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How to Overcome the Challenges of Running Your Own Business

How to Overcome the Challenges of Running Your Own Business

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s Workshop Mini where I take you through 20 minutes of actionable content that you can use in your business right away. And this week, we are going to be talking about three ways to push through one roadblock that you’re experiencing in your business. Okay? Now, when we talk about a roadblock, it is something that is putting a lot of weight on your shoulder, on your shoulders, it’s something that is stopping you from moving forward, it’s something that maybe you’re worrying about, or you’re just procrastinating. I’m sure that’s a big one for you. That’s a big one for me. When there’s something that you’re not sure of, or you’re worried about. You tend to push it back, push it back, push it back, and then it’s like, it becomes this really big problem. And we want to minimize that problem.

So we’re going to be talking about three ways to overcome this one roadblock. And before we start, I had some of you write or tell me what is one roadblock that you’re experiencing now in your business. And I asked you to be very, very specific. So don’t be like, “Oh, I’m having overwhelm”, or “I’m scared to take the next step.” I’m really asking you to dive deep and say, “What is it specifically that you are struggling with?” Okay? So I’ll give you one of mine. And this is kind of like a recurring thing in my business and this is how I get over it. So sometimes, I have to write sales copy, and writing sales copy, there’s a lot of components we’ve actually talked about. A lot of these components of sales copy and some of the previous episodes of these mini workshops. And because there are several components of writing a sales letter, sometimes that task can be looked at as a huge task and a huge obstacle to overcome, and it’s got to be done, and it’s got to be done in a specific order, and it’s got to look good, and it’s got to say the right things. So all these things kind of have to work together to make everything work, to make the product sell.

So the recommendation or solution that I have, the first step to overcome this roadblock, and one that I probably take more often than the next two that we’re going to be talking about, is to really do your best at slicing and dicing and breaking that obstacle down into actionable ways or realistic ways that you can get it done little by little by little by little every single day. So what I would do with my sales letter is day one, I would just be like, you know what, I’m going to spend 15 minutes, just 15 minutes writing the headline. So I’m going to just jot down as many ideas that I have about the headline as I can, and I’m only going to spend 15 minutes, or maybe I’m not even going to jot down the potential headlines. Maybe I’m going to open up some blogs or some other sales letters, and get some good ideas about writing a headline. So that’s day one, and that took me 15 minutes. And that writing a headline is actually a big, an important step in sales copy, because your headline is the first thing that people see and it’s the first thing that makes people go ahead and read on.

So somebody else said here, which was a good one, I think it was William said, “I need to learn a skill like these different learning websites like Teachable, Skillshare, ETSI, Canvas. So let’s say you need to learn a specific program. The best way to learn a program is to actually go to the top and go to the menu bar, there’s usually pull downs, and you go through and you work your way through what each pull down and what each little function does. So maybe the first day you’re like, “Okay, I’m going to go through the all of the ones in this first column and the menu and I’m going to learn that. And that’s it. That’s all I’m going to do. The next day, I’m going to do the second one.” Go down the list. Get it done, 15 minutes, you’re done. So start one at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself and start doing this for 100 different things that you need to learn, just do one at a time and break it down.

Another obstacle that I used to have, I used to write a lot of blog posts, very long blog post, and the task alone was so much. I had to research, I had to write, I had to get images, I had to get a headline, I had to get a sub headline, I had to do all these things for a blog post. I just took it, took the whole thing, broke it down and wrote each step that I need to take to get through or get this done, and then every single day, I would go through and do it and do it, do it. Now, what happens is over time, you get really good at the process and steps, you get faster and two more things happen. You become an expert in it, which is great and you also … I’m sick this week and I knew I was going to forget that last component. What was I going to say?

You wind up sometimes spending more time than you say that you’re going to spend. So if I say like, “Oh, I’m going to spend 15 minutes on doing a headline or doing research on headline, maybe that’s going to turn into 30 minutes, because I’m so into the task. And now that I started, I gained some momentum and I’m in it and I’m doing it and I’m actually getting more done.” So that’s what usually happens. And then that knowledge just accumulates, accumulates, accumulates, accumulates, until you’re just really, really good at what you looked at before as being such a hurdle, such an obstacle, and such a pain in the butt. So what I asked you to do is take this one obstacle that you have, just start one at a time and do your best to break that down into many components, many components, chop it, chop it into slices and work on it little by little by little each day.

How is that for step one? Does that help a little bit to help you overcome like a big major obstacle in your business? So even if you’re, maybe if you are feeling overwhelmed, what is it that you’re feeling overwhelmed with? What is the one thing that’s stopping you? Then take that one thing and break it down from there, and then break it down from there.

Yeah, that’s the best way to learn a software or a program Bob, is to just go through the menu items and you can learn each function, what the software is capable of doing, and that’s how you self teach yourself and [inaudible 00:08:54] out there. Yep, no problem.

Great. Well, I am glad that helps you. Step two and not really step but option two to overcome an obstacle in your business is now that you know how to break stuff down into many components, the adjustable components that you can actually get done, now you’re able to say, “Okay, I like to do some of these components and I hate doing some of these components.” So now we can break it down and now we can delegate the components that we really don’t want to do ourselves and outsource them. So explain to somebody else what you want them to do and how to do it, and have them do the work for you. So you’re not actually doing all the work yourself and this is like one of my favorite. I use this one now probably more than ever.

So just to go back to my copy writing example, what I would do is maybe I would write the actual words down on a Word document, and then have somebody else take that word document and make it into a nice pretty sales letter with nice graphics, with nice images, with all the bells and whistles and sections that a nice sales letter would have. So they’re not actually writing the copy, they’re just doing the design work for me because I don’t have that skill or I just don’t have time to do that skill or somebody else can do that skill better than me, they can do it faster than me and I’m happy to pay for it because I don’t have to do it, because remember what I said. Sometimes these obstacles what happens with them is they stump you, and you don’t get them done, but they’re still hanging over your head as something that you need to do. And that’s not fun at all because it needs to get done and it’s not getting done.

So would you rather just pay for it to be done and be happy and be less stressed and figure it out? Sometimes you can’t do that. Sometimes you have to just figure it out. Sometimes you have to just sit down and do the work yourself, I’ve done both. Trust me. And again, when you do sit down and start to do the work, that momentum builds up and you get done, you get it done, you get even more done, you learn and you become better and better and better at that one thing that you couldn’t stand doing in the first place. So option two is to decide which ones you want to do and which ones you want to delegate and have somebody else do and help you with the process. So it may or may not be realistic to do that, but hopefully, we can always find some help and not have to do everything ourselves and figure out a way to get that done because we are happier individuals in the end, trust me and you’re like, “Yes, this is done and I don’t have to do it. Perfect.” All right. So that is option two.

Now, option three to overcoming and pushing through all the obstacle in our business, you’re going to love this more I think because most of the time, it could be very, very realistic to do this option, sometimes it’s not, but option three is to really evaluate what the obstacle is in your business and see if you can just throw it out, you know how you drag something into the trash can on your desktop? Drag it into the trash can, because sometimes an obstacle that you have in your business is something that maybe does not need to be addressed right now. Maybe it could be stored in the later file. Maybe it’s something that you don’t even need and you’re worried about it for no reason at all. Maybe William learning two educational tools: Skillshare and Teachable, maybe you just pick one and you save the other one for later, or you trash the other one because one of them, you decide which one is more powerful and you just focus on one.

Now, the obstacles become a little less and a little better to handle, a little better to deal with. Maybe you’re switching email autoresponder tools, and maybe that’s an obstacle, learning a new program. Maybe now is not the time to do that. Maybe you have other things in your business that needs more attention right now and that could be later pushed down the road. It is not always the best thing to push, push, push, but sometimes we have to do that and sometimes we have to really evaluate a situation and be like, do I really, really, really need this right now, or am I just thinking that I need it right now? Or was I sold into the fact that I have to have this right now and now I’ve added so much pressure to my business and myself, and my time, my precious time?

So really, really evaluate what’s giving you that roadblock and maybe that roadblock can just be easily pushed through, cleared up, no more street signs, no more slow down, just remove it, or take it away because it’s not really needed right now and it’s not something that you should focus on because switching autoresponder system is not as important as maybe spending time with getting traffic to your website, maybe that takes priority.

So, I guess, that’s what it really is, in the end is making clear priorities, what needs to be done right now, and then going back to option one, breaking that down, doing it step by step by step every single day, and then you’re good to go, you’re free because you’re using your time wisely, you’re getting better at what you’re actually struggling with, and you’re becoming an expert and you’re overcoming the obstacles one by one by one. Okay? So I hope that this help and I hope that you will use this right away and start right away, jot it down, see where you can break things up, see where you can outsource what you don’t want to do, and see what you could scrap in your business that maybe doesn’t need your full attention right now. Okay? Our 20 minutes is up. Hope you enjoyed this session. Get rid of the obstacles right now. Do it. I’ll see you next week. Okay?

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I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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