Thanks For Visiting – My First Post

Thanks for visiting!

Right now I am getting my butt into gear putting up this new site. As you can see it is really bare bones and don’t worry, the header is temporary. 

You see, I can’t set up perfect audience until my blog is up, so that lit a fire under me to get the blog up and running. I am glad because I was definitely putting it off!

I am happy to be here at my new blog. I am still running my other blog,, as well. Speaking of blogs, I have just been assigned a position working with Dr. Ben Adkins as The Director of Content Development for his company, 33 Productions.

I will be writing many of the blog posts at You can go there now and check some out. Today I posted about Facebook Retargeting. It’s actually a Facebook Retargeting Infographic. It’s the first infographic I’ve ever created, so I would love your feedback!!

I’ll be back with more posts later, I’ve gotta finish this site!! 🙂

Debbie Drum



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