Unlock the Power of Massive Traffic With Little Work and ALL Reward

See How Passive Income Starts In Just 60 Seconds

See more below as I have added more stuff!

What's Included

In Sixty Second Success

  • Jump right in - 60 Seconds is ALL you need to start gaining traction with traffic, followers, subscribers and sales.

    Inside I am going to show you how to make money with Sixty Second Success Short Videos (in many different ways)
  • 25 'Sixty Second Success' Characteristics and trends (you can create your own! UNDER 60 Seconds)
  • What To Say and How To Say It (fast, efficient, interesting, quick)
  • On Camera and Off Camera Tactics (both options work great!)
  • Life Saving App that gets you camera ready in 30 seconds or less
  • My Personal video tools and short cuts
  • and more (I will add to this list often)

Bonuses And Add Ons

BONUSES (Limited Time Only)

  • Bonus #1 - How Amazon pays me for my Sixty Second Reviews (Method #1)
  • Bonus #2 - NEWLY DISCOVERED - How Amazon pays for Sixty Second Success Vids (Method #2)
  • Bonus#3 - My Fave work-from-home items for maximum productivity
  • Bonus #4 - NEW As of May 22!! New Amazon information and more ways to earn.

Product Add Ons

These are the EXTRA TRAININGS that I have added on since the creation of Sixty Second Success.

  • Add On #1 - Create FAST Sixty Second Success Video (This doesn't have to take all day - money loves speed so I will show you how to get it done)
  • Add On #2 - Get INSTANT Traffic To Your Brand From People Ready To Buy and spend money!
  • Add On #3 - Unlocking the Secret to Achieving Online Business Success: Mastering the Art of Becoming 'The Thing' You Need to Be!"
  • Add On #4 - 30 Day Facebook Group To be held accountable for posting your 60 second success videos for 30 days straight. We will give support and encouragement!
  • ******Add On #5 New As of June 1 - This is a breathing bonus session. I have been using breath to overcome bad emotions, to help me concentrate, focus, and even feel more alive. One of my clients does this work and is sharing some of her best stuff here in this bonus.

    This will help you stay steady and move along and not give up just before things start to manifest.

This is also part of another Sixty Second Success Add On I'll be adding soon to the course! Stay tuned!*******

  • ******NEW As of 6/15 - Join me in on my retreat where I share behind the scenes of what I am doing with the Amazon program that's been paying me since February! (all passively and automatic)
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Below Are Details of The Included Software and Massive Opportunity To Get Started Right Now

Note #1: I Am ONLY Including the software to add value. The training that I am giving inside is worth WAY more than the software. I should and in the future will be charging $497+ for this training (it's worth thousands)!

Note #2: Inside I will be showing you alternative software you can use to create your Sixty Second Success

Presenting – First To Market, Revolutionary Vertical Video Creator App With 100+ Editable & Unlimited Searchable Vertical Marketing Templates, Built-In Video Editor, VOX Creator To Create Hundreds Of Attention Grabbing Vertical And Horizontal Videos!

Get Free Buyer Traffic, Build A Huge Following On Social Feeds And Bring In Huge Paychecks!

The New King Of Social Media
Is Vertical Video!

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In A Matter Of Minutes, With HelloVidz, Create Stunning Vertical Video Content For Brands, Influencers, And Any Online Entrepreneur.

Since Every Business Needs To Use Vertical Video Stories, Ads, Reels, This Is The Most Awesome Opportunity To Make Money.

Yes! It Sounds Crazy But You Can Make 5 Or 6 Figures Selling Videos That Are So Easy To Create.

After The Incredible Success Of Our Previous Offers, We Are Really Excited To Present Another Breakthrough App That Creates Jaw-Dropping Vertical Videos From Templates Within The App In Hot Niches, That Will Drive Free Traffic, Increase Followers, Hook Potential Clients And Make You Sales.

Get Your Hands On This Goldmine App At A Price Much Lower Than What Is Expected To Be Paid For Creating A Single Video...

It Is Loaded With Latest Features – Powerful Video Editor, VOX Creator, 100 Vertical Video Templates In Hot Niches, Download On Your Own System, Share Upload On Any Social Media Channel And So Much More.

A Breakthrough App To Instantly Create Hundreds Of Powerfully Engaging And Creative Vertical Videos From Over a Hundred Editable & unlimited Searchable Templates In Hot Niches That Will Grab Millions Of Views, Followers And Grow Business!

  • Template Library – 100+ Editable Templates

  • All Templates are Customizable

  • Unlimited Searchable Templates

  • Video Editor Loaded With Rich Features

  • Built-In Voiceover Generator

Watch How Easy HelloVidz Works -

Types Of Vertical Video Content
You Can Create For Brands & Influencers…


Instagram Reels & Stories

Facebook Reels

Snapchat Stories

Tiktok Videos

Promotional Video Stories

Memes & Quotes Videos

Discount Offers, Event Launches

Template Library

There is a template library where you can Choose From 100 Ready To Use Templates To Create Powerful Ads,Shorts, reels, stories And More. These Templates Are From 11 Hot Niches. Edit Easily With A Few Clicks.

Hot Niches (All customizable):

The Templates are carefully selected from in-demand - However all the templates are customizable so you can make them into any niche you want.

Rich-Featured Powerful Built-In Video Editor

Once you select a Vertical Marketing Template, You can Edit In The Editor in the following ways
You Can

  • Select/Move Object
  • Search Image
  • Upload Image, Add Watermark
  • Add Text
  • Add Music
  • Add VOX
  • Add Vox with Music (create your own vox with music)
  • Add Stickers, Emojis
  • Add Avatar
  • Add Video Time

Smart Built-In Video Editor With More Features

You can also go to My Videos section &Edit Videos with more powerful features. Select Video and

  • Thumbnail
  • Add Audio – Background music Or Vox file with music
  • Add Audio
  • Reverse the video
  • Rotate The Axis
  • Speed Control to 2x, 4x
  • Trim The Video
  • Add Image And Fade Image

Unlimited Searchable Vertical Videos

Just Enter The Keywords, Select Your Choice Of Vertical Or Horizontal Video And The App Finds Your Choice Of Video Templates From Royalty-Free Sources On The Web

Built-in Voiceover Maker

In the Vox maker, Create Your Own Multilingual Voiceover With your own Script. Select Accent, Add Music, Choose Language From 100+ Languages, Generate And Add It To Your Vertical Videos. (Secret Tip: You can also export the voiceovers as MP3 files, so you can use or sell them separately! This alone is a tool that we normally sell for $97!)

Add VOX To Videos (Voiceovers)

Create your own Voiceover In The VOX Creator and Add it To Your Vertical Video Template.

Generate Vox (Voiceovers) with background Music

In The VOX Creator, Background Music can also be merged with the vox file and you can add this musical vox to your videos.

Share On 70+ Social Media Channels:

It’s not Just YouTube, Instagram, facebook, but HelloVidz gives you access to 70+ social channels to share your video directly from inside the App.

A Whopping 1 GB of Video Storage

You Can Create And Store Up to 1 GB of Videos in Our Built-in Cloud Storage!

Once 1 GB Is Consumed, You Can Download Those Files To Your Computer And 1 GB Storage Would Be Available Again For Creating & Saving New Video Files.

100% Cloud Based

It Is Completely Cloud Based. There Is No Need To Download And Install Any Software To Your Device. You can use this anywhere in the world from any computer with an internet connection!

No Monthly Or Set Up Fee

There Is No Monthly Fee Or Set Up Fee. You Just Pay Once And That’s It.

24/7 Dedicated Support

We Have A 24/7 Dedicated Support Team To Solve All Your Queries.

Detailed Tutorials

Our In-Depth Training Tutorials Is Complete And Provides Step – By Step Guidance To Get You Up To Speed Quickly.

User-Friendly Interface

Most video editor software tools are complex and difficult to learn. HelloVidz solves that problem. With it's easy learning curve, and user-friendly interface, HelloVidz is your go-to choice.

Commercial Rights!!!

Launch And Manage Your Entire Online Empire From A Single Dashboard...

Not Only You Can Use These Videos To Grow Your Business, But Also Create Customised Vertical Videos To Sell To Brands And Influencers.

Download & Publish

Once You Have Finalized the video Inside The App, Simply Download It In Your System, Share It On The Web And Start Getting Tons Of Free Traffic, Leads, And Sales!

Making Money With HelloVidz Is Super Easy...

There are a multitude ways to
earn with HelloVidz -

  • Become an influencer, create, and use videos for your own channel.
  • Create and Use vertical videos to upscale your own business.
  • Sign up as a Freelancer on websites and provide vertical creation services to brands, and content creators.
  • Set Up a vertical video creation business selling these services.
  • Create vertical videos for your own business + Start selling them as a freelancer w/ Commercial license only for $23.95!.
  • Create vertical videos for your own business + Start selling them as a consultant or business!

There are multiple ways to set up that 6-figure business with HelloVidz –

Get Inside This Bundle NOW

Follow These 3 Steps To Get Engaging,
Social Media Ready Videos In Minutes...

To get started, choose a template from your ready-to-use 100 Vertical Video Marketing Templates all customizable. Choose from your built-in library of stock videos, or upload an existing video to create a vertical video of any length from 15 to 60 seconds.

Use Our Super Easy Video Editing Tool + VOX Creator To make edits – Use our super easy video editing tool + VOX (Voiceover) Creator to make edits. Add ready-to-use Stickers, Emojis, Images, Watermarks, Text, Avatars, Music, and voiceovers to quickly customize your videos enhancing the design, look and feel.

Download the video to your computer, or use the built-in share tool to INSTANTLY publish the video to dozens of social sites!

Get Inside Today!

  • Get Free Traffic, Engagement And Leads, Use Them To Grow Your Own Business
  • Convert Horizontal Video Into Vertical
  • No Need To Invest In Money-Sucking, Low Quality Apps Or Freelancers
  • Save Thousands In Buying Vertical Video Marketing Templates From Stock Sites And Developmental Costs
  • Single App To Run An Entire Business – No Need For Extra Add-Ons Or Downloads
  • Sell Them To Others, Do It For Clients For Insane
  • An Additional Income Stream With Your Marketing On YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, And Snapchat, Tiktok or any other social media channel.
  • Bundle It With Your Other Products And Sell A Bigger Package For Even Bigger
  • Get Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitors
  • Jump right in - How to make money with Sixty Second Successes (many different ways)
  • 25 Shorts Characteristics and trends (you can create your own! UNDER 60 Seconds)
  • What To Say
  • On Camera and Off Camera Tactics
  • Life Saving App that gets you camera ready in 30 seconds or less
  • My Personal video tools and short cuts
  • and more (I will add to this list often)

All BONUSES And Add Ons

Special Low Price and BONUSES ONLY For A Limited Time

( HelloVidz Software Included )

  • Commercial usage License
  • Create & sell Hundreds of Videos to influencers, top brands & businesses
  • Set up freelancing/Business agency selling vertical videos & pocket 100% revenue
  • 100 Editable Vertical Video Marketing Templates
  • Templates in Hot & Evergreen 11 Niches
  • Unlimited searchable vertical templates from web
  • Create unlimited videos from Editable & Searchable Vertical templates
  • Make Videos of 30 Second to 60 Second
  • Powerful In-Built Template Editor + Video Editor
  • Speed Control, Add ready to use stickers, search/upload image, watermark, add text, add music into video, add Vox, add Emoji etc
  • In-Built VOX Creator to create VOX in Multiple languages & accents
  • Upload your own Images, Video Clips or Music/Voiceovers
  • Add vox to vertical videos
  • Add background music with vox
  • Post Videos on 70+ Social media Channels
  • Download videos in your own system
  • Store up to 1 GB of Videos per month
  • Training Videos included
  • No Monthly set-up fee
  • 24/7 Phenomenal customer support
  • Cloud based – No download needed
  • 100% Beginner Friendly

All For One Low Bundle Price

Sixty Second Success

The Explosion Of Video Content is presenting a Golden Content Marketing Opportunity!

Get Ready To Drive Your Vertical Video Game To New Heights & Make Phenomenal Income With HelloVidz

See You on the Inside.

What Exactly Is HelloVidz

Video Creator App With Built-In Editing Tools, VOX Creator And 100+ Editable and searchable Vertical Marketing Templates To Create Hundreds Of Attention Grabbing Vertical And Horizontal Videos, Get Free Traffic, Build A Huge Following On Social Feeds And Bring In Huge Paychecks!  

How Many Videos Can I Create?

As Many As You Like! There’s No Limit On The Number Of Videos

Are there any upsells with this bundle?

No - this is the only offer for this - after you purchase you will be taken right inside.

How is HelloVidz unique?

It is The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need For Creating Vertical Videos. There are multiple ways to create videos. There are 100 + editable and searchable video templates in 10 niches. You can create your own voiceover and add it to videos. You can share on social media channels from inside the App.

Login, Select A Template Or A Horizontal Video, Edit It With Our Robust Editor – Add Music, Trim, Speed Control, Watermark, Images, Create Music With VOX Etc And Share on social media Or Download.

HelloVidz = Built In Video Creator + Templates + VOX Creator + Video Editor

All These features make HelloVidz unique in the market.

What if I don't see my niche as a template?

All the templates are customizable. Just find one you like and change the text. It's really the design that you are getting, the text is what you customize for your vid and brand. It's easy and I do it all the time.

How Many Videos Can I Store?

You Can Create And Store Unlimited Videos But Only Upto 1 Gb Of Storage On The Cloud. Once 1 Gb Is Consumed, You Can Download Those Files Into Your System And 1 Gb Storage Would Be Available Again For Creating & Saving New Video Files.

Is There A Commercial License Included?

There Is An Option To Buy Commercial License. Buyers Can OptFor Personal Access As Well As Commercial License. Commercial Rights Will Enable You To Sell These Services And Make Money.

Is There Any Training Included?

You’re covered by our industry-leading support team.

Yes, We Have Created A Video Tutorial To Guide You How To Use The Software Just To Make Sure You Make No Errors And Do It Easily, Hassle Free.

How is HelloVidz unique?

Sure. Would You Prefer To Spend $100 Or More Getting A Video Made, When You Can Do All This For Endless Videos… And For Just One Small Investment InHelloVidz Instead?

Remember, With Our Software, You Don’t Have To Search For Freelancers Or Deal With Contracts.

Is It Newbie-Friendly?

Yes. You Don’t Need Any Special Skills Or Technical Experience To Vertical Videos With This Easy To Use Friendly Interface.

Will This Work On Mac And Pc?

Yes, It Doesn’t Matter What Operating System Of Device You’re Using. It Is Easy To Use And Works Perfectly, Every Time.

How Many Videos Can I Store?

Yes! HelloVidz Is Super Easy To Use, But If There’s Ever An Issue, We’re Right Here. Send Us An Email And We’ll Fix You Up! We’ll Also Let You Know When New Updates Are Available, And Offer Them To You For Free, As A Valued Customer!

How To Get Started?

Just Grab It And Activate Your HelloVidz Account Today!

P.S. – Did you skip the video and scroll all the way down here? Here’s the thing. You know how a picture is worth 1000 words? Well a video can be worth even more. The video at the top of this page SHOWS you exactly what you’re getting. If scrolling down here was enough to convince you that this is the deal of the year (which it is!), go ahead and click the order button below. If you’re still not sure, we HIGHLY recommend just going back up and watching the video. You’ll be glad you did! The video trend really has CHANGED, and this is your opportunity to cash in on the new wave.

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