enough. I want more,” and there will always be more. Even though you’re giving away amazing content, amazing information, they’re always going to need some more help from you. That’s why you shouldn’t worry about giving away your stuff even if it’s for free, like I’m doing here, like I’m doing right now.

This is like the first step in I want to drive more traffic, I want to grow my community, I want more sales. Start thinking about what your audience is yearning to know. You can even share that with me right here in the comments section. What are some of your ideas that you have when it comes to your invite, your invitation, your intro, your welcome message? What’s that one thing, that topic that they really want to know? What is it that you can do to put that in a format, kind of just like this, like a mini presentation, then get people in into your community and start to invite them? What is it that you want them to do next? Do you want them to watch another video? Do you want them to download a report? Do you want them to buy a book? Do you want them to do whatever? So always think of that.

If you did want to kind of take a look at one of my intros, that’s at debdrum.com/author if you are a content creator. That’s something you might be interested in, I teach a lot about how to create content very, very quickly, and there are some secrets in there. That was actually one of my free freebies to the USA Today bestseller that I was in last year, which was Write and Grow Rich, and that was really, really fun.

So thanks for hanging out with me live. Simple, kind of one problem here. How do I get more followers? How do I appeal to more people? Or how do I appeal to my target niche? And it’s think of something that’s a burning desire. You want to lead with your best stuff, because I know you have it. You have quality stuff. Because what’s the alternative? You don’t want to lead with crappy stuff. That’s not going to get people knocking on the door. And don’t worry about giving away too much because you’re just always just giving away a taste, and there will always be more. You always can offer more, okay? Thanks for hanging with me wherever you are, and I’ll see you on the next live session.

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I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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