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Hi, this is Debbie Drum. About two years ago I put out a video and it was titled ‘Why You Shouldn’t Use LeadPages’. Back then I truly believed that there were other products out there that created beautiful drag and drop webpages that were quick and really easy, user-friendly to use. Since then, because there have been a lot of changes in the marketplace, and one change in particular which I’ll get into, I totally changed my stance on this issue. Right now I’m actually a proud user of LeadPages after really researching a lot of the other solutions out there.

One of the main reasons why I started researching other solutions was because I primarily used to build a lot of web pages and quick sales letters and squeeze pages on WordPress platforms, so platforms that depended on WordPress. WordPress has obviously evolved over time and it’s a great product and many people use it to build websites. My name blog is on a WordPress blog. The problem that I started seeing was, number one, it was constantly updating all the time. If you have many sites you know that it’s a pain in the butt to go ahead and have to update all your sites. Right? When WordPress updates that means that sometimes plug ins, they get outdated and you have to kind of wait for them to update and sometimes it doesn’t work and it conflicts with other plugins that you might have, and that got very tiresome for me.

Another kind of negative thing that I started seeing in WordPress was that there were a lot of hacks. If you didn’t have the right tools and the right plug ins and the right systems in place inside of your WordPress blog, then you were at high risk of getting your site hacked. I have actually had this plug in that was showing me all the attempts of the hackers just trying to get in, trying to get in, trying to get in, but because I had a very good password, which is kind of your first line of defense, thankfully that never happened. I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable about having my sales letters and all my stuff on a WordPress blog. I was backing up, I was doing everything you’re supposed to do, but I wanted a better solution and I wanted a web based solution.

I know that there are some great ones out there like LeadPages, like ClickFunnels. I know Kajabi is building sales pages and lead capture pages as well that you could integrate with their membership site. There’s all these solutions out there. Ultimately, you can try them all and pick the one that you’re most comfortable with. I chose LeadPages because it’s easy to use, it’s drag and drop, and you can really customize things now. You used to not be able to customize as you’re able to today, which is very, very important to me. I like the stability. One thing that is appealing that a lot of people kind of say, “Ew,” and this is what I said two years ago when I made my video was that you have to pay either a monthly fee or a yearly fee. That’s actually a good sign.

That’s a good sign, because you don’t want to just pay a one time fee, because think about the maintenance you’re not going to get, essentially if you’re just paying a one time fee, because what incentive is there for that company to keep updating stuff and add new features and give you the best product out there so you don’t have to keep switching and switching and switching and switching. You want to invest in something that people are paying into, a software as a service or a SaaS. That’s something that’s very important that you should be looking for, and it’s a small price to pay for something that, A, you really need. If you want to make money online you need to be building these quick sales pages and lead pages and beautiful pages that these products can give you.

Obviously I have a very different opinion than I did two years ago or almost three years ago, whatever it is. As time evolves there are new products on the market that are just phenomenal, and I really stand behind LeadPages. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and I’m very, very happy, totally loving it. They are constantly building upon it. They’re making it better and better and better. I recommend LeadPages, but I also have used ClickFunnels, that looks like a great product too. I also use Kajabi for my membership platform, which is another software as a service where it’s a web based membership program as opposed to using a WordPress based platform like I did for many, many years. That’s my stance today.

I’m sure that I will keep the same stance moving forward, because again, you want to be investing in something in your business and also looking at how that company is maintaining their software. Are they building? Are they adding new features? Do they have, for instance LeadPages has a whole section dedicated to all the users’ feedback and what they want, the new features that they’re requesting. LeadPages actually responds to that. LeadPages has a customer support chat so if you’re having any trouble while you’re working on something you can talk to them and they will help you. These are the things that you’re just not going to get with a one time fee product that you might have purchased or something that kind of works with WordPress. There you have it. Go ahead and click the button right inside of this video to try LeadPages today. I promise you it will be money well spent.


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