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How To Post on Instagram From a Laptop + Adding More Than Only One Link On Instagram

How To Post on Instagram From a Laptop + Adding More Than Only One Link On Instagram

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We’re off to a great start.

Hello and welcome to today’s workshop mini. I’m really, really excited. First of all, I want to share with you a product that I released this week that I just got a great testimonial about. People are really digging it, really loving it. It’s all about Instagram. I’m not this big Instagram guru. I just started messing around with it when I had a shoulder injury and I was noticing some things that were really cool as a consumer and I was looking around in a niche and I’m like oh, this is great information. This could kind of be templated up and it could work and apply for any niche.

So I decided to really take a dive into this particular secret niche that I’m not really revealing. It’s inside the product for a very, very low price and you get a lot for low, low price. My favorite part of this all are the templates, the 50 templates that I’m giving out, because I really went out and studied this niche and I’m like, well, what is this niche doing and how can I help other people create content, create valuable content on maybe a new platform if you haven’t been using Instagram yet? Or if it’s a platform that maybe you started using and maybe you haven’t had much success yet, what I have found is putting out valuable content, helping people not just quotes and pictures of mountains, but really helping your niche to get true followers and fans and then how do you monetize that?

Well, the one way that you monetize Instagram, it’s really clever because it’s the only way to, well not really the only way, but if you don’t have many followers, influencer marketing is another way to monetize Instagram, which we won’t get into today. But ultimately if you’re a person on Instagram looking to get traffic or get subscribers, your main source of revenue would come from that bio link. And the bio link, let’s just demo this real quick. The bio link is in your profile right here.

This is really the only place where you can drive traffic to somewhere else off of Instagram. Because if you’re posting on Instagram, your post don’t link out, if you put a URL in your caption, it doesn’t link out… So this is a hurdle. It’s not really a problem of Instagram, but it is a hurdle. And that’s one of the two things that we’re going to be demonstrating today.So you get this one URL.

So if you’re doing like a ton of different things, like I am, sometimes I’ll do things on content, something times I’ll do things on outsourcing. Sometimes I’ll do things on passive income. And you only get this one chance to get people to say yes and get onto your list somehow or get them to buy from you, whatever it is.

So if your bio link pages too noisy or it has too many things or information that leads here, here and there, you might drive people away. Sometimes you’ll attract people. It really depends.

So this is my bio page right now. I have a couple of things going on here I wanted to right now make it really simple, but I can do a demonstration here.

So right now I just have a button that leads to a squeeze page and I have my YouTube channel. So I’ve created this with a tool that’s called Profit URL. This is actually inside of the package or it’s one of the things that I’m selling inside of the Endless IG Traffic, a product that I released this week and I’m actually, well I’ll tell you about in a little bit later.

But this is where you can easily create a bio link that can be catered to different things that you might be doing online. You don’t want to distract people with too many decisions because then you might not get anything, but let me just show you what I have going on here. This is my account with Profit URL and this is the link that I’m using now.

So what it is is, this is exactly what it looked like and this is what it looks like on mobile and that’s really important that your page is mobile responsive. That’s what it’s called, because Instagram is mostly a mobile tool. And if you want to know the benefits of Instagram, I really went through that in last week’s session, so be sure to check out that last session and I talked about why Instagram is so cool, why you shouldn’t be not using it. And also some ways that you can attract a lot of attention. This week is more like okay, we have the attention, how do we monetize it?

So if I go to next here, I could change a couple of things. I’m going to pretty much leave this all here but this is the section that I really want to show you. You can add a lot of things and play around and see which ones get the most clicks and the most hits. But let’s say you’re a business and you want phone calls or you want emails or you want to connect with someone in Skype. You can use these buttons and name the buttons and these buttons will automatically work based on what you’re trying to do. So like the call one will work for calling. This is my favorite section here, and that’s the buttons here, the links.

So if I want to say add a link, I could say get my Instagram templates and then I can put a link right here. I want this link to be this one. Now, which is really cool is that again you don’t want too many but you can actually have a favorite one. So if I click that and then I just clicked save for now, that’s what it’s going to look like and it’s going to kind of jump up and down. If I go here and I refreshed the page, there we go. So it’s going to bounce up and down a little bit because that’s the one that I favorited.

Now, I’ve been working with the developer and what I requested to her to do for the next round here is to, let’s say I wanted to make a change here or maybe this one’s not working as well as this one or whatever. Instead of having to delete it altogether, I could just go disable it so I can always turn it back on and off, which is going to be in the next development phase.

Then here are some more icons so you can add your Twitter account, Pinterest, Facebook if you want people to connect with you and other places. So if I wanted people to join my Facebook group, I could just do that. I don’t even, I’m not sure if it takes… Actually if I wanted to do Facebook it’s because it’s asking for a username, I might even go here and add a link right here and I would say join, because this is another way that you can capture emails. Join my Facebook group. I might even change that too, that wording, just to make it more enticing. But this is just, I think it’s, it’s a little bit of a lag here, /facebook. So you get the idea. And you can easily make beautiful pages. This kind of solves that issue of only having one link to send people.

One other thing here is you can also add a tracking pixel and you can do retargeting for people who have visited your page and didn’t take action for whatever reason. So that is great as well. I’m just going to go ahead and save this and now I’m going to go into the second hurdle that is with Instagram.

So if you go here, you see that Instagram is available on a desktop but it doesn’t let you post. So for some reason it’s just like we’re not going to allow people to do anything on their desktop but view Instagram. Okay, cool. And that’s okay, but if you’re doing posts like this, like detailed posts and things like that that I’m actually creating on my desktop, then I want to be able to do desktop posting. That’s why the theme developer also developed Visual Ease, which is my favorite tool because you can not only post videos and pictures on your desktop and you can also post stories and you can post carousel type posts.

What carousel posts are just these, the ones that have multiple pages.

So if I didn’t have a desktop option, then I would have to literally send all these to my phone through Dropbox or Google Docs, whatever. And then I would have to go on Instagram and post it. It just adds another layer and it’s just annoying. That’s why I love this tool right here. All we do is connect our account, and we connect can connect multiple Instagram accounts, which is cool. We can go ahead and just drag an image right here and I’ll just drag the latest one right here. So we have to upload it into our media first and then we have to go ahead and post it here.

Now this is a bad image because it’s not cropped right, but just to kind of show you the example here of of how easy it is to post. So let me actually try this one.

So if I want could just remove that and then I can do that. Then I could say people are loving my Instagram templates. Then I can say something like link in bio. So this is the caption here.

Now I can do what I showed you last week and go through and put in some hashtags and things like that. I’m not going to do that right now, but I can post this right now or I can schedule a post. So when you schedule a post you’ll be able to see, and when this is through we’ll be able to see the calendar, so it says post is published. Then we can see the calendar of any posts that we have scheduled here. And can also have captions that we save.

So let’s say we have like hashtags that we commonly use. We can just create these template captions so we don’t have to write it over and over or save it somewhere else and so that way we can use it for another time. We also have analytics here and we have different accounts that you can add, but I really wanted to just show you the posting capability here. Then if I go back to my Instagram page and refresh, here it is right here.

So this is two big problems that are solved. The first one is the Instagram only going to one link. Then the second is being able to manage a lot of things, a lot of posts and stories and carousel posts and videos even, right from your desktop. So I’m going to go ahead and give you that link. Oh, okay.

So Marie asking about the templates. The templates are all editable, of course. So they’re templates, they’re pretty much giving you starting points. So basically all these newer Instagram posts that I’ve posted, number one, use my templates. So this is how I create it and it’s all created in PowerPoint. So I show you how to use PowerPoint and I also show you how to use Google slides if you don’t have PowerPoint. Either one works great, you can still use it.

Second, these images are all based on this secret niche that I talk about inside of the program of how I stumbled upon this niche that was really using Instagram amazingly great. And I was like hey, this strategy can be used in any niche across the board. And I got really, really excited and that’s why I went ahead and created these templates. I created this tool.

Yeah, doing from the desktop is a huge benefit. I agree, Miles for sure.

So this link here can be whatever you want, William. That’s your money link. That’s what they call your bio link That’s the only place you can direct people to contact you. To contact you or get on your list or buy something from you.

These are great tools. I love them. I’m using them in my business all the time. I’m developing my Instagram account. My followers are growing each time I post. It’s really, really exciting. So thanks for being here and I’ll see you on the next session.

Product Referenced:http://debdrum.com/endlessigtraffic

I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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