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How to Create Templates That You Can Sell — Sqribble Overview

How to Create Templates That You Can Sell — Sqribble Overview

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Hello, hello, and welcome to today’s Workshop Mini. We are going to be talking about a secret thing that sells for passive income. Why don’t you go ahead and type in, if you’re on Go to Webinar, type in the chat box what you might think this secret thing is. If you’re on Facebook, go ahead and type into the comments what you think that the secret thing is that sells on and on and on, ongoing, over and over, tested since the beginning of content time, let me know what you think it is.
Okay. Daphet says, “Free.” Carrie says, “Content.” Okay, what kind of content though? Janet, that’s fine. Rita said, “Subscriptions.” Okay. Actually, I guess there could be a lot of answers to this question, but specifically, and these are all great answers, what I’m getting, Evergreen Books, perfect, but today’s focus is going to be about templates.
Templates sell. Okay? And there’s tons of different ways that you could make a template for somebody, like in the form of a checklist, in the form of a worksheet, in the form of a PDF, which we’ll talk about, in the form of anything that’s like fill in the blank, question and answer, guiding people on what kind of words they could put into a template, like if they’re trying to sell … I’m sure you’ve seen this. If you’re trying to sell something and maybe you need help with the headline, you can go ahead and type into Google, headline templates, and it’ll give you all these different templates and all you need to do is kind of fill in the blank for your topic, and it will help you and guide you to make a headline that’s compelling enough to sell your product. Right?
So, that’s what people use templates for. So, the idea is using somebody else’s framework in order to help somebody else with exactly whatever they’re trying to do, but they don’t have to start from scratch. They can start from a place that’s almost like maybe even 30, or even 50% done, and they just have to plug and play their own content for everything to work. Okay? Templates are so useful for people and people love templates. And guess what? People buy templates. Okay? That is the most exciting part and, if you are the person that actually creates these templates, well, even better. Okay?
So, how do you get an idea of how to create a template? Well, you can just search for other templates that are already selling on different marketplaces. Like, there are marketplaces like JVZoo or Warrior Plus where people sell templates, but you can go to broader markets, like Etsy, or even Amazon, and you can see what other things people are actually buying and, even further than that, you can look at what kind of designs are selling. Right?
So, there’s many, many. This is why this is such an incredible business because there’s unlimited, there’s an unlimited amount of ways that you can make even the same template just by changing out the structure, just by changing out the design, just by changing out the wording, and it’s like an unlimited, untapped market that anybody can get into.
And now, so templates, in the form of frameworks, work. So, let’s say, for instance, let’s say you want to do some kind of video review on a product, or anything that you want to review on video, and you’re like, “Ew.” You turn on your video and you’re like, “Well, where do I start? What do I start talking about? I have no idea. What should I say? What should I say in the beginning? How should I open it? What should I say in the middle? How should I end it?” Okay? So, there are actually people that have come up with a framework that tell you exactly what it is you should say in the beginning of your video, in the middle of your video, at the end of your video.
So, you don’t have to just start from a blank screen, or a blank page, or just thinking of how to do it yourself because you’re not really sure how to do it or how it works. So, you follow a template, you follow a framework, and you could follow this same framework and develop it on your own as you get better and better and better. You can follow this framework, literally, forever and it works. And Janet says, “Kind of like the old Mad Lib’s.” Absolutely.
I know somebody who has a multi-million dollar business based on frameworks and templates and the Mad Lib style of teaching, because it’s really cool, because the Mad Lib style of teaching is actually very, very effective because, like if you want to describe to somebody what you do to help people, you could, yes, you could like start writing out sentences. Right? But, if you had like a fill in the blank, like, “I help people who struggle with blank and want to overcome blank so that they could get this blank,” or desired outcome, stuff like that, right, then you’re helping somebody develop like a structured, I don’t want to say like elevator pitch or whatever it is, like a detailed description of how they actually help people in one sentence, without going on and on and on and on and on. Alright? So, these are the things that you should start to think about when it comes to templates. How could you help people, right, sell something, or do something like a video, like what we were talking about.
Now, the flip side, there’s two sides of the template business. There’s the templates on what I just talked to you about, like the Mad Lib style stuff. Right? And then the flip side of these templates are more of like a worksheet. So, let’s say you’re a coach. Let’s say you’re a fitness coach, and you want people to kind of fill in the blanks as to what they’re eating every single day, what they’re exercising, how they’re exercising, what exercises they’re doing, the weights they’re using for each exercise. So, you see how that’s a template that you can fit into, not just giving other people a template, but actually a template to help them through any type of coaching that you want them to follow and write out and you want a structured kind of way to do that.
And, when somebody follows some kind of system and some kind of structure, they actually get a lot out of whatever it is you’re trying to teach, as opposed to not having this. Like, just have PDF or something that you give out, “Oh, you should do these exercises every single day and just check off the ones that you do.” It’s like, it’s not the same as having somebody actually commit to … Yeah, I have this … It’s funny. Okay.
So, I made this a while ago for myself. This is a little book, it’s a planner. I made this. And it’s just the same sheet for 100 pages. It’s got the same exact thing because my template for every single day consists of mostly the same exact thing that I have to do and you see I have this like whole white space that I could make my to do list. Right? I could cross things out. I actually have printed stuff here that I should actually be doing every single day that doesn’t need to be written in because it’s there, like exercise, make new connections, like that stuff that I do every single day. So, that’s typed in there and printed out as opposed to me having to write in there.
But, you see, the act of literally taking a pen and writing stuff out and writing out your accomplishments and writing out your whatever you’re doing for that day, you’re seeing your progress from day one to day 30. These are the things that really work to help people and that’s why these templates work so darn well. Okay? Ruth says, “Journal.” Okay, yeah, journals could be a template as well. Anything could be really templated. Mad Lib’s, yeah, I’m seeing Mad Lib’s. Have you ever heard of that, Karen? Go and Google it. It’s actually a really fun game, it’s an old game, but it’s still fun to this day.
Okay, so there’s a method to my madness and, if you want to incorporate templates in your business, whether you’re selling the templates, resell them to help other people, or you’re selling the templates to like, as a coach, and you want to make your own template so that people can fill in the blank and actually succeed through your coaching program or whatever it is your doing, then there is tool that just came out this week and it’s called Scribble and I didn’t even know about it. I just stumbled across it and I was like, “Oh my God.” My jaw dropped because it’s like not every day that something comes out that’s so helpful for people, especially in the content marketing business. Okay?
So, content marketing is so huge. We talk about this all the time. It’s a great market to be in because there’s never going to be a shortage of content. Like, people in every single industry, they’re going to need content. They’re going to need great content, they’re going to need content all the time, and they’re going to need new content, and the best way to create this content is, if you have something that you can actually plug and play, and that’s what Scribble is.
If anyone is familiar with like Leadpages or ClickFunnels, right, those are two systems and services that I highly recommend as opposed to WordPress. I have some WordPress sites, but I’m moving out of WordPress. Like, I really like these, only ClickFunnels and Leadpages, I recommend because I’ve, number one, used them, and number two, there is a lot of users and they really support their system. Okay? So if you’re putting valuable information into a program that’s not yours, that you don’t own, you better make sure that they’re doing a good job at keeping up the system and always developing new things.
So, anything that’s drag and drop and already comes with pre-made, what, templates so you don’t have to start from scratch and design your own sale’s letters and your own lead pages, things like that, they have ones that you can choose from that you literally just plug and play. That’s what Scribble is when it comes to adding your content that you eventually want to make into PDFs. Okay?
So, you might be saying, “Well, okay, Debbie, sure. What do PDFs have to do with templates?” Well, one of the many fabulous things about this deal with Scribble, which I’ll talk about and Janet said that she’s already hearing a lot of people probably purchased this, but I really wanted to tell you about this opportunity and, if you already did purchase it, you should be excited. I’ll give you the link in a second here. Actually, let me give you the link right now, but I don’t want to miss this thought either because some people are asking for it. There you go. So, I’m going to put in GoToWebinar, I’ll put it in the chat in Facebook as well, and a little bit later.
But, so they’re running a deal right now and you can get this at the lifetime price at $47.00 with the coupon code. I believe that coupon code is still good. So, it’ll say $67.00 and then you can get it at $47.00, but the really … Because, normally, you have to pay extra for this, but they’re giving away in the front end of this product, they’re giving away commercial rights to these PDFs. Okay?
So, what does commercial rights mean? It means that, if you create some kind of template with Scribble, then you can sell that. Okay? So, you can resell that, not resell, well, yeah, you probably can resell that template, but you could incorporate that template into any type of package that you’re selling. So, you can take one of these, I don’t know, several hundred templates that they have in there, put your own information in there, and then go ahead and sell that. So, that’s why this is super, super exciting, at least for me, because I’m in the business of selling templates and you could make a template and then go ahead and sell that template that you made inside of Scribble. That’s huge because, normally, those commercial rights usually have to … It’s usually like an upsell or …
So, there are upsells, there’s actually a few upsells with this product. I actually purchased, I purchased the front end and I also purchased the next upsell, which is just more templates that they added as well as the ability to mix and match templates. So, if you’re making a PDF, and you’re like, well, I like this page one from here, and then I like this page 20 from another template, you can kind of mix and match, and then there are other things that they’re offering in the upsell as well, just more stuff, and I went ahead and purchased those too because that’s what made sense for my business.
Yep, it’s definitely a really, really … I’m excited about it because I think that it is great. It’s a great product. I’m more excited about these creators. I wish I thought of this idea because it’s just an absolute no brainer and every single business in the world needs content and they need content that looks really, really good. I mean, have you ever …
It’s funny because, in the content business, ugly content sells too. Like, you can create the ugliest PDF in the world, but if it has valuable information in it, then it’s the best PDF in the world, and I kind of have that mindset. I was like, when I first looked at it, I’m like, “Oh, I like the way create PDFs.” Just, I open up a Word doc or I open up a Google doc, I start typing and I save it as a PDF and that’s it. Right? But not everybody’s like that. I could still create PDFs like that and I’m sure that they’re going to be great because the information is great, no matter what, but it’s also really nice to have this other option of not being so plain Jane, not being so simple, and having the ability to easily create these beautiful PDFs without having to hire somebody on Fiber to make it pretty and things like that. Right?
By the way, the upsell also does have a promo code right now as well. I haven’t been in touch with the sellers of this. I don’t know how long this deal is going to last, but I wanted to talk about it because I’m just really, really excited about this deal, especially for creating passive income with content. It just fits into the equation.
So, what could I have you with today? Because we are running a little bit over the 20 minutes. Go ahead and just look at what kind of templates are selling online and we talked about how do you know if something’s selling, I think we talked about that a couple of sessions ago. By the way, if you want to go to previous sessions that we’ve done, it’s in the live Facebook group. If you just click on videos, you’ll see it. I also have this at DebbieDrum.com. They’re all in blog posts and you can get the transcripts to all these as well. And you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel where this is all on a playlist and it’s Passive Income with Content, Live with Debbie. Okay?
So, you want to go on and see what types of templates are selling. People who are making money with content, passive income with content, are doing things like this. Okay? So, with that said, I’m going to, let’s see, just take a quick look at the questions. Oh, yeah, thanks, Rita. Okay, yeah, we’re working on that really, really hard with Book an Act. Well, Scribble is fairly new. I’ve been playing around with it though. It’s really, really easy to use and somebody actually wrote to my help desk and they said, “Well, it’s not the best tool in the world because it only exports as a PDF.” Okay, yeah. Right now, it only exports as a PDF. I don’t know if it will ever export as EPUB3 file. I couldn’t tell you that. I can definitely make that suggestion, but I don’t know if they ever do that. So, right now, it just exports as a PDF and there’s a ton of money in the PDF market.
So, the coupon code is actually on like the bottom bar when you purchase, Marie. It’s just on the sale’s page, so sometimes it changes. I might have an old sale’s page, so you’ll see. Hopefully, it’s still there, knock on wood. I think it is though. Alright? Even if it’s not $47.00 at the time you’re watching this video, I still highly recommend it just because of the flexibility of the tool, that, and number two, of the commercial. I don’t know how long the commercial rights are going to go for, maybe they will remain, but that’s cool. Okay? Alright, thanks, Marie.
Alright, everyone, well, thank you so much. This has been a great session. I will see you on the next, Live with Debbie.


Product Referenced: http://debdrum.com/sqribble

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