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How To Get Work Done When You’re Busy | Tips For Self Employed People

How To Get Work Done When You’re Busy | Tips For Self Employed People

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Hello. This is Debbie Drum, and welcome to the Friday workshop mini, where in about 20 minutes, I give you actionable content that you can use in your business right away. It’s bite-size so I don’t take up a lot of your time because I know you’re busy. In fact, that’s the theme of today’s call. How to get things done, even if you’re busy. Specifically, how to get things done in your business if you’re busy in your life. You’ve got to go to the post office. You’ve got to go to the dentist. You’ve got to go shopping. You have to go Christmas shopping, holiday shopping. Right? You’ve got to go to this party and that party and that … Oh, yeah. You need to relax. You need to wind down and you don’t even want to look at the computer screen anymore.
I hear you. That’s the reason why I thought about this topic to actually talk about today, because this week, I actually had a couple of doctors appointments and I also had a root canal. This was my first root canal, but actually … I believe it’s a myth because people are like, “Oh my god. Root canals are horrible.” Actually, the whole process wasn’t that horrible. The worst part about it was they put a little rubber thing to keep your mouth open so that you could rest on it, but it was putting so much pressure on my jaw that it created this massive headache. It was just hard for me to keep my mouth open for that long. It was about 45 minutes of torture, but the actual procedure was like a walk in the park. Now I feel great, so it was totally worth it.
Getting to the doctor took me like 40 minutes. Waiting to be seen is another 15 minutes. In the chair for about an hour. The procedure plus all the talking. Blah, blah, blah. Getting home and then being exhausted from the day, right? Then a couple of other things I had going on this week and I was just in the car, driving. All these things put together. It’s hard to get stuff done in your business, right? But the thing is is that you have to get things done in your business. I know for me, I do not like to lose momentum. Even if I’m not in the mood to do something, I like to force myself to sit down and do whatever I want to do for my business because I don’t want to put it off and then have everything come pile up. Pile up, pile up, pile up, pile up. Then I’m like, “Ah!” Too crazy to do anything. Then you feel overwhelmed.
Thank you so much. The name isn’t there but, “Glad you feel better.” Thank you so much. I do, I do. Root canals are the way to go. I’m going to give you some actionable advice, especially … Hey, Kim. Thank you. Especially around this time of year, when everything just seems to be so busy. Right? There’s so many things going on and we need to find a way to keep that momentum in our business, so that we keep pushing forward and forward and forward and we don’t get sidetracked. We don’t get behind because then when we start to feel behind, it creates a lot of overwhelm and it also creates this feeling of, “Oh my gosh. I don’t think anything is ever going to get done.” Okay.
Here are some of the things that I do when this happens. You could take this or leave it, but this works for me. That’s why I want to share it with you, because I’ve been doing this. Hopefully maybe you can just try. Try it out to see if it will work for you, okay? Number one, you have to work around your schedule. If you have stuff to do … Maybe you have a full-time job or maybe you have a whole day planned of just busy stuff that you have to do. Plan around it by either getting up extra early to get the stuff that you need done or planning to stay up late to get it done.
Now for me, I’m a morning person. Okay? I can wake up at 5:00 in the morning and work for a couple hours. After I’ve done that, I feel very, very accomplished. Okay? Even if I do nothing else for the rest of the day, I know I got in a solid two to four hours of work done for that day. That’s great, okay? It’s a great feeling to get a little bit of work done for your business than nothing at all. Even if that is an hour for you, even if that is 45 minutes for you, that’s better than nothing. Okay?
Now the challenging part of that time period that you have, especially when it’s limited, especially if you don’t have all day to get stuff done because you’re not in front of your computer, then you need to make sure that you’re blocking out distractions. Try to turn off the text messages. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb. Try not to waste time on social media because that’s the time-sucking stuff that you do not have time for when this is all going on. Okay? We have to get out of that habit of doing those things that … “Oh, let me distract myself for five minutes,” but then five minutes takes 20 minutes away. Then half an hour goes by, and then you’ve done nothing. Okay?
Make sure that you’re making a plan of what you’re going to do in that short period of time to make sure that you are … Actually get it done or you’re taking steps to get that completed faster, okay? Which brings me actually to the next thing. Now a lot of times you’ll see there’s two parts to working on a project. There’s the planning of the project and then there’s the actual doing of it. Okay? Let me give you an example. You’re planning on writing a book, right? Or writing an information product, a how to product. Do you just sit down and start writing it? No, you don’t. That’s the actual doing part. There’s the planning part where you’re like, “Okay. This is what I’m going to write in this chapter. This is what I’m going to do in this section and this section and this section.”
For the planning part, there’s always two parts. There’s the planning part and there’s the doing part. Now for the doing part, you can actually be the doer. You could outsource it, right? Sometimes we’re not even doing the do thing, but there’s always a planning part that comes with every project because you’re the one … You’re the chief. You’re the CEO. You’re the one that says, “Okay. I’m going to go in and do this thing,” right? For the planning part, which is a good percentage of the time, right? There’s always stuff to plan. The beautiful thing is that you do not need to be sitting down in front of a computer to do that part. The planning part.
You need to plan to plan, if you will. Right? Plan to plan. This is the secret of getting things done even if you’re busy because you could plan from anywhere. You can even plan in your head. I’ve got a lot of examples of this, but yesterday, I was driving. I had to drive two hours somewhere and then two hours back. I use my time very, very wisely, or even if I’m walking the dog. Right? Walking the dogs. Double dogs here. Two of them. One was bad this morning and one was good. I can’t be physically in front of my computer for that, right? What I can do is I can think about and I could plan what I’m going to talk about today in these sessions.
I’m going to plan what I’m going to say in my next email. I’m going to plan a paragraph that I want to write in a newsletter. Okay? I don’t even need anything. I just need my brain. Of course, if you don’t want to forget something, you should jot it down. We’ll talk about that, but there’s some things that you don’t even need to write down. You could still be working and using our time effectively because this is what we have to do. If we’re the only ones doing it, we’ve got to get stuff done. Then we go ahead and sit at our computer. That part of the plan is already done. Now we can start executing because we already know what to do.
Now I’m going to tell you another advantage of that, of doing things like that and not sitting at your computer. When I first started my business, it was 2010. I was 30 years old. I was able to sit at my desk 10, 12, 14 hours a day maybe. Obviously some time in breaks or whatever. No problem doing that. Eight years later, I can’t do that anymore. I need to get up. I cannot sit for hours and hours and hours anymore. My back hurts. My leg hurts. My calves hurt. I get tense and I need to stretch. I’m sure you feel the same way too. You can’t sit for that long. Actually, they say sitting is the new smoking. It’s not even good for you to do.
How can you get more done if you can’t actually be sitting and typing and stuff like that? That’s what you should start to do is practice not having to sit at your desk, and still getting work done. Doing a lot of thinking about visualizing the stuff that you need to do, and what you’re actually … Not just what you’re going to do, but what you’re going to say because we talk a lot about content. Right? What we’re going to write, what headline should go on my lead magnet. What kind of image should go on my social media post? What kind of headline should it be? This is all stuff that we can actually start brainstorming just while we’re online at the bank. Okay?
This is just using your time wisely, okay? The second thing that you should do–and you should set yourself up for this, okay?–is to really … This is two parts here, is to really try to get good with mobile. Get good with mobile. Some people are like, “Oh, I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know how to do that.” You need to set yourself up for success. When you just have a phone sometimes, you don’t always have to go on social media and Instagram and seeing what people are eating for dinner. I’m just bringing this specific part up because I find myself doing this. It’s a waste of time. This is something that I’m trying to change, and I know other people do this too. Maybe it’ll help you, right? Yeah. Janet says, “Yeah. This time of year is crazy.” It sure is.
Get good at mobile. What does that mean? It means that let’s say you bought some kind of training class, right? Or coaching or whatever. That coaching is probably behind some kind of membership site. You want to learn something new and this person is going to teach it to you, right? What you want to do is while you’re at your computer … That time that you’re actually sitting down. You want to make sure you have the username and password because most of these membership sites and the sites that you could learn from are online, right? Make sure you have that information available for you when you’re out on the go. If you’re maybe driving, you could listen to that training because you have your phone in your hand and you’ve set yourself up for success. You are now prepared to go ahead and listen. You’re using that time wisely instead of maybe listening to music or instead of listening to an entertainment something or other, like a podcast or whatever.
Set some time aside to actually utilize whatever it is you want to learn, even if it’s a YouTube video. You should have the YouTube app on your phone, and make sure that you can go on and listen. You’re listening to the video if you’re driving, obviously. You don’t have to watch the videos. It’s just audio. That’s perfectly fine. If you need some login information, make sure you have that login information to get on to the membership site, so that you could listen while … Whatever you do. What’s also important … Let’s say for instance for me, I had another doctor’s appointment and I had to wait for 45 minutes. I had my headphones and I got stuff done because I was just able to sit there. I didn’t have to watch Judge Judy on the TV because I had nothing else to do. What a waste of time, right?
You need to make the best use of your time, okay? That’s the first thing. Using your time wisely by learning, okay? Now the flip side of that, and this is the last point I’m going to make here because we’re almost done … Out of time. Setting yourself up for success on mobile is having the apps available for you to write stuff down. Everyone has the Notes app, whatever, on the phone, I’m sure, whether you’re Android or iPhone, but I have my Google Docs. You know I love my Google Docs, right? I have the Google Docs app. Then I can write up notes if I’m just sitting there waiting for something. I could write my notes. I could write a blog post if I wanted to. I used to do that all the time when I used to write more blog posts. I would write from anywhere I was.
The point is is that you want to put the stuff on your phone that you need to write down those headlines, to write down your ideas that you have and that you want to execute later when you’re actually sitting at your computer, ready. Time to work. Time to get done. You have this hour to get it done because you don’t want to be sitting at your computer for three hours. Then at the end of three hours, what’s done? Right? Make sure it’s like get in that one hour. Get in that 90 minutes. Do it. You already planned it. Get the work done, okay?
That is it for the content. I hope that you found this helpful because this is everything that I do to … When I just can’t sit at a computer all day, but you have to be effective and you have to still push through and not just ignore it, right? You want to get this stuff done and you don’t want to waste time. This is the best way to do it. Janet says, “You can also use voice text translation when you’re driving.” Absolutely. Just be really, really careful when you’re driving, of course, for obvious reasons. Okay?
All right. “Where can we find the links to the previous webinars?” Okay. You can go in the Facebook group. Join the Facebook group, Passive Income with Content. You go to the video section and all of them are there. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ve made a playlist of all these live sessions. I’m also posting it on my blog, debbiedrum.com. If you go to the blog section, you will see all of these. Today’s is there only because of a crazy WordPress update that I’m not very happy about. We won’t get into that, though, but thanks for asking, Jennifer. For sure.
All right. Joanne says, “What are the deals that you’re running this week?” Great question, Joanne. This week, I’m actually running two deals. My Passive Income Buddy, new product, is at the low price again for this week. That is available … Let me get the link for that. I’m going to put that on the Facebook group, too. That is here. Passive Income Buddy. What I did was I added a live training that’s a part of the upsell. That live training is just going to be diving deeper. It’s called Jumpstart 2019. It’s going to be a live session. No pitch, no nothing. Just pure content. What are some of the things that I focused on in 2018 that worked and what I’m going to continue doing for passive income and just income in general, as well as what didn’t work.
I talk about this a lot. I talk about what does work and I talk about what doesn’t work. Complete transparency here. Nobody succeeds at everything, right? What didn’t work? I am going to go through those too, and I’m going to talk about how you can implement and focus on the stuff that works to make more money in 2019. Go ahead and check that out. That’s at debdrum.com/passiveincomebuddy. I’ll put that in the Facebook group because it’s a long link there. Great question. Also, the Scribble deal is … I think it’s still going on. That product I promoted last week, but it’s still also incredible. If you did miss out on that, you haven’t missed out on it because I believe it’s still available at the low price. I’m also going to put that in, too.
If you missed the session last week, I talk all about Scribble and passive income with templates. You’re going to want to check that one out because it’s really good, and templates sell. They sell. It’s a great way to make money. Okay? We talked about that last week, so go into last week’s session. Remember, these are only about 20 minutes or so. We’re a little bit over today, but yeah. Thanks for coming, everyone. I really appreciate you joining me, and I will see you next week on the Live Session with Debbie. Have a great rest of your day and a great weekend. Stay busy, but in a good way. Okay. Bye bye.

Product Referenced: http://debdrum.com/sqribble

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