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Using Scarcity to Sell — Create Urgency with Deals!

Using Scarcity to Sell — Create Urgency with Deals!

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Hello, this is Debbie Drum, and thank you for attending this weekly mini workshop with me where in 20 minutes I give you actionable content that you can go and take with you and use and learn to deploy these little tidbits, these actionable items that you can use in your business right away. And let me tell you, today is something that you can use right away because it’s very timely to get it because it revolves around the holidays and big events that a lot of people know about, that are on the calendar, and that is Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, at least in the US. And Monday is Cyber Monday, and these are all days that deals are taking place, okay?
And we can really use these holidays as a factor to get people to buy now, as opposed to buying tomorrow or buying next week. And we’re specifically talking about how to sell with scarcity. And actually, every single offer that you make can be sold with scarcity. Now, price of course is a factor that you can use a lot, but it’s not the only factor that you can use to sell your stuff.
Hello, Debra, how are you? So, when I talk about price, you can say, “Okay, for this amount of days or this period of time, the price is going to be reduced, but after this day, you can no longer get the special price,” okay? So that’s what scarcity is. Scarcity is giving people a reason to buy now, buy today as opposed to waiting because if they wait, then a lot of times, they’re not going to go back and buy or they’re going to forget, or life is going to get in the way, or something else is going to come up and they’re going to buy that other thing, right? But you don’t want that. You want them to buy your thing.
So, it’s really creating that feeling, giving that person a feeling that they should act right not, okay? It’s actually very interesting because it’s a feeling that almost takes over your body physically. Now, you’ve probably been in this situation. I have been in this situation for sure, where you get presented with such a deal, right? And there’s a reason why you’re hesitating, maybe because it’s a little bit more money than you wanted to spend. Maybe it’s a little bit more money, but the deal is still really, really good. Like, maybe the price is knocked down 50%, maybe there’s special things added to that deal that it’s so worth it that you just can’t live without buying that deal because it is such a good deal. So, the feeling almost takes over your whole entire body and you kind of like start to sweat and you’re like, “Oh my god. Should I buy? Should I not buy?” And that’s what scarcity does, it creates that feeling in somebody else’s body. It’s like an urge that they just can’t resist. And they don’t want to miss the deal, right?
And this is stuff in your copy that you’re writing about that you want to make this other person feel, okay? It’s not like anything malicious or anything bad, but it’s just the act or the skill of knowing how to write copy and knowing how to create such a feeling and such a deal that is hard to pass up. And if somebody passes it up, they might even lose sleep over it if they don’t … let’s say they have a couple of days to buy and they didn’t buy right then and there and they’re still thinking about it, and they might lose sleep and not be able to sleep that night because they don’t want to miss the deal, so they wake up early in the morning and they go and buy your product. This is the emotion that we want to bring out in people who are reading our copy.
So, what is scarcity? Scarcity is limited time deals, right? So, for instance, a limited time deal could be just in a weekend, right? In a weekend deal or a holiday deal, a special. Maybe you lower the price, maybe you limit the quantity. Maybe you say, “Okay, I’m only selling 20 of these. If you’re not part of the first 20, then you missed out on the deal.” Maybe there’s an extra bonus that you’re adding. So, maybe like a free session with you, a one-on-one session, a coaching session, a special report, a special extra thing that they’re going to get if they act now, okay?
And most importantly, it’s a deal that they can really never see anywhere else and they can’t get it anywhere else. It’s not like it can be something that could be easily obtained two weeks from now. It’s something that it’s personal to you, special to you, and you’re the only one who’s offering it and you’re the only one that’s giving the special deal. That also creates that feeling of, wow, I’m never going to be able to get this deal again, okay? So these are the things that you should be thinking about when you’re putting together any type of deal, not just like a special event, but that definitely helps, and we’ll talk about that in a minute. But also, when you’re putting together just a regular deal and you want people to really jump on that sooner than later.
So, what kind of occasions can we sell with scarcity? Well, we can talk about weekend deals, like I mentioned before. Maybe it expires on Monday or maybe it expires on Sunday night. So, you are giving people a little bit of time to get your deal, but not too much that they can put it off and forget about it, right? And obviously you keep reminding people inside of your copy about how limited this deal actually is.
We also have seasonal scarcity as well. So, like end of summer or back to school, things like that, like a winter deal. I read the other day that there’s actually … you know how there used to be four seasons? Well, now the clothing industry really wants like 52 seasons, a season for every single week because they want you to keep buying new stuff to stay with the trends. And if whatever you bought last month is out of season, out of style already, which is absolutely nuts, but that’s the clothing industry for you.
Holidays, perfect. Selling around Thanksgiving, selling around Halloween, spooky things, scary things. Selling around Christmas, selling around Valentine’s Day, spring, Easter. All of this could be taken into consideration when you’re running these special deals.
Birthdays and special occasions. So, if it’s your birthday, you can actually have a deal. “It’s my birthday, I’m feeling great, so I’m giving this, this, this, and this away.” A family member’s birthday, even a celebrity’s birthday, or a person who has passed away, their anniversary, right? All of these things can be incorporated into your deal, not just to introduce scarcity, but also to introduce a bit of hype around what you’re selling as well, right?
And the last one is, you could just make up your own event. Create your own event and make a big hype about something that is important to you. Maybe your team won in basketball or hockey or your favorite sports team, football. Maybe you won something, maybe you won a competition, maybe you’re traveling somewhere. Think about all these unique positions that you can take in your copy to develop some interesting buzz about whatever it is you’re selling. So, you can be creative. That’s why this is such an exciting world and such an exciting business that we live in and work in today because we can really create anything that we want and we can make it fun. We can make it enjoyable, we can make it different, we can make it unique to us, okay?
Hey Kathy, good to see you. Happy holidays. So, does anyone have any questions about what we talked about today, or about the importance of introducing scarcity whenever you sell? I mean, you can ramp it up during these different times of the year, everything that we just talked about. But all in all, this stuff makes your offers way more interesting and valuable because you’re introducing other elements that are important to other people as well, right?
So, yeah, exactly, Linda. You can tell a story around whatever it is. Like, it just makes the copy easier to write because you’re telling a story and you’re explaining something that other people can relate to, exactly. For sure. And make sure in your copy, you’re reminding people about your scarcity deal. Like, if you have a quantity scarcity, you’re only selling 20 and there’s only 10 spots left, well, that’s a limited time and a limited amount. They’re pretty much taking a risk by not buying immediately. And you do not want people to do that. You want them to buy now. So, you want to encourage people in your copy, “Remember, this deal’s only good for Black Friday.” “Remember, this deal is only good until Monday.” “Remember, my birthday only lasts a day. It’s just a one-day sale.” Whatever it is, encourage people to take that action right away.
Now, the next thing that’s very, very important, and I’ve learned this from seven figure marketers is that, if you are running some kind of timed deal, like expires whenever it is, the last day push is really crucial. So, you want to send a couple of messages to people that last day to encourage them to make that purchase if they have been putting it off. So, you can make as much or even more on the last day of your deal as you did in the very, very beginning. So, make sure that you’re pushing it on the last day and you’re doing your best to create that icky, icky feeling inside of your customers and making them … not feel bad, but you want them to really FOMO, fear of missing out. If they miss out, then they’re going to miss out on all this good stuff, and list it. They’re going to miss out on the special price, they’re going to miss out on all the bonuses. They’re going to miss out on the free session with you. They’re not going to ever get this price ever again. They’re not going to see this offer anywhere else, right? They’re going to need this. “You’re going to need this, so act now.”
Let’s see. Let me check out … Got to reload this so I can see the question here. Let’s see, Deborah says, “I’m having trouble coming up with freebies. The books are non-fiction. I keep the price low on Kindle.” Yeah, I mean, a lot of times, if you have enough of a following, Deborah, you could play around with that price point, right? You could lower the price on certain given days. You can try to think outside of the box when it comes to things that you can give away. What are other people in your industry doing that is creating value in your marketplace, right? What are other people doing?
So, we talked about this, actually, last week-
That those creating value-
Okay, we talked about this last week, and we said, look around and see what else other people are doing to get people to buy and purchase other stuff, right? So, kind of do a little bit more research when it comes to what you can give away because the Christian book market is pretty darn good, I heard, right? Or I’ve seen, or from what I’ve seen.
Okay, so we got a couple more minutes left here, and thanks for attending. This is a big holiday for people, a big resting time, trust me. I was almost like, “Oh, should I do this or not?” And decided to come on for you guys because that’s what I got to do, all right? So, talking about Black Friday and deals and everything like that, I am running a deal actually. This group actually inspired me to make this new product. It’s called Passive Income Buddy, and that’s at a limited time deal, $17 through the weekend. And I talk about seven different ways that you can make money in your business, and they all kind of relate to each other, specifically how you can make passive income in your business, okay?
And I have the page right here where I’ll put it right in GoToWebinar for you. And like I said, it’s five different ways, or five plus two bonus ways where you can make passive income in your business. The first one is how to make passive income even if you know nothing about a topic. I’ve done so many of these, and I explain to you inside how to actually do it. How to make passive income with product reviews. I’ve done this too. All of this stuff, I do. So, for only $17, it is a huge, huge deal. How to make passive income with your own creations, like your own products. And I show you how to do short-term, long-term, and evergreen products. I’ve done them all. How to make passive income from your friends, okay? Not your best friends, but friends and connections that you make. And how to make passive income with content that takes you very little time to do, even no time if you outsource. But if you are doing it yourself, it’s not going to take you long either.
The two bonuses that I have, is there money in Kindle book publishing anymore? And if there is, then how do you go about doing it? How do you go about making money with Amazon these days? Because it has changed. And the second bonus is how to make money even if you fail, all right? So, this is something that relates to everybody because I think we talked about this last week as well where sometimes you can hit home runs with products and sometimes you can fall flat on your face. But there’s always a lesson to be learned, and how do you turn that … when you fall on your face, how do you turn that into money, into cash? And I show you how to do that inside of Passive Income Buddy, which is a huge sale for the Black Friday weekend. It’s a brand new product too, it’s nothing that I’ve done before. I spent all last week creating it. So, it’s everything new and improved. And you can take a look at the link, debdrum.com/blackfriday2018. That link is in the chat. It’s also in the Facebook group as well.
And hopefully I’ve given you some ways that you can start to think about how you can put some spin on anything that you’re selling and introduce scarcity, introduce better stories around your products so that people feel engaged, people can relate to whatever it is you are saying and selling. So, I wish you the best of luck, happy holidays, and I’ll see you on the next live session. Thank you, bye bye.


Product Referenced: http://debdrum.com/passive-income-buddy

I want to see you again!

This has been such a pleasure, and I know you will watch yourself grow by putting these action steps to work. Thank you so much for joining!

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