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Overcome the Challenges of Running Your Own Business [5 Steps]

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All right. So hello, thank you for joining me, whether you’re live here. Thank you so much. Love hanging out with you live here on Friday mornings, and if you’re watching the replay, go ahead and comment replay in the comments and let me know any feedback you want about the topic that we talk about in any of these live sessions always about passive income with content. That’s the name of the game, that’s the theme. Sometimes when we’re trying to make money online or we’re trying to focus on a project or we’re trying to get kind of just like clear our head and clear our space, we run into obstacles in our business that consume us sometimes. I’ll even give you a personal experience here with specific … a lot of the times it has to do with change.

So, maybe the way that you’ve been doing something is not really working so much anymore or you want to streamline that process or you want to make it better. Maybe you want to make it more automated. Maybe you just want to make it easier, maybe more hands off, whatever it is, and you’ll get to a point in your business where you’re kind of like at a fork in the road, where you have to choose. Maybe it’s not even either this way or that way, maybe it’s this way, this way, this way, this way, or this way, and that can literally consume you and slow you down from actually getting the work that you need to get done and getting to that profitable place, that place of clarity, that place of a breath of fresh air, where we all kind of want to be.

Now, give me like a one in the chat box if you can relate to this. There are times that you’re just like, you’re like, “What should I do?” and you’re not quite sure what path to take. You have this, it almost feels like a 50 pound weight on your shoulders, and it’s not fun. So I’ll give you an example.

I wanted to streamline my, actually, there was like two big changes that I was thinking of making in my business. Each change, each decision that I, either direction I would go in, I would have to have a whole process and a system to make this change. There were a few solutions that I had and it was literally weighing me down every single day with, “I’m happy with this aspect of my business.” I didn’t like it. I knew it could get better. It was literally keeping me up at night. I would wake up and I would feel stressed from it. It was also dragging my days because I really just wanted to get to the other side and have this problem pass me already.

This has happened a few times throughout the years, but this particular year it was like these two main things. One was I might have wanted to switch my membership site location to another system. Then another one just recently was I was wanting to streamline my autoresponder better than what I had. I was unsettled and it was just like … what I had in my mind was that this project was way too big and I would perhaps go and wait all summer, I didn’t want to deal with it now, and I’ll wait to the fall to fix the issue.

Let me go ahead and share my screen and share five ways to overcome a huge obstacle in your business, or maybe even in your life, right? So that you can move forward with the important things that you need to do and stop worrying about this heavy weight on your shoulder. If it’s keeping you up at night or waking you up in the middle of the night, like at 3:00 in the morning and you’re like, “Oh my God. What am I going to do about this problem?” because you start thinking about it and you’re like, “Crap. Now I can’t go back to sleep.” You shouldn’t live your life like that. It’s just not healthy.

This is solution number one. So we’re going to go through five. Solution number one is don’t wait, but also don’t rush. So what does that mean? When I was saying like I was going to wait till the fall to fix this, it’s not healthy to wait on a problem that needs to be fixed right away, and it’s blocking you. It was blocking me every single day, it was weighing on me. So I was like, “I can’t wait all summer. I can’t put my body through this stress.” It’s not like a life threatening situation, but I just wasn’t happy. We all want to be happy, so why not get there faster?

On the other hand, we also shouldn’t rush to find the solution right away and then try to fix it right away, unless we know with absolute clarity that the solution is the direction that we want to go. Because remember, the reason why something weighs on us so much is because it’s hard to make a decision. So maybe there, so for me, let’s just say, there was three choices that I needed to make with my autoresponder. I could switch the system completely, I could make the current one work, but still have to work through some issues there, or run two systems simultaneously. If I were to switch it, which one do I switch to? So that’s what was kind of like, “Oh my God. I want to make the right decision.” The first step is you got to really take care of this. Don’t put it off.

The second step is to now get your top three solutions. So I already had my top three solutions. Like, “I’m either going to do this, I’m either going to go with this company or I’m going to stay with what I’m doing, or I’m going to run another system simultaneously.” Those were my top three solutions. So once I had my top three solutions, I was going to go and actually pull different people and see what they’re doing, interview other people, see what they’re doing in their business to help me make my decision. We’re so lucky that we can do this now with social media, we can get on groups. I joined some groups about autoresponders and best practices. So I really started to do my research so that I wasn’t so much worried about it.

I was now making decisions from a place where I understood where I was going, what was going to be happening, what potential issues I’d run into in the future. So really have to kind of just isolate and cut it down to the top three and we’re like, “Okay. Now we can make a very informed decision based on the top best things that we’re going to potentially do.”

Now the third solution is, and some of you are not going to like this, but we just need to make it happen sometimes. Sometimes throwing money at a problem just solves it. A lot of times we have issues making decisions because it’s going to cost us more money, right? So yeah, we can go with the ultimate solution, but that’s going to be $1,000 or $500. We’re like, “Maybe we’ll go with the semi so-so solution and we’re going to pay half that, but only get some of the features that we want.”

Saying that I believe in and that I live by is buy once cry once, because sometime when you get the ultimate solution that you want, and you throw a little bit of money at it, you’re a lot happier in the end and you’re going to be happier when you’re experiencing your solution and living it. It’s just going to make you feel lighter and happier and yeah, sure you peed a little bit more money up front, but you have this amazing solution that you don’t have to worry about it anymore and you’re actually feeling a lot of relief after you’ve made that decision and just took the plunge and spent a little bit of money towards that problem.

Obviously if you don’t have the money, that’s a different situation, but a lot of times we’re just not wanting to part with our money or part with that amount of money to just solve the problem. So yeah, you just have to kind of just bite the bullet sometimes. Once you’ve actually went through your solutions, your top three, and then you decide, you’re like, “All right. Let me just bite the bullet and solve this problem. I’m going to throw a little bit of money at it,” next is you’re actually implementing and it’s really important to implement. Actually, during this implementation phase here, you’re going to actually be very, very happy because you’re working on solving your problem.

So you’re going to be excited during this phase, and sometimes a lot of the times the obstacle that we have in our way is a big project. So it’s not going to be like, “It’s going to take a day and then it’s all solved.” Sometimes it’s like that. Like for my autoresponder project that I’m working with, it’s going to take me about 30 days to get to the point where I want to be. So every day I have to spend a little bit of time with this implementation just so that I could solve the problem. Even though the problem is not 100% solved when you’ve made the decision and throw money at it, you’re still going to get that relief because you finally have that solution, which leads me to the next one.

Now, even though your problem is not completely solved because you’re not through with the implementation yet, you’re going to have this new sense of clarity and your brain is just going to open up. The ideas are going to start to flow. You’re going to feel better, you’re going to be able to sleep at night, you’re going to be able to get more done, and you’re going to have better ideas and your body as a whole is just going to feel a lot lighter and a lot less stressed. So these are the five things. Again, don’t wait, but don’t rush, get your top three solutions, pick the solution. Maybe it’s the more expensive one, but that’s okay because sometimes that has to happen. Then you implement and you’re going to notice how much clarity you have because you’ve gone through this obstacle. Okay?

So that’s how it’s done. This is what I’ve been dealing with this week, and you could just, I’m sure you can sense it how light I feel because I’ve overcome an obstacle. Again, this can relate to business or personal. Hey, sometimes you just have to slow down and just stop. Everything that needs to get done just gets put on hold because you’re not going to do everything else great because you’re getting weighed down by whatever it is that’s bothering you. You’d stop to get through with it, overcome it, and then you can move on and start making the magic happen, whether it’s in your life or whether it’s in your business.

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