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How To Launch a Book Successfully [Bookconnect Review]

How To Launch a Book Successfully [Bookconnect Review]

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All right, hello, hello and welcome to this week’s live training where we give you actionable stuff that you can do in your business to move it forward. Move the needle forward, get more fans, get more subscribers, get more sales. That’s the name of the game, those are the types of things that you want to see on a daily basis with your business, and that’s how you see it grow, right?

We don’t really talk about busy work, we talk about growth and money, and all the stuff that goes along with that. And this week I am really excited to talk about specifically book sales. Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen, but I’m in the middle of relaunching and sharing with you my newest software tool. It’s called Book Connect, and I’m really, really excited about it for a few reasons. And the biggest reason is that it really helps authors follow in a systematic step by step way of what you’re supposed to be doing when it comes to a book launch and selling books.

So, what are the things that you need to do to have a following, grow your fan base, be able to easily communicate with your subscribers about your need to have a … particularly like a review for your book. Or you want to show people your newest book that has just released. There’s nothing worse that writing book after book after book and having nobody to share it with. And unfortunately that’s the case with most authors, where they’re not really from the very beginning, even before they write their book, they’re not really taking the right steps to get that fan base and get people excited throughout the process. And then once they actually publish and launch their book then they have a nice pouring in of sales and Amazon, seeing the love and they’re seeing that your book is converting.

And when there’s visitors to your book page, people are buying. So, then what happens is that the algorithm pushes your book up and up and up and up. And guess what? You get bestseller status, and that’s how you gain this momentum of getting more book sales, getting more people to read your book, and ultimately getting them on your list. So, let’s talk about what you need to do in order to kind of start that process. Well, number one is before you launch, you should have definitely a timetable of everything that you’re going to do, everything that you’re going to complete to get done in a specific time frame.

So, by June 5th I’m going to have 50 beta readers. Whatever it is, just go in a timeline so that everything is kind of in order for you to succeed when you’re actually publishing your book, and so you don’t hear crickets. So, in the midst of everything that you need to do, one of the very first steps, and you’ve heard me talk about this before, and you know that I’m very passionate about this, is that one of the first steps of marketing your book is to get reviews.

How do you get reviews? How do you get these important testimonials and reviews that are needed to move the needle, move you to getting more sales? Because nobody is going to buy your book if you don’t have at least five to ten reviews. And it does take some legwork, it takes some legwork for the newbie who’s never published a book before. And it takes legwork for somebody who has published 20 books before, or 50 books, or is a bestselling author, or is whoever. It always takes effort no matter who you are. So, don’t think that it’s just like oh, it’s going to be easy. There’s always steps to take whether you’re taking them, or whether you have somebody who’s helping you take some. It needs to be done. You cannot think about publishing a book without doing this process of getting reviews. I’m sorry, you just can’t.

And that’s, as you know, we have our book review targeter program. And now we’re moving to this organized system, launch system, with Book Connect. And it’s a really, really great program. It helps you distribute your book to reviewers, get the reviews that you need and the platform is going to be sick because now we’re building it in a way where you can actually track reviews, manage it from the tool, and also have people leave you reviews on the system and then give you an ability to connect with those people really, really easily to write your review, leave their review if they’ve written one on whatever platform you want them to write it on.

And it’s really working out well. But, type in the questions box, think about this question. What’s the missing piece of somebody who let’s say they’re a new author and they have this tool, let’s just say they have everything in place. What’s the missing piece? What do they need to get their book out? And what do they need to get those initial reviews? What do they need to get beta readers? Type in what you think people need. That’s okay, Mary. What do people need in order to get reviews? In order to get beta readers? In order for people to grow their list?

Almost everybody’s got it. It doesn’t even have to be this tricky, it’s people. Targeted people. That’s the million dollar question. Where do I find these targeted people? That’s the missing component. So, what I’m really excited about with our new platform, with Book Connect, especially the offer that’s going around right now, is that it solves that problem. Now, the one thing that you should be focused on as a marketer, the one thing that I’ve been doing since I’ve started is the power of one to many. The power of leverage. Think about how you can get in front of as many people in one shot as humanly possible.

So, while the internet is kind of shrinking right now, and we talked about this last week with Messenger Bots and one to one connection, and how the review process is changing, how Amazon doesn’t show emails. How we have to reach out more one to one to get those connection. There’s still an opportunity to think bigger, how do you get in front of a crowd? One shot, boom, you’re in front of 500 people. One shot, you’re in front of 1,000 people.

Now, there’s this system that we’re running inside of Book Connect, and we’re still kind of organizing it right now, but my friend and partner in this new kind of relaunch is Jonathan Green, and he runs what is called … he calls Book Swaps. Basically a bunch of authors kind of get together and they are presented with … or they give their books and everyone who visits the page is presented with the opportunity to get that book for free. And when you’re in a book swap opportunity you have that benefit of a lot of people, a lot of traffic seeing your book, getting on your list inside of book connect of course, and getting your book.

Whether it’s the first chapter, whether it’s the whole book for reviews. Whatever it is. And book swaps have worked very, very well for Jonathan in the past. And the great part is, is that he does them in every single niche. So no matter what niche you’re in, if it has buyers, then you could potentially grow a list from these book swaps.

When you kind of get into this special deal of Book Connect right now that we’re doing, you have the opportunity to utilize this leverage that we’re doing, because we’re connecting with a lot of authors. We’re connecting with a lot of people who are powerful and have these different lists, and can help you get to that next level, jump to the next level, instead of crawling everyday. Every day we’re crawling and we’re trying to go one to one, but how can you get to that position where you can kind of take 10 steps as once, as opposed to one step at a time?

Yeah, I’m going to give you that link right now. I’m just going to give you the link to the training that we did the other day, because that’s kind of the best way to do it. But I really wanted to talk about the book swaps here today, because I think that a lot of people don’t quite understand it, and because it’s like a new thing. And my friend, Jonathan, does it really, really well. But other than that, you can do this … I mean obviously you can do this on your own by making connections on your own with other powerful people that might have subscribers in your niche, and then do it that way. I mean it’s creating relationships. It’s been done since the beginning of selling time, right? It’s not a new thing. It’s really just an old thing. But it’s something that really, really works. And again, you think leverage, how do I get this leverage?

That’s a great question, Ingrid. Book Connect does help you grow your list as well, because when you share … so we’re pretty much giving you a beautiful page that you share your book with potential reviewers, or just people that you want to share it with, whatever. Before they can get access to your book, guess what? We ask them, where could we send this book to? Guess what they have to give us in order to get that book? Their email address. And it goes onto your list after you set it up, which is really, really easy. We wanted to make this a non brainer for authors, and we wanted to make everything under the same roof. So, you could communicate with your subscribers right through the tool. You don’t need to export them. You could send them messages. You can send them more stuff. You can … they’re already on your list so you can communicate with them, warm them up for your next book. Ask them for reviews for your next book. Whatever it is you need to do.

So, these are all the things that successful authors are doing. They’re not just clicking publish and then going for a walk on the beach anymore. It’s real stuff, it’s real work. And this is a crucial component. So, we have Sally asking about let’s say a podcast. Podcasts is a great example, Sally, of one to many. That’s a great way to get in front of a larger audience. And it’s a built in audience. So, it’s another way that you can reach out to people who have a audience, and then you can get interviews.

And what’s also great about podcasts as well is that usually these podcast creators they’re like spot on with their content and their SEO. So, a lot of times when I am on a podcast I’ll google my name just to see what’s coming up. And I see a ton of images, I do image searches because usually when people google someone’s name they go and they’ll look at the images. It’s a great way to get traffic too. And I always see the images from these high ranking blogs, and their podcast. So, when I click on it, I go to the blog, I can hear my interview. And a lot of times they also have a video too, I can watch the video.

So, these people are getting traffic all the time. It’s a great strategy to get in front of people, and then you can use your Book Connect link to get people to download your book, or buy your book, and then you’ll get your email address as well. Because what you want to do essentially is you should try to get your book, whenever you’re doing some kind of presentation or whatever, send them to you first, the property that you own, because if they go straight to Amazon, then yes they could buy the book there, but Amazon doesn’t give you their email address, unless you’re doing that work on the back end. What if you had their email address first, and then they get the book? Woo, mind blown. This is how you should be thinking, okay?

So, yes, that link is in the chat box right now. Debdrum.com/bestsellergo. You can watch the training there. And if you’re new to this, you should just watch it, because we show you everything that you need to do to become a successful author. It’s the whole process. Jonathan Green, he’s awesome when it comes to marketing and content and writing books. So, I definitely think you should shoot over there some time this weekend and watch that training that we did.

So, there’s my 20 minutes. I had so much fun, I’m so passionate about this topic. And let me know if you have any questions that come up. You can write to my help desk. But ultimately you need to be following some kind of system, and Book Connect allows you to have a systematic way to collect subscribers, share your book in a very professional way. Grow your list, grow your fan base. And then, also communicate with your new subscribers, your new fans, so that you can make more sales in the future with anything that you want, more books, products, whatever. I’ll see you on the next live training.

Product Referenced:http://debdrum.com/bestsellergo

I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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