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Why You Shouldn’t Sell On Amazon in 2019 — (Where To Sell Your Books Instead!)

Why You Shouldn’t Sell On Amazon in 2019 — (Where To Sell Your Books Instead!)

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Well, hello, hello, and welcome to another live with Debbie, where in 20 minutes or less I give you actionable content that you can use in your business to get more sales, get more leads, get more subscribers, get more traffic. That’s what it’s all about, the idea behind passive income to make the money when you’re sleeping, or when you’re out with your family or when you’re chilling, relaxing, and your business is still working for you over and over. So if you’re on YouTube, please go ahead and subscribe, like, and comment, because that’s what shows me the love. So now I’m going to show you the love and talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart and my history of doing online marketing. I’m calling it Why Amazon Sucks.

I’ve actually been saying this for a while, and Amazon … Okay, Amazon doesn’t 100% suck. It’s a great marketplace where you can get a ton of organic traffic and buyers if you do things right, right? Whether you’re publishing physical products, or selling physical products, or publishing content, either one, if you do things right, I’m going to talk about doing things right and doing things wrong, then people will find you. Then, they will buy from you. Then, if you’re also doing things right when they buy from you, they’ll buy more from you.

So, the entry point, usually, and especially when we’re talking about content, is fairly a low price entry point, right? Because we’re talking about usually books, content, so you know, get, buy my book for 99 cents. And there’s a strategy to that, right? Because the more people who buy your book at 99 cents, the higher the chances you are to make more sales, and then the higher the chances you are to get on that best sellers list and call yourself a best seller, right? Then, great things go from there, great things happen, all right?

So, little bit of history about Amazon. So, I’m going to tell you a little bit of history and what right things to do, what wrong things to do on Amazon today, and then some alternatives, which I’m going to share, all right? So when I started publishing on Amazon in 2010/2011 it was like the wild, wild west. You can really do much of anything when it comes to publishing content because the platform was so new. So, you’ve had all these people who kind of discovered loopholes. One of the main loopholes, which I actually I’m subscribed to, but it actually turned out really, really well in the end, was taking private label rights content and changing it up a little bit, changing the cover, changing the title, changing the description, and then selling it on Amazon.

So for example, I’d buy a private label rights. We’ve talked about private label rights in some other episodes, right? So if you’re not 100% sure what that is, go check those out. So, I’d buy like a private label right content book on like how to grow an organic garden, and then I would go ahead and take each chapter week by … well, day by day in a span of a week, and I would remove the stuff that wasn’t good from that book. Then, I would add my own kind of flavor to that book. So, I wasn’t taking the content and publishing it directly to Amazon. I was spending a lot of time revising that content to make it different and to make it my own, okay?

At the time, I wasn’t outsourcing. I was doing everything by myself. Then, I also got a cover created, and wrote a description, and changed the title. Then, I would just publish it. I was actually publishing one book a week while I was working a full-time job. This gave me the ability to kind of learn the whole publishing system, learn how to write better, learn how to market better as I was publishing and seeing the results of my efforts, which sometimes were really good and sometimes they weren’t good. It’s all a numbers game, as you can imagine, right? Not everything is going to be a winner, and not everything is going to be a loser.

So after a while of doing this, I don’t remember the year that Amazon kind of got wise to this, but they started to recognize that customers were noticing duplicate content or very bad content that people were publishing. Now, my content was … might’ve been a little duplicate, but it wasn’t like horrible content where people were getting a bad experience. But, enough people publishing the same content, whether it was the same as another book or on the web, they were getting wise to it. Amazon said, “Nope, you’re not allowed to do this. And if we find this on your account, then we’re going to ban you and you’re not going to be able to make sales and sell your books.” So, some accounts got shut down automatically and other accounts, like mine, I would just went on and removed a lot of those books, right? Because I didn’t really care at that point. Years later, they weren’t even contributing to a ton of money in my business, so who cares, right?

The more Amazon got developed in its marketplace, and the more people who learned how to self-publish, like that number grew, and grew, and grew over the years, right? So what happened was the buyer’s became more savvy, right? And we know this with the reviews that they write and the books that they buy. So what also had to happen was the authors had to get more savvy, too, right? The authors how to way up, up, up their content and their game when it comes to the uniqueness of their content, the greatness of their content, hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the cover, getting the cover right, getting the title right, delivering the content based on the title that you promise, and the description that you’ve promised, and all this stuff. Because if not, you were going to hear about it in your reviews, and you’re going to hear about it in your sales, right? That’s just how it works. The higher the competition, the cream rises to the top and everyone else kind of trickles down.

Now, you could have great content on Amazon and just not have a lot of sales. Why? Because you don’t have a lot of reach. You need an audience. That is also the challenge that most marketers are facing, too, right? You can have the best book. Give me an amen in the comments. You can have the best book with the highest quality and all this stuff, and another book that doesn’t have as good a quality as yours can be out selling you just because maybe they’re just being found more by their title. Maybe they have an audience that’s constantly getting sent to their book listening and people are buying it. That all factors in, okay?

So, that’s kind of the history of where Amazon was in the beginning and where it is today. Also, in the beginning, too, there was less competition. So if you were to publish a book on organic gardening or the paleo diet, you were going to make sales. It was kind of like really hard to fail. That’s why I continued my process of publishing books because I was doing the work, I was putting the work in, and I was getting the output out. That’s all it takes some times to succeed, right? This is now, right? We’re in the now. And to succeed on Amazon, again, it’s publishing high quality content and having an audience that you can send your book listing to to get that traffic.

Then, what happens with that traffic? Now your stuff has to be good enough to actually convert that traffic into buyers, which unfortunately we don’t even see those statistics because Amazon doesn’t give us those statistics, unfortunately, right? We can’t see our conversion. We can’t see how many people we sent over to Amazon and how many people bought as to how many people didn’t buy, right? We can kind of guess with our analytics, but unfortunately we can’t see that.

So, what I actually was doing in 2011 was I was taking my content, the same exact content, the same exact books that I was writing, and I was publishing them to a ton of other publishing websites. And at the time, I was doing this manually because there was no centralized location where I can put my book up and then have it distributed out to all these different platforms. So at the time, I was publishing to this publishing platform called Lulu, which still exists. That was getting me on the iBookstore. I was publishing my book to CreateSpace, which is still Amazon, but it was getting my book in the physical format. I was publishing to Google Books. I don’t even think Google Books is open for new people still. I haven’t checked in a while. But for some reason, they closed their publishing platform for new people. And then a couple other places I can’t even remember.

So, I was taking it. It was like it ended up to be like five different places where I was publishing my book, and I noticed that I was making more sales on these other platforms more so than I was on the beast of Amazon that has 80% of the book market and the book buyer market. So, I was like, “Hmm, this is something that I really need to pay attention to.” So, I paid attention to it, and I secretly was publishing to all these other marketplaces and making number one passive sales, no marketing whatsoever. Because these other sites are so much less competitive that you can actually name your book like Paleo Diet and Hit Exercises, and you get traffic, which could almost be impossible if you’re a new publisher and you just you publish those books to Amazon because there’s so much competition.

Because I’m doing things right, I’m making passive sales, passive income, right? And I’m also getting leads because inside of my books I have lead magnets in there. And now that’s bringing them to all these different places, these properties online outside of my book. So while I’m making very little money with the actual content itself, which is fine, the money is being also funneled into my business, and I’m selling other things inside of those lead magnets, okay? Now, I publish a lot under pen names, so anything that I publish like under different topics, like exercise books. I publish a lot of physical therapy books, because that’s I’m into that. I’m always getting hurt. If I publish a book on like an organic garden these days, that’s all outsourced. Taking that content piece, which we all know and love, and turning that into a cycle of passive income and targeted traffic, okay?

So, the exciting thing that I want to share with you today is that I found a place. Many of you might even know this place, but I decided to do a dedicated training on this marketplace that now you could centrally publish one, in one place, in one place, centrally, central, okay? And it will distribute your book to 12 different marketplaces if you choose. You can pick and choose which ones you do want, which ones you don’t want. I’ve been secretly making passive sales with content from this marketplace.

Now, the great part about it is that you don’t have to pay to get on. You only pay when you actually sell books. So, you’re going to go to a page that looks like this. You’re just going to opt in, and then you’re going to be able to access the training that I put together that shows you … It kind of tells you the history of what I just shared, so you can skip forward through that or you can listen to it again, and it’ll … It reveals the actual place. Then, I’m going to go into more detail on how to actually publish to this platform, what the strategy is behind your titles to actually get sales, those easy sales, and then also strategies that you can use to bring those sales to even to get more sales above and beyond those marketplaces for them to go into your whatever it is, your lead magnet, your free gift so that you can get them on your list, to get your buyers on your list. Then, you could sell to them your products, your services, your other books that you have coming out.

The whole goal is to build a list. But also, the whole goal behind this strategy is for passive income, and passive sales, and passive traffic, okay? So, we’re not doing any marketing when it comes to this traffic source, and we’re still making money, okay?

So, go ahead. And if you want to see behind the scenes, go ahead and put your email on this and you’ll get instant access. Then, I’ll be in touch with you with some more details about how to really, really succeed with publishing to this one marketplace and having it distribute your book to 12 different places. There’s a couple of those different distribution sites where I make more sales than others, and I’m just amazed. Sometimes I’m just questioning how I even make these sales. But, I’m like, “Okay, that’s cool. It’s happening, so let me just do more and let me better my process in getting the content out more in publishing to this one particular site,” okay?

Ooh, Paul says, “Can we put PLR in there?” I actually, you know, I do go over this, but the thing is is that right now, because these other publishing platforms aren’t as savvy as Amazon, technically you could put PLR, okay? However, there is no prediction or there’s no way to predict if these marketplaces ever say, “You know what? We’re going to ban you because you have all these books that are just crap and PLR.” So what I would recommend if you are going to do PLR, you do what I do, or I did, and that is really change the content and make it high quality, okay?

So Cindy, when you opt in, the free video should be on top, and that’s the free gift. Yeah, and also, you should consider if your book is not selling on Amazon or if it’s not selling well on Amazon, you could consider changing the title to a more keyword-based title and publishing it onto this platform here.

Awesome. Thank you so much. Marion says she got it. Sherry’s in. Anna, Robert, Cindy. So yeah, I mean, there’s a lot of strategies that go along with this, and I just wanted to let you know where this is. What I’m going to be putting together is a course on how to do this and all kind of good stuff that goes along with putting your books together and being successful with this, with this marketplace. So, sometimes we have to deal with Amazon, and the book’s just not selling. And your book can be amazing, and it’s just not being found, and there’s other ways that you can make money, and publish, and not give up on your amazing content, okay? So, I have faith in you. This works. So, I’ll see you inside. And that’s it for today.

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