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It’s time to jump aboard RIGHT NOW while the gettin’ is good!

Jump aboard what you ask?

Publishing your books AND CONTENT (could even be free content) to other book platforms (other than kindle) where there are BUYERS and TRAFFIC, with minimal competition.

To give you an example, I published a book 3 days ago on itunes (ibooks whatever you want to call it) and it’s a highly searched keyword (High Intensity Interval Training) and there are only 4 other competing books!

And, another thing to note is that it got published within 24 hrs…no wait time

Take a look at the screenshot here 

If you are only published on Kindle you are doing your bottom line and your books a HUGE disservice!

In my newest product, Publishing Beyond KDP, I show you how if you have a book and 10 minutes you can get your book on another platform QUICKLY and start making sales QUICKLY.

This product is a bit different because it shows you how to publish your books without a middleman…giving you more of a percentage to keep in your pocket.

I’ve partnered up with Donnie Nir who is killing it on these other platform and inside he shows a way to publish directly to ibooks without a mac!

See it all here:

P.S. Publishing through a middleman (lulu, smashwords, other) is making you lose money AND time to market is SO LONG.
There’s finally a better way:
Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 8.01.36 AM

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